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I heard Ben Folds Five for the first time ten years ago. While cruising downtown Columbus, my friend tossed the CD in her car's cd player and Philosophy came on. It was love at first C major chord. The next day I bought several of his CDs, and I have completely worn them out in the past ten years. Ben Folds has gotten me through high school, college, and the years after. He's my piano idol.

I finally finally got to see him live on Friday night. As great as it was to see Guster, I could barely focus on their show. All I wanted was Ben Folds to come out. As soon as they started rolling his grand piano on the stage I lost. my freaking. mind. And when Ben himself walked on stage? I can't even go there. EUPHORIA. And when he opened with One Angry Dwarf and threw his stool at the piano at the end of the song? I self actualized in that moment. I looked at the sky and said "Jesus? You can take me now. My life is complete."

Ben Folds Five. FANGIRL MODE.
He has been in my very top list of favorite musicians since that night ten years ago. When I got the live recording of the song Army many years ago, I always sang along with the audience at the top of my lungs in the car. There's a part where he stops playing and singing and lets the audience sing AND I LOVE IT. It sounds cheesy and silly, but we all have those moments we hope and pray we have someday, right? Well, one of mine was to be at a Ben Folds Five concert and have him play that song. Well, play it he did, and he even had the audience sing along just like the old recording. It might have been sweat, but there might have been the faintest tear in my eye. I think there were even bunnies. I think I might still be on cloud nine. I think he might be the most talented person alive. I think it's time for me to shut up.

I don't have much else to say these days. I want to blog, but my days consist of early morning work outs, work, cooking dinner, and laying in bed reading. Not exactly thrilling stuff. The days have been long and humid and rainy here. It's rained just about every single day for the last month, which means I haven't been able to go to the pool in over a month. My skin is blinding white and my hair is frizzing from this nearly drinkable air. I didn't even see fireworks on the 4th of July. I can't be bothered with things like that when I'm on a library book deadline. I've even been eyeing my kitting bag lately. You might want to alert the authorities before I get too out of control.

That's my life these days. How are you?


  1. i just wrote what felt like a novel. and then i hit publish and my offices internet was down so it didnt send. and now its lost.
    SO. instead of rehashing my entire comment it boiled down to this:
    this is awesome.
    music is awesome.

  2. I am green with jealous rage right now.
    I can't even....

  3. FEEL FREE TO HAZE ME- but I have never listened to any Ben Folds!!! I am going to have to, though. He sounds super dreamy!!! I am so happy for you that you had the best time at the concert. I felt like my life was complete the first time I saw 98 Degrees.. yes.. you read that right.. I saw 98 Degrees more than once.

    Ugh, the weather has been such a buzzkill here too!! It literally has rained, even just a tiny bit, every single day for at least a month. Some days it is just RELENTLESS down pouring and some days it is just so humid I break a sweat walking from my house to my car before work in the morning. IT AIN'T RIGHT.

    However, less sun=more time inside. Reading. And watching Netflix. And mooching off of Alissa's HBOgo account (Hi Alissa!)


    1. Gotta keep my ladies happy, amiright?

  4. While I have heard their music (ahem, Kelsey) I wasn't thhaaaaattt into them. DON'T HATE ME. But, I love that you finally got to see them, and sing that song out loud in the crowd, because nothing is better than that.

    Let's chat for a moment about the sing-a-long we're going to have with JT in November. Oh, bring on the slow clap...

    ^^ that could be taken out of context

    Anyways! NY weather is crappy, too. Nothing wrong with staying in and relaxing.

  5. That is awesome! I love Ben Folds. I haven't been to a concert in years and I would love to see some good live music. You are also reminding me that I need to make it to the library today.

  6. I don't know if I should be ashamed of this or not, but my love for Ben Folds started when he was on The Sing Off. I don't know what it is about him, but I just LOVED him! So glad that you had a good time at the concert.

  7. I love him. I love them. I love all of it.

  8. love at first C-Major chord. Oh Michelle.

    Annie Waits changed my life forever.

  9. oh I love Ben Folds. So jealous you got to see him :)

  10. As an almost-life-long pianist, I feel like I should listen to Ben Folds' music. Alas, I never have. But I feel like my knowledge of Jamie Cullum's existence sort of makes up for that...yes?

  11. YOU GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS. I'm not a huge ben folds fan, but anyone who can bring out such emotion in a human automatically steals my heart.

    I had my moment at Bon Iver. Their encore of Wolves when it gets so loud you think your ears broke and everyone is singing. Those are just the best moments and I am glad you got yours :-)

  12. Ben Folds is the greatest!! I saw him in concert once as well. AMAZING!!

  13. Not seeing Ben Folds Five is one of my top 5 gig regrets. That he was playing on a Wednesday night all the way in Fremantle, and we had seen Silversun Pickups in Freo on Tuesday night and the tickets were $80 each which we didn't have, still doesn't make up for not seeing them.

    Gig regret big time. Glad you had an awesome time!

  14. I had a moment like that at my first Matchbox Twenty concert. Ahh beautiful.

  15. Live the fangirl dream! Regardless of who, it's such a high to get to meet your longtime idol. I got to see Eddie Izzard live two years ago, and when he walked out on stage, I literally gasped. It's like I hadn't been ready for him to really be REAL.

  16. I think moments like that are pretty much what we live for, regardless of what those moments may be -they're different for everyone. This one sounds pretty dang perfect, though!

    and I hear ya on living such a thrilling life. Things are pretty out of control round these parts, too!

    Your blog was recommended to me by I can't for the life of me remember who, but I'm glad she told me about it!

  17. I cannot even describe how jealous I am of you right now.

  18. Nooooo WAY! I love Ben Folds! His piano is what made me fall in love. So jealous! But I am glad you got to go and loved it :)


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