love/do not love

Erika wrote a post last week about all the little things she loves and does not love, and, well, I loved it. So I'm doing it too.


Mornings and their freshness. I hate getting out of bed, but I love mornings. My favorite part of every day is sitting with a cup of coffee as the sun rises. Bliss.

Antiques and old things. Not the ugly, foofy stuff, but the cool stuff. Old, funky furniture, old pictures, old people, but mostly super old houses. I love the history and imagining who owned it and what was like in its heyday. I want to surround my entire life with old things.

Cloudy, cozy days. No sunshine, please. Ok, a little sunshine occasionally. But mostly clouds and rain.

Having something to look forward to. It makes life so much easier when there's something coming up ahead, something exciting on the calendar. Bad days are easier when you know an escape is coming.

The satisfaction of a healthy, homemade meal. This is the stuff that makes me happy.

Playing tourist in my own city. Last weekend my mom and I went exploring, including a two hour visit to an antique shop (I lost my mind with joy) where I scored some sheet music from WWI. And then we found this teensy little coffee shop that was THE MOST HIPSTER JOINT EVER. We walked in and I immediately started to turn around and walk back out because I AM NOT WELCOME IN SUCH A PLACE. I have my hipster tendencies, but this was full on I'm so hipster I literally cannot handle myself. But my mother is brave, so I followed her back in. And I had some really darn good iced coffee, and I cannot wait to go back.

Favorite moment: a skinny guy with a fro the size of Texas walked up to the barista and said "So I just need to tell you. I really want to, like, make...like, gifs....of like, your face. *gigglegigglegiggle"
She did exactly what I would've done: turned around and walked away.

The Whole Foods salad bar. It's my favorite lunch when I forget to pack a lunch, and its healthy.

Cat meows. This cat is the most talkative thing in the universe. It drives James nuts, but I love it. She whines and talks and chatters and complains and never stops. I can look at her and say 'sup, girl? and she'll meow something back. And then walk away because she knows I want to pick her up.

Do not love:

Football season. I just hate it. I know being a girl who likes/understands/pays attention to sports is super trendy and stuff, but I will never be into it. Stick me an apron and call me old fashioned, but I'd rather spend the day in the kitchen than watch any sort of sporting event, especially football. Going to an OSU game here and there is fun with the band and the crowd cheering around you, but other than that, ew.

script Ohio: the only good part of football season

Cereal. I am not fan. Unless it's Cinnamon Toast Crunch right outta the box - Saturday morning 2nd grade style - then hand me eggs and bacon instead.

August. It's my least favorite month. When I was a kid it meant whines and back to school, but now it means HEAT AND HUMIDITY FO' DAYZ. I cannot deal with sweating this much out of the year. Bras can only handle so much boob sweat, ya know? I would rather take two Januarys over one August.

Late afternoons. They are pure misery for me. I'm tired, I want to go home, and the hot sun beats into my side of the building at work, making me sweat no matter the temperature of the AC. It's that awkward time between lunch and dinner where I'm starving but nothing sounds good and I don't even have a snack anyway. I do not like late afternoons.

The term "baby bump." It drives me nuts. It's cutesy and annoying and is in the same category for me as hubby, totes, adorbs, all that crap. I know I'm probably in the vast minority on this, and that's fine, but it makes me twitch and I need to tell someone.

 Robin Thicke. What a skeezeball.

The library letting me check out a huge stack of books and only giving me three weeks to read them all. THE PRESSURE.


  1. I LOVE my hipster coffee shop! Even if I do get dirty looks when go in there. I cannot stand when people refer to their husband as "hubby" or "hubs". But for some reason "baby bump" does not bother me. I guess it's better than "the belly". I knew one lady that called it her "lovely lady hump". I still cringe when I think of it.

  2. I could agree with you on most of your loves, except for maybe mornings (which I'm not a huge fan of, no matter how fresh they are) and the Whole Foods salad bar. I think maybe I've been in a Whole Foods once. . .maybe. So while their salad bar is probably pretty great, I have no clue.
    As for the things you do not love, well I could go either way on football I guess. There's a lot of things I'd rather be doing, but then again I'd rather be watching football than doing a lot of things (like cleaning the bathroom). I'm a hockey fan, it's 234235234 times better than football.
    I love cereal, and often want to eat it for dinner. My husband doesn't understand this, he doesn't even like to eat it for breakfast. He says its not filling and that he'll only be hungry 20 minutes later. I'm completely with you on the words thing - while baby bump doesn't so much bother me - totes, adorbs, cray, and other random words that people can't say fully drive me insane!
    I have the same library problem. . . .but I still adore the library.
    . . . . .and I love Robin Thicke. OKAY that's a lie. I don't love him so much as I can't stop listening to Blurred Lines. . . I'm sorry. Lol.


    I also love things to look forward to, like November. Can we go to the teensy little coffee shop??

    And I have to say, I love football season. I know it's going to be tough on my marriage (I'm Alissa Erin Rodgers now) but seeing my husband in those tight pants makes everything worth it!

  4. I am so with you about the cloudy foggy days. It has been so hot and sunny and gross and awful here, and it's finally cloudy today and it's just like yesss. Thank you!

    Separately, who the F says "make gifs of your face?" Seriously?? The only redeeming part of that was that the girl was just as disgusted as she should have been.

  5. My morning commute is the best part of my day.

    August here has been cooler than July was. No one knows why. Oh yeah, August is being normal and July was Satan.

    I didn't even know how football was PLAYED until I started dating/married Landon. And now look at me. I have season tickets and know what it means when they say, "first down!" I have found myself loving it because Landon loves it so much.

    Also, I have to put a dollar in the Douche Bag Jar when I catch myself saying, "totes" and "cray". We're breaking the habit over here.

  6. Love: You
    Do not love: The distance between Ohio and New York

    Love: The West Wing
    Do not love: MRS. LANDINGHAM DYING

    Love: that summer is ending because FALL IN OHIO
    Do not love: that tomorrow isn't November already

    Love: this post

  7. I want to make a gif of this post. Giggle giggle. :)

  8. I love this post, I may have to borrow the idea.
    If you like mostly cloud and rain you are going to love the weather when you come to London.

  9. Love this. And yes, love rainy days. :)


  10. Regarding that coffee shop, in the words of Liz Lemon: I WANT TO GO TO THERE. I would live in there if we had one like that. Like seriously lay out a sleeping bag and never leave.

    CANNOT STAND Robin Thicke. Disgusting.

    I do like football...but only NFL. No college ball for me, thankyouverymuch.

  11. Totally with you on Robin Thicke and football season...though I'm trying to work on the latter cause I feel like I'm missing something. Also I kinda can't get over that "I wanna make a gif of you" guy....??!?

  12. August is the worst. Especially now that it's 105 degrees and all I want is a walk in freezer.

  13. I don't like football season either... it's the Canadian in me.

  14. Michelle.

    Have you seen your bike? That's the hipster of all hipsterness. You fit right in there, you should taken that sucker inside and they would have let you cut in line;)

    I hate all sports seasons. it's gross. so gross. it ruins everything.

  15. Whole Foods has the BEST salad bar that I've ever seen. That's all my husband and I ate for for lunch on our anniversary trip. And AMEN to clouds and rain.

    Football is soooo boring. And Robin Thick is a douche. BIG TIME

  16. Ooh my god Michelle... Yes to every one of these things. I can not even pick one, because they all ring true for me. Have you been reading my mind again?

  17. I'll go ahead and ignored that you hate football and focus on Robin Thicke - EW. EW. EW.


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