250 word memoir


This is my second blog post of the day, which is UNPRECEDENTED! I decided to join the rest of the world and take the blog every day in May challenge. I'm kind of very excited about this. So now I give to you my life story in 250 words (ON THE GOSH DARN NOSE). Enjoy.

8:08 Wednesday morning. A grey California day in March of 1989. Grandpa’s in his best 3 piece suit, and I’m in my birthday suit. My parents took me home to the house by the highway with a pool in the backyard. I played with Barbies and batman and watched Saved by the Bell after preschool. In spring of 1994, we loaded up the cars and drove over the Sierras to Reno, our new home. I skied Tahoe in the winter, swam it in the summer, and went to Christian school in between.  We pick up and move again in 2001, this time to Ohio. I’m in middle school and lanky and angsty. Days are spent listening to boy bands and crying over everything. I joined the band and became a clarinet superstar. I spent high school dating every boy, crying over math, and dancing in show choir. I grow sick of cornfields and go to college in coastal North Carolina. I once again date too many boys. I switch majors twice and settle into English and French. It’s a perfect fit. I meet a boy who plays guitar. He’s quiet and speaks with a drawl, and I teach him to love coffee. He proposes under the moonlight next to the waves, and we get married and move back to Ohio. Days are spent in our respective offices trying to figure out adulthood. We stress over bills and apartments and health and jobs and life in general, but we are happy. 


  1. baby Michelle pictures... I LIVE FOR THEM. I love thinking about 31 days in a row of your writing. LOVE IT <3

  2. This might be my favorite summary I've read today.

    don't tell anyone.

    1. I heard that!!

      But yes, I completely agree!! xxx

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww cuteness!!

    WHAT is this "blog every single gosh darn live-long day" thing I keep seeing everywhere?

  4. Awesome, succinct, to-the-point life story. It always kills me if I try to write like that...I go off on tangents way too much!

  5. Two posts in one day! It's like Christmas!

  6. This is cute! I'm also doing these but out of order ;p

  7. you guys need to have kids someday to carry on that super cute nose.
    just sayin'!! ;)

  8. I refused to double post. And now I'm in trouble.

    But I love this. You did a really nice job!

  9. This is my favorite 250 word bio I've read so far. *high five*

  10. Grandpa's in his best three-piece suit and I'm in my birthday suit.

    You kill me.

    I refuse to do the every day in May challenge. Mostly because it seems like a lot of work. But I'm glad everyone else is doing it and giving me lots to read!

  11. Michelle, that picture of you is SOO freaking adorable!!!

    "I spent high school dating every boy, crying over math, and dancing in show choir". <- that is why you're so awesome.


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