if songs could define me

I'm a little late to write on this prompt, but there's no way I could miss it. At the risk of sounding cliche and like every other blog you've read today, music is one of the most important things in my life. I know just about everyone says that, but I have to say it's a completely different ballgame when you're a musician and have been reaching for the piano keys since before you could walk. Music is part of me, my very first passion, and the thing that keeps me going. I love how powerful it is. I love the emotion in classical music and the fact that whenever I hear Canned Heat I have no choice but to bust out the Napoleon Dynamite dance. What I'm trying to say is that I LOVE MUSIC, OK?

10 years ago. MY HAIR. It got almost to my waist. Just call me Michelle Duggar.

So here are some examples of the music that changed my life.

1. Elephant Gun by Beirut. This is one of my all time favorite songs (possibly my favorite ever), and it's the soundtrack of Fall 2008. I heard it for the first time while laying in a hammock stretched out across the porch of my bohemian boyfriend's bungalow. I've listened to it nonstop ever since.

Elephant Gun by Beirut on Grooveshark

2. L'Aventurier (The Adventure) by Indochine. This is 80s French rock at its finest, and I heard it for the first time in high school. My French teacher hooked us up with pen pals in France, and one of them sent us a CD with popular French songs, this one included. Every morning we asked our teacher to put the CD in, and we would dance around the room.  I told my friends in college about Indochine and got them hooked too. One night when I was living in North Carolina, a guy and I took a spontaneous road trip to Charleston, South Carolina for a late dinner. I have a vivd memory of watching the sun set through the clouds of a clearing thunderstorm with this song playing in the car and thinking how much my life had changed since I danced around to it in the French classroom.

L'Aventurier by Indochine on Grooveshark

Seriously, listen to it. You will dance. But if you do anything, look at the music video. The expressions on their faces! The Flock of Seagulls hair! I physically can't handle it.

3. Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K, or really just ANY song by Relient K. They were the soundtrack of years 14-18. The first time I heard this song was on my 14th birthday, and I immediately bought the CD and every one since. Their songs got me through bad days and breakups galore. I owe my teenagerdom to them.

Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K on Grooveshark

4. Go To Sleep by The Avett Brothers. Remember the guy who brought his ex girlfriend on our first date? Well! Once his ex left, we got in his mini cooper, rolled the windows down, and drove to a little retro diner for some frozen custard. That car ride was the first time I heard The Avett Brothers. They weren't famous yet (I know, how hipster am I?), but they were famous in that area because we lived in the town they came from. And they've been one of my favorites ever since. That guy and I certainly didn't stay together, but he influenced my music choices for the better. I'll always owe him that.

Go to Sleep by The Avett Brothers on Grooveshark

And now you know why I just can't love Mumford & Sons.

*cringing and taking deep breaths while waiting to be stoned for that statement*

5. Bicycle Race by Queen. That's right, I love Queen. I LOVE QUEEN. Queen and Frank Sinatra are the kinds of things I listened to in high school. I used to blast this in my car and drive around town in high school. My dad and I listened to Queen's Greatest Hits on the way to move into my freshman dorm. I love Queen.

Bicycle Race by Queen on Grooveshark

6. The Hat by Ingrid Michaelson. Freshman year of college and all my friends had gone home for the weekend. My parents were in North Carolina, so I couldn't go home. The weekend was cold and rainy and I was miserable, so I did what I always do: I lost myself in music. I discovered Ingrid Michaelson that weekend, and I like to think we've been best friends since.

The Hat by Ingrid Michaelson on Grooveshark

7. You and Me are Gone by Jamie Cullum. Jamie is my number one man. I love him. And this song? This song gets me. My biggest dream in life is to play the piano to this song with Jamie's band. I get weak in the knees just thinking about it.

You And Me Are Gone by Jamie Cullum on Grooveshark

Also, his song Twentysomething is my life story. Look up the lyrics. It's crazy.

8. Philosophy by Ben Folds Five. People, this song. The piano, the lyrics, the everything. Another all time favorite.

Philosophy by Ben Folds Five on Grooveshark

Ok, I'm cutting myself off.


  1. Good taste. :) I may or may not have been really excited when I realized that our top baby girl name choice is the title of a Ben Folds song. (Not Philosophy, for the record.)

  2. Yes! Queen! I've been in love with them since I was about 6 years old. And particularly since Wayne's World came out, which was probably a couple years after that. Definitely one of my all time favorite bands. It helps that Freddie Mercury played the piano ;)

  3. Excellent taste - and DUDE. Bicycle Race by Queen? You're my favorite. My mom is a HUGE Queen fan so I grew up with their music, this has always been one of my favorites.

  4. Ok seriously? You have great taste in music. I love Queen! Matt and I saw a Queen cover band a while back, and while nobody can ever compare to Freddie Mercury, this guy came pretty close! And also Ben Folds? Ingrid Michaelson? Yes please.

  5. I am soooo glad to see someone put up Philosophy. I totally forgot about that one.

    Ben Folds in general. That man. I'd have his babies.

  6. These are all very new to me and I love them all.

    EXCEPT FOR THAT WHOLE MUMFORD AND SONS SITUATION. I'm gonna tell them you said that when I see them on Monday. Marcus will not be pleased.

  7. I'm so ashamed, I know only a few of these...but YES to Jamie Cullum!!!

    It's okay that you don't love Mumford (I cringe as I say that) because I truly cannot stand Queen...lol.

    Still friends!? ;D

  8. AHHHH...this is such a killer list.

    I am familiar with a lot of the artists, but not so much the songs- so THANK YOU for the new work playlist today! :)

    AVETT BROTHERS<3 I am so new to loving them, but man, are the the best or what?!?

  9. I'm back to blogging!!
    I know you may have forgotten about me since it's been so long but I wanted to stop by and say hi!
    I'm blogging again and would love it if you checked out my site :)

    Lots of love



  10. Man I used to love Relient K. Gonna have to listen to them now.

  11. AHHHH Relient K! I looooooved that album... loved it. So good... I even got to see them in concert once at a theme park. Yes, they were all up on my CD player. Them a Jump5 (WAS OBSESSED WITH JUMP5). And Stacie Orrico. Now I am just feeling nostalgic.

    1. Stacie Orrico!! I now need to bust out all of my old-school Christian pop and have a moment.

  12. I remember when I first heard Sadie Hawkins Dance! My favourite was Falling Out (I think... it's been a while...). I remember the summer I turned 16 getting so into Relient K. Ah, awkward memories...

  13. Confession #1: I haven't heard of many of these songs. I know.

    Confession #2: I much prefer the Avett Brothers to Mumford. Ammon wholeheartedly disagrees. It can make listening to music in the car awkward.

    Confession #3: Bicycle race is one of my all-time favorite songs. I sing it always. I have it on workout playlists galore. It's just so good.

    Confession #4: You are my hipster better half, and this just makes me want to meet you more.


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