1. As I was leaving for work yesterday, I noticed claw marks in my favorite shirt. That I happened to be wearing. My bleeping cat somehow managed to attack my shirt when I had it hanging to dry. Once I got to work, I noticed a coffee stain on my shirt as well. And then I spilled ice cold water on my crotch not once, but twice. I will never be on the cover of a magazine.

2. Aside from a few annoyances, I really like iOS 7, but the motiony, floaty apps nearly make me motion sick. I feel like I need Dramamine to use my phone. I also probably need new inner ears.

3. I watched The Breakfast Club TWICE this week. The more I watch it, the more I love it. I really just want to talk to you guys about it for hours, but I'm trying not to. But if you wanna, I'm here. I'm ready.

4. Why are there married women pinning wedding things? Why is this happening? Are you planning to get divorced and remarried? I just don't get it. It bothers me more than single girls going on wedding/baby pinning sprees. Calm yourselves.

5. As a follow up, just the thought of wedding planning again gives me hives. The most stressful year of my life. I seriously think all that stress and anxiety tweaked something in my brain, because I've been much more anxiety-prone since that year of engagement purgatory. I know some of you have a knack for event planning, but I don't understand it. I would rather take a year long math class than plan my wedding again. I would also elope, but that's an entirely different story.

6. Christmas is three months away. This time last year I was already sneaking Christmas music when I was alone in my car. This year I don't feel ready at all. I just want to pump the breaks on 2013, and I have no idea why. THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED. It's probably also due to my PMS. Like the zits all over my face. But once again, that's an entirely different story.

7. Katy Perry's Hot and Cold was actually written about my relationship with twitter. Sometimes I want nothing to do with it and I tweet nothing, and other times I'm a favoriting fool and I tweet my guts out.

8. I know this is mega viral already, but someone please talk to me about how wonderful Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are in their hashtag skit. I cannot deal with the perfection. My favorite part is when they break into a Missy Elliot song at the end, but then again, I'm black.


Now go give her a hug....she loves that ;) 


  1. I'm really not sure what the reasoning is behind married women pinning wedding things either....though, I must say, I really do want to attend/ help plan weddings for my little sisters and people like that (last wedding I went to was my own) because I have a feeling weddings are 100X more fun when you aren't thinking about lifetime commitment and making sure everybody gets paid who is supposed to be paid.

  2. I just watched the hashtag skit haha....the Missy Elliot part was my favorite part too.

  3. I didn't know about that hashtag skit until you tweeted about it. So thank you. :D

    I still pin stuff to my married album. I just see pretty wedding things and they go there, so that's where I put them. I mean, who really makes/does things from pinterest? Okay, sometimes I do. But very very rarely. Its more just a dumping