stolen lovingly from Alissa

currently dreaming about: getting a book deal and never working in an office again and/or becoming June Cleaver.

What? You asked.

currently wishing for: the weekend. I hate to give that cliche answer, but YOU GUYS. This week has been chewing me up and spitting me back out. Urgent deadlines and projects and meetings at work, a bout of insomnia, and a surprise dentist appointment tomorrow which means OUCH and WHATEVER, I HAVE BEEN FLOSSING I SWEAR and also working long days to make up for leaving work early due to said dentist appointment.

Wait. I just remembered. I have to go to James' company picnic this weekend. Nevermind. Not wishing for the weekend anymore.

currently loving to wear: jeans, v necks, and sandals. My uniform of choice.

currently listening to: Jamie Cullum's new album. It is magic. Different from his previous albums but still oh so good.

Why do the Brits make such beautiful music? 

currently watching: season 5 of Lost. Oh my good heavens. It's completely messing with my perception of reality. I want to be Kate. The time travel thing is trippy. Sawyer is amazing. Hi, Desmond's accent. I semi want to live on the island. No I don't. Don't ever end, please. What is real anymore?

what is this power you have over me?

currently reading: The Great Gatsby. I have ONE chapter left. This is a big deal, you guys. I hated this book in high school. And I don't hate it at all this time. I understand it so much more now. It's giving me hope that I can actually get through some other classics. I've been wanting to read this for at least three years, but I always fell victim to the easy reads COUGHamishbooksCOUGHchicklitCOUGH.

*pausing for a moment while my fellow English majors stone me*

Next up, Jane Austen. But NEVER Dickens or Shakespeare. Gag.

currently spotted: I don't know what this question is asking, but hi.

currently loving: sleep, caffeine, lamp, staring blankly at the wall, avocados, people who don't hashtag. 



  1. uhhhh #



    I'm an English major too :) Squeee!

  2. I never had to read Gatsby... maybe I should try it out!

  3. "Whatever I HAVE been flossing!" Is me every single time. I FLOSS. I DO. No one ever believes me. I feel like the little kid in Big Daddy when he goes "I WIPE MY OWN ASS! I WIPE MY OWN ASS!"

    I feel like I should get into Lost. I want to. But I also don't want to have my feelings manipulated by yet ANOTHER tv show. My willpower is low though, so we'll see.

    Over-hashtagging, UGH

  4. "currently loving: lamp." Win.

  5. Congrats on Gatsby! I have tried starting that book like four times. I have tried so hard to like Dickens and I just can't do it!

  6. #soyouresayingthatyouhateme

    The Brits make music realllllll nice like. They know what they are doing. Those Mumford boys crush me in the best way.

    Why do company picnics exist? I'll be thinking of you.

  7. UGH, a surprise dentist appointment? I hope they at least sent you balloons and confetti, to make it a PROPER surprise.

    Company picnics/potlucks/barbecues are just plain evil. I love all my coworkers, but I have ZERO desire to hang out with them outside the hours of 8am and 5pm.

    I LOVE LAMP!!! I am literally counting days until Anchorman 2 comes out. 6 months and 15 days, in case you're wondering.

  8. Why did my last comment not go through. WHAT THE HECK.

    Let's talk about #1 your fabulous new amazing blog picture. HELLO SASSY.

    #2 DESMOND. PENNY. LOST. I feel like you are purposely avoiding this topic with me because at the sheer mention of the show my head and heart explode. Let's agree that I will force you to talk with me when you have finished.

  9. I'm stoning you right now.

    I HATED THAT BOOK. and despite what everyone says about the movie, I still can't bring myself to pay for a movie ticket. maybe red box. maybe.

    never heard of this Cullen dude, but I'm on my way to look him up right now. you had me at Brit and I knew it'd be good.

  10. While you are reading all of the classics, I feel like I want to jump on the Amish book bandwagon. What is a good starting point?

  11. You so pritty!
    A work picnic? KILL ME NOW. I wouldn't want the weekend to come either. I would say you could just come over to my house, but I'm not sure you would want to make that drive. ;D

    You're on season 5 already??? OH MAN!! I can tell you're addicted. No shame girl!

  12. WHAT?! Jamie Cullum has a new album and I didn't know about this?? I'm getting it. I love Jamie Cullum!

  13. I loves your hair, and I loves these prompts. I also loves Jane Austen. I loaned all of my copies to a friend so that she could love them too, and I kind of want to steal them back.

    I plan on stealing these prompts, because I really need to blog again. I have sucked at that lately.


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