monkey monkey underpants

1. I think my fed fug anxiety is pretty much gone-zo now. I was a bundle of nerves all day yesterday until POOF! I noticed I finally felt like myself again. I must have been horrendously tense, because my neck and shoulders started aching a few hours after I calmed down. The phantom itches are still attacking, though. All day long at work the girl who sits next to me was constantly yelling "stop scratching, Michelle! There's nothing there!" It was exactly what I needed.

2. I am completely and utterly 147% OVER the "ain't nobody got time for that"/"said no one ever" joke. IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. It was funny on the first ecard I saw it on, and now I'm annoyed every time I see it. Stop regurgitating the same stupid joke/meme over and over. Use your creativity. Thank you. Carry on.

3. The bad thing about wearing dresses is that they make me 97% more susceptible to wedgies. Several times yesterday I stood up and fixed my wedgie only to remember there's a lawyer's office right behind me, and he probably saw everything. I'm trying to pretend it didn't happen. All three or four times.

4. I wrote #3 last night. I'm wearing a dress again today. Things might get interesting.

5. I may not have fed fugs (please Lord no), but I do seem to have every other kind of bug in the place. There are spiders and ants and beetles galore crawling up the walls and across the floor. Last night I sprayed down the doors and windows like a blogger with turquoise spray paint and an old dresser. If nothing else, all these real and fictitious infestations have made me clean and wash things like a mad woman. At least there's a silver lining?

And since I've been on a Gilmore Girls kick lately, I leave you with this. A glimpse into my mind whenever I try to write a blog post.

Lorelai is my bff. 


  1. I found two spiders on the ceiling last night and did the total girl move of shrieking until Andy came to save me. Then he said we had an "infestation" as a joke but that is nothing to joke about. I think your fed fug anxiety has transferred to me but in spider form.

  2. eeeeeewwwww!!! I CANNOT do the bug thing. I just CANNOT. It's a deep seeded fear of mine. A legitimate phobia, if you will. I'd have myself in an instacare before I stepped foot in my home if I suspected fed fugs.

  3. Haha to #2. A local restaurant just had an advertisement here that said "making dinner tonight? Ain't nobody got time for that!" and I just wanted to be like, yes, many people have time for that. It's how most of America gets their dinner nightly. THE MADNESS NEEDS TO END.


    I also would like to include when people do this ">>>>>" or "<<<<<" next to things they like or dislike. I just...can't. It has to stop.

    So glad the itching has stopped!!!!

  5. Lorelai is my homegirl! I dream of living in Starshollow on a regular basis :) and having logan as my hot bf...

  6. Hey, this isn't 5 facts about you, cheater.

    But yeah, I'm over the whole "ain't nobody got time for that" thing, too. Because most of those things people say that about, EVERYONE has time for, unless they're just ridiculously lazy.

  7. Gilmore Girls! I wish it was on Netflix Instant Play :(

  8. We thought we had fed fugs one time too. I'm SO glad we didn't, and glad you dont either. It turned out to be spiders that were giving us bites and after a really good spraying in our apartment the problem went away. What are you watching gilmore girls on? I would totally pound those out if they were on netflix.

  9. Did she say "The Germans were cray"? ;) So ahead of her time.

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  10. Monkey monkey underpants!!!!!

    I totally forgot how wonderful I think that show is...it was me and Mom's favorite mother/daughter show. I must now rewatch while not 15 years old. Oh, the rapid-fire intellectual neuroticism... <3

  11. It's funny that Loralai is your BFF because she's mine too! I love Gilmore Girls! I feel the same way when I try to write some days.

  12. I haven't watched season 7 in forever. I always get stuck on the season where they are fighting. It is just so hard to get through it!

  13. "it's a big bag of weird up there!"

    ohhhhhh that is the best way to put it.

    you might slap me over the internet, but i have friends telling me that i should watch gilmore girls....because i've never seen gilmore girls......and i know there are lots of coffee mentions in it.....what is wrong with me?! if it was on netflix, i'd log into my good friend's account online and start watching it in my free time between wedding planning and nannying. sigh.

  14. I love that your inner monologue is so random, it gives way to some incredible blog posts.

    Bugs are awful. And it sucks that they choose the spring and fall to infest. Luckily, they should be gone with the heat soon, and then you're moving! Hopefully the new building isn't nearly as buggy.


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