moving is hard

(alternate title: life is hard)


As we type, I'm sitting in my neighborhood Starbucks because we won't have internet in our new place for another week. I really don't mind not having internet, but it stinks mainly because I just want to blog. For once, I've had a lot to say this week but no internet in which to communicate it with. First world problems, man.

It feels like I'm in college again when I did all my homework at Starbucks because my roommate was crazy and my neighbors were wasted and screaming off the balcony at all times of day and night. And instead, I'm once again surrounded by older men wearing nose-burning cologne, unfortunately loud men with Indian accents, and asians. Lots of asians wearing headphones. They're a Starbucks staple.

me + soy chai = true love 4ever

Anyway, we moved! AND IT WAS HORRIBLE. No, really. It was horrible. 

We woke up Saturday morning, moving day 1, to rain. Not just any rain, but a pouring, soaking rain with no end in sight. We hopped in the car to drive thirty minutes to find the truck we rented. Not a moving truck, because those were sold out everywhere within an hour of us, but rather a pickup truck. Not ideal, especially in the rain, but better than nothing. It took us longer than thirty minutes to get the truck, because downtown Columbus is a construction nightmare right now, and every exit to anywhere is blocked. It's truly a joy to navigate, especially in unusually heavy morning traffic during downpour.

When we got back, I went to our new apartment where I found a broken door I hadn't noticed before, as well as a broken lock on the door off the balcony that I had to call maintenance to fix asap. To say my mood was less than stellar would be a polite way of saying things. Thankfully, my parents were saints and helped us move for the few hours we had the truck. And then someone asked me what I wanted for lunch and I started crying, because sometimes you're so tired and stressed the little things like choosing lunch will send you over the edge. And during this whole ordeal, it poured. Cats and dogs. Cows and horses. Whatever animal you choose, they fell from the sky. Until. Until! Until we got in the truck to return in. The second we pulled onto the highway, the clouds parted and the sun came out. I bleeping kid you not. Life is hard, dude.

On Sunday, James and I woke up with every part of our bodies aching. We spent the entire day lugging boxes down three flights of stairs, loading them in a car, then unloading the car and carrying those boxes up 2-3 more flights of stairs. Just the two of us. All day long. Moving very slowly because exhaustion and because I have a husband with back problems. And then we took Monday off to do it ALL. OVER. AGAIN. You don't know how tiring and painful moving is until you do it. And it gets worse every time, no matter how many things you think you've purged ahead of time. It is never enough. On Monday we took the method of throwing things off the 3rd floor balcony and hauling them to the dumpster instead of moving it. If it wasn't necessary for survival, we tossed it. And still, it wasn't enough. It's never enough.

We finally turned the keys in to our old place after work today. WE ARE DONE. WE. ARE. DONE. Aside from some help from my parents (THANK YOU), James and I did the whole freaking thing ourselves. The whole thing. Maybe that doesn't sound bad, but it was bad. But even though it was seriously one of the hardest things we've done, I'm proud of us. I feel like we earned this apartment.

Speaking of, THE APARTMENT. I had no idea I could love walls and space so much. It's perfect. It's the perfect place for us right now. It makes my love of the library look like a summer fling. I feel like we could be happy there for awhile. Especially since this is our view:

From the kitchen and living room, all you can really see out the window are leaves and branches. It feels a bit like we're living in a forest, and I love it. As soon as I get rid of the maze of boxes and take a much needed trip to Ikea, I might post pictures. Maybe. We've got a lot of work to do, but I've been too busy letting my muscles recover while watching Season 1 of Gilmore Girls and making sure the cat isn't too traumatized.

I hope this post makes sense. I'm so tired I can taste it, and I'm not even sure I could tell you my full name right now. I got to work yesterday forcing myself to stay awake when the girl next to me said she was tired because she stayed up "sort of late" and I was like B*TCH PLEASE. You have no idea. 

And on that note, I have another episode of Gilmore Girls waiting for me. Or my bed. Or both.

have I mentioned lately that we're tired?


  1. Well, even if the process was painful, at least the end result was good. Usually the thing I cry about the most when we move is no internet. My excuse is that last time my family moved, my fiance was in the U.S. and I couldn't talk to him unless I went to an internet cafe and that sucked.

  2. I think it is harder to move to a close location (like you guys did) instead of across town or to a new city. Mostly because you know you have to do it in one (maybe two) trips, so you get it done all at once instead of little by little. I hope Rory and Lorelei made you feel better!

  3. Michelle, I am tried just reading this. You and James are SUPERSTARS and I am so happy you are loving the new place!! I want to see pictures... so I have something to compare it to when I SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES IN 106 MOTHER FLIPPING DAYS BABY!!


