things you won't learn in school

my arms looks fake

+ Roasting vegetables in the oven will set off the fire alarm.

+ It is better to not make much money at a job you like than to make bank at a job you hate. Trust me. There is nothing I believe more than this. When you hate your job, it colors so many aspects of your life. 

+ Chances are your friends will not be your friends forever. Most of them tend to disappear after a few big life changes. The people you think are your best friend will probably be the people you will eventually hide from in the grocery store. 

+ Everything you could ever need or want can be found in Target's dollar bins.

+ The whole coffee shop hang out scenario in Friends is not real life. In the real world we call that you and Netflix on a Saturday night.

+ Going out is overrated. Staying in with a good book is highly underrated.

+ You will probably be poor for a long time, but if you're like me, any job out of college makes you feel like you're flushed with cash compared to the money you had in college.

+ Having an education won't make you smart. You will be perpetually shocked at the idiocy of those around you. 

+ As fun as the freedom of college was, it is way more satisfying to get a job and make a life for yourself. It's also annoying and hard, but it's satisfying.

+ Your parents are a lot smarter than you think they are.

+ Remember those days when you left class rejoicing over not having homework? In the real world we call those Casual Fridays.

+ The "what do you plan on doing with that degree?" question is now the "what do you plan on doing with your degree/when you are buying a house/getting married/having kids?" question. Basically the same thing but on steroids. And nothing can prepare you for the amount of self control you will need after being asked the same thing for several years. 

+ Memorial Day Weekend is the adult summer vacation. 

+ That annoying friend who won't quit talking about her boyfriend is now the friend who won't quit talking about her wedding or kid. No ones to hear about it still.

+ Cats are better than roommates. 

+ The frantic last minute test cramming you did the morning before a test is the way you'll feel running to the time clock every morning at work. 

+ The people you wanted to punch in school are probably the ones who end up with a show on MTV. 

+ The people in school who bragged about internships and grades and grad school scholarships are the ones who brag about buying a house and having kids before you. They will always be there. You just learn to ignore them and take pride in the fact that you get to sleep through the night and not write hefty mortgage checks. 

+ The feeling of doom and gloom at the end of every summer becomes the feeling you get when your favorite tv show ends. 

Clearly I have not recovered from The Office finale. 


  1. all of this. its all so true. and i dont think anyone has recovered from the office finale. oh and you need to come to NY the last week in june so you can rewatch every episode with alissa, kelsey and i. k sounds good.

  2. You learned the most important thing...parents are smarter then you thought. I remember when our daughter learned that too, lol.

    Enjoyed your list.
    I didn't learn this in school

  3. Cats are better than roommates! Well, maybe not. Cats don't pay rent. Hmm. I need to talk to Nico about this...

    "Memorial Day Weekend is the adult summer vacation." Giggling. There are so many adults I know that go CRAZY this weekend - why? I don't know. I guess that's what you do when you have kids and you get to be away from them for a few days.

    I also agree with Michelle - come visit the last weekend in June.

  4. I THIRD IT ^^

    But seriously, amen to this list. It took me a few minutes to get into it because I was laughing so hard at your fake arms in that picture. You look SUUUUPER jacked, did you lift in college? I am impressed.

    I think the last one is my favorite. Now that all my shows are over, my nights are empty. Other than staring longingly at the JT tickets in my room and wishing November was closer!!

    1. "Did you lift in college?" I CANNOT.

  5. ahhhhhhhhh I absolutely agree with the job/money thing. I would rather be scraping by for a job I love than be making a shit ton of money at a job I hate - I've had both!! Job love is the BEST

    Justine @ www.imalilybitdifferent.com

  6. I'm definitely learning about the "job you hate" one. For real. Only I don't even make money at my 'job' because it's school,and I can't leave because I signed a contract. There's not a single day that I wake up and want to go to school...but then I just grit my teeth and consider each day a character building experience.

    And your arms do look fake. :P

  7. A. Roasting veggies...Always... WITH OUT FAIL (take that wailing baby upstairs!!!!)
    B-Z: AMEN

  8. Target dollar bins oh how I love thee. You don't know how excited I am for tomorrow at 12:30 pm. It's feels like the 3 1/2 day weekend is a summer vacation.

  9. That Office finally was pretty devastating. I don't even watch the Office, but I flipped over when Andy was saying "I wish you knew you were in the good 'ole days when you're in them" or something like that and my heart broke a little.

  10. Love all of these! Memorial Day weekend is def our summer these days :)
    And boo on braggers!

  11. The better question is- why isn't Friends on Netflix so I really can, in an alternate way, hang out at a coffee shop with them?
    Also, shows should be forced to create 52 episodes a year so we never ever have to miss out. And psssh, who cares about the actors?
    If you can't tell, I hate the lack of good, new tv in the summer.

  12. I am working on Memorial Day. Let's not talk about it.

    But this is probably my favorite Day 23 post. Don't tell anyone!

  13. Friends was such a lie!! I am still trying to get on the big couch at the coffee shop. How did they get it every day??

  14. Haha, hilarious and creative. Loved it all but this really hit close to home! "Chances are your friends will not be your friends forever. Most of them tend to disappear after a few big life changes. The people you think are your best friend will probably be the people you will eventually hide from in the grocery store." Thanks!

  15. Well said on all aspects! Have a good weekend!

  16. Cats are better than roommates until they rip up your furniture and pee on the carpet. Then they're evenly matched.

    I agree with so many things on this list. So many.

  17. #2...amen sista. I know firsthand that THAT is 100% true. If somebody says different, they're a straight up liar.
    I would much rather cuddle up in my bed with a good book than get all dolled up to go out somewhere. No thanks..

  18. Ok, so you arms do look fake. Weird, man.
    Also, I have something to show you. It'll take a few days. I'll alert you.

  19. I'm not sure I'll ever recover from the Office finale. it was perfect.

    and these are hilarious. and sadly all very true.


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