the things I do

1. I write.

2. I drink coffee.

3. I play the piano.

4. I appreciate the finer things in life like 90s sitcoms boy bands.

5. I buy ingredients for meals and then forget to cook them.

6. I daydream.

7. I social media stalk.

8. I read cheesy books but never tell anyone, because I have an English degree and I'm at least SUPPOSED to give off the aura that I read Shakespeare all day. It's an unspoken rule amongst all English degree holders.

9. I dance in the car.

10. I correct everyone's grammar in my head all day long, then I look at my blog and find a million of my own grammar fails.

And that's just the beginning.


  1. Does it surprise you that I do all of these things, too? It shouldn't. Well, minus the piano playing. And about the English major book debate-- I used to hide my books inside other books when I was reading "The Clique" series. Look it up. Super embarrassing.

  2. Look at you tickling those ivories... or well plastic, but that doesn't flow as well

  3. I'm pretty sure that if I corrected all the grammar mistakes I find all day everyone would hate me with a passion.

  4. Ayooo, I love social media stalking. And daydreaming.

    Why don't you dance in the car all the way to New York?

  5. Michelle, I barely proof read my blog.

    you must hate me.

  6. Number 10 all day, every day. Amen, sister!

  7. I love your car-dance pic!

  8. I think you should frame that piano playing picture. It's just cool. :)

  9. Just stumbled upon your blog from the link-up! I'm with you on #10 and most definitely #4. :)

    Great to meet you!

  10. That car dance party is one of the best photos of you ever. So fun!

  11. I think #10 should be made into a club - a sympatheic yet judgy little sorority, population: Blogland.

  12. You play the piano?!? Learning something new about you every darn day!

    Tell me more about these cheesy books...

  13. I took a road trip this weekend and danced in the car alone just to stay awake. haha

  14. This is such an odd, and wonderful list.
    I especially like the addition of the 90s boy bands.
    ooooh. and the coffee. I need coffee.

  15. that picture of you playing the piano is amazing.
    also, I hate shakespeare and I day dream too.

    we're twins I've decided. that can be the only way to explain all this nonsense.

  16. I always buy ingredients for a new recipe and forget to cook it/change my mind. Then a month later I wonder why I have a certain bottle of something (yellow curry paste etc)

  17. "I buy ingredients for meals and then forget to cook them."

    I do this more times than I care to admit..
    Me and Ben have started to make a list at the beginning of the week to decide what meals we are going to have and that's that. We stick to it completely!! Has saved us so much money!!

  18. #5. I do the exact same thing...and then I end up wasting the food. And money. I really need to get disciplined and do the whole meal planning thing.

    Please move to Southern California so you can teach me how to play piano. I promise lots of sunshine, lots of Downton Abbey and lots of more fun stuff :D

  19. I am so guilty of silent grammar correcting. And then I'll use my phone to comment on a blog, and I'll give that person a heart attack with the strange things my auto correct does. It's like my own personal gift to their OCD heart.


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