  4. As long as the end result is worth it you'll soon forget about moving.

    That view is beautiful.

  5. Yay for a new place with a beautiful view and walls! Boo for a crappy moving experience (and rain!!!). Hope you'll share pictures of the new place soon!

  6. Gorgeous view. Congratulations on it being over. I'm watching Gilmore Girls season 1 too! Oh awkward Rory with her perfect hair and less-than-amazing wardrobe. :)

  7. "B*TCH PLEASE" is right. You earned the "I'm tired" phrase. Flaunt it.

  8. haha, at least its done! My friend put a post on facebook up asking for help moving and I went. Try it next time! It was really really fun and she bought pizza for everyone who showed up! (or do people not do this in OH?)

    The rain sounds really sucky through.

  9. Can I just second everything that Kelsey said? Especially the part about SEEING IT WITH MY OWN EYES!

    "And then someone asked me what I wanted for lunch and I started crying..." GIRL. I hear you. One particularly bad day, I went to get ice cream and the place didn't have rainbow sprinkles. I cried like a 5 year old.

  10. At least it's done! And that view is awesome

  11. Ohhhh Michelle. Every word in this whole post made me ache for you. I HAVE BEEN THERE SOUL SISTER! Life is soo stinking hard but you are a hero(!!!) for making it through all of this. I am soo happy that your apartment is amazing and had such a gorgeous view!

    Also, if I were closer, I totally would have helped you lug all those boxes. And I'm not just saying that because I'm several states away. I'm saying that because moving alone is the WORST IN THE WORLD.

  12. I know the feeling... I just moved and it was complete mayhem. So. Much. Stuff. Everywhere. We got rid of a ton of stuff, but it's never enough. At least now you can start to relax in your new place! Congrats :)

  13. Moving is the biggest pain in the rear! Even with people helping you, it is like visiting an inner circle of hell. Good for you for getting it done on your own! I say you deserve a second day off from work just to read and blog.

  14. And this is why I will always, from now on, pay for people to move my stuff for me.

    I'm so sorry you had the worst moving experience imagineable, but you came out stronger! I'm glad you're moved in and that you love your new place! You deserve it. And that photo of your view? I am seriously jealous. I hope you have a guestroom or a couch ready for me to visit :)

  15. I hear yah lady. I spent last weekend in Seattle moving my sister from a 2 bedroom house into a small 810 square foot high rise apartment. Murder! But we got it done even though we were all sweaty and gross. Seriously hate moving.

  16. Moving sucks. We COULD move ourselves every time we have, but since the military will pack us and move us themselves, I just let them do it. Why spend the energy?

  17. Moving. Is. The. Worst. EVER.
    I hate it.
    We also moved over the weekend and I completely agree with you that even though you purge, it is not enough.
    After we moved everything I told my husband that before we move again we will be purging more. How did we end up with SO MUCH STUFF?
    I know he'll blame it on me, and I know it's 85% my fault but I've been out of my mom's house for 10 years. TEN YEARS! That's a lot of time to accumulate STUFF.
    Monday morning when I got up for work I felt those same aching pains that you did. Ugh. My feet still aren't happy with me, and it's Thursday!
    I'm glad to see that you love your new place though, that view is pretty nice!

  18. I HATE MOVING. I told Andy I am moving only once more after this house, so we better make it a good one. We were lucky enough to have a bunch of Andy's strong manly friends help us when we bought the bung, and I provided a lot of direction and complaining. But your view looks so worth it.

  19. Believe it or not, we have never moved. Looking around at the amount of stuff in this house, I just couldn't imagine. Way to go though...a big accomplishment for you two. I LOVE your view so I'm sure it was well worth it.

    Enjoy your Gilmore Girls and your Bed!!!

  20. I get this kind of tired so, so well. It's awful. But props to you for getting the move done! I know how hard it is, I watch people do it every day, and it doesn't matter how organized you are... unless you have a lot of help, it sucks hard. But it's done now, and you are in the apt of your dreams! Next stop rhymes with mouse... and is hopefully the last move you will ever make!

  21. Twins again. :) Glad you're finally in your new place!

  22. Oh man do I feel you. We just moved recently and even though we got rid of a ton of stuff first and even had movers helping us...they were not really all that much "help" apart from lugging the big stuff up the stairs. It's been a month and we still haven't finished unpacking, also....anyway I hope you are feeling better by now! So glad you like the place!

  23. You guys are amazing. Like actually amazing. Hands to you guys!!

  24. we honestly wanted to move this summer, but since we moved last summer it was out of the question. so we signed an even longer lease just to put the inevitable move off longer.

    moving does suck.


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