Feeling: Tired. So tired. We moved and then I started working overtime and then I've been unpacking when I get home from work, and I'm just so drained and weary. And cranky. Hence my absence lately. Though I think not writing led to much of the crankiness.

I also had a photo shoot with my cat Saturday afternoon while she napped
 on the windowsill. This is my life.

Craving: Jeni's ice cream. It's my sole reason for living in Ohio. On Friday night I tried Chamomile ice cream, and it made me a different person. I've also been digging the Whole Foods salad bar recently. Sometimes I just crave a huge salad loaded with veggies. Also, zesty tahini dressing. If you ever see that at Whole Foods, ask no questions, just dump it all over whatever you're eating, then bathe in it. Heaven.

Loving: the new addition to the homestead, Sir Frances Von Hornsley. He is our watchman. He makes me feel safe. I love him to no end.

Watching: The West Wing. I may not agree with all the politics, but my gosh is this not the best show ever. It gives me the warm fuzzies. I feel like I'm in their world. The season 1 finale made me more emotional than a teenage girl watching The Notebook on her period.

Listening to: The new Civil Wars album, like the rest of America. It's better than I even thought it could be. Chills, my friends, chills.

Reading: You know what? I've read a string of crappy books lately, and I'm over it. The last one I tried was Everything's Perfect When You're a Liar, and it was awful. I couldn't even finish it. Her tweets make me laugh sometimes, but in my opinion, the book was a disaster. I tried to force myself to finish it, but I just couldn't do it. She is painfully obsessed with herself, and I can't read that.

Planning: to redo my dresser. I got it off one of my college roommates, and it's in desperate need of a paint job. It has awesome scallops and lines, but the white paint is peeling and the hardware is hideous. The style is different from everything else in our bedroom, but I still love it. I just can't figure out what color to paint it. I'm thinking some shade of turquoise or teal? I wish I could just use knobs, but I need to find decent drawer pulls instead, and so far I'm not finding anything that's not ugly. Have you ever painted furniture? What color? Tell me everything. I need help. You can see part of the dresser in the background of this picture. What would you do with it?!

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache, and then when I got out of bed I stepped directly into cat puke. It's only 7:05 am and I already need an attitude adjustment.


  1. The photos of your cat are adorable, the one you put on Instagram made me "awww" at the screen. That ice cream looks and sounds delicious, i like trying random flavours. I need to listen to The Civil Wars, I've heard a lot of good stuff about them.
    I hope you get all your unpacking finished soon and get to relax a bit.

  2. IM OBSESSED WITH Sir Frances Van Hornsly.... he and my glitter antlers (that GASP, dont have a name) should be besties!

  3. I listened to a little bit of The Civil Wars' new album last night ...I want to get into them!

    Definitely go for turquoise or teal for the dresser.

    Oh, and will that ice cream place be open in November? I can only hope.

  4. I'm pretty much in love with your fireplace. In. Love.

    Also - stepping in cat puke first thing? Just get back in bed and call it a day.

  5. I am sending you lots of love and happiness to you, because I have been there many times.
    Just last week I woke up and was greeted by Goblins poop all over the hallway - diarrhea and monday mornings are NOT A GOOD COMBO.
    Going to have a google of that album tonight, I love love love your Sir Frances Von Hornsley, the ice cream just made me want to lick the computer screen and shit books are the worst.
    I am reading "the hundred year old man who climbed out the window" and so far it has blown me away.
    GET THAT BOOK. That's an order from London ;)


    1. ICE CREAMMMMMMMMM. I hope that place is still open mid-November. If not, please start stocking up on all the best flavors and save them for us.
    2. I AM OBSESSED with Sir Frances Van Hornsley. So you! That whole little area looks like something out of a magazine.
    3. THE WEST WING...UGH. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED. We need to play our Google Hangout watch party!!!
    4. I think that dresser would look AMAZING in turquoise. It is such a cute piece!!!!


  7. all I can think is, wow, I like your house. and oh, my gosh, I hated the notebook. so many teenage girls crying, and I was just bored. meh.

    :) you have a cute cat


  8. I'm sorry you're not feeling well/feeling exhausted from the move. Seriously, moving is totally draining.

    Also, I keep seeing so much about this Civil Wars album lately -- it's making me think I need to get it. I've listened to a couple of their songs and I really like them, so I think I will. (I buy like, one album a year and listen to it incessantly, so this is a big deal.)

    And I absolutely can't STAND reading a bad book. It's the worst when books are disappointing. I also find that I really enjoy great, epic, (young adult?) books like Harry Potter and even the Hunger Games. Without the epicness, (or funny, relatable characters like The Princess Diaries), I can't get into them. Lately, I haven't been finding books I want to read so I haven't been reading (fiction, that is).


  9. Before I read what color you wanted to paint the dresser, I was already shouting "Turquoise" at my computer screen. Not really, because Ammon's asleep in the other room, but I was shouting it in my head, at least. Also, you should get the really cute hand-painted-looking drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby to put on there. You know the ones I'm talking about, right???

    I love your new place. Officially. It is perfect for you guys.

  10. I'm in love with your fireplace/mantel. But you kind of made me sad because chamomile ice cream seems like something that would drive me crazy with happiness and I live nowhere near Ohio :( Maybe I can find that at Whole Foods too...?

  11. Chamomile ice cream?!? Send me some, yea?

    I was going to say to also send me Noel but NO THANKS FOR THE PUKE. I will send you jmeoww though. For free. You're welcome.

    The amount of jealousy I have over Sir Frances Von Hornsley cannot be articulated. AMAZING.

  12. Dang, now I really want some ice cream. My ghetto booty is going to get so mad at me. You understand.

    I have a confession to make. I'm not a HUGE fan of cats, but yours is so pretty.


  13. Don't do turquoise. EVERYONE is doing turquoise.

    Mustard yellow. With something like this, but in black:


  14. Ugh, I hear ya on the cat puke...although in my case it was dog puke. And it squished between my toes.

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  16. We inherited two dressers when we got married, one from each of our families and they were both equally drab. We sanded them down, painted them black and dressed them up with antique-y gold hardware. Definitely worth it.

  17. Okay the question is... did the Civil Wars do the deed or not? What is causing all this drama and beautiful music? These are the questions I have.

  18. well, sorry about the cat puke. but I hope the new place is awesome! and I love your deer head (and the new Civil Wars album is indeed awesome)

  19. So much to say about this.... 1.) Made me laugh multiple times. I love the description of you watching West Wing. 2.) Love your fireplace! 3.) I want that new Civil Wars album and that ice cream 4.) Love the details on the dresser. I love white things, but I'm exited to see what you do with it.

  20. It's safe to say I haven't stopped listening to the new Civil Wars album since it came out. No shame.

  21. The West Wing is so much yes. And I need that ice cream in my belly!


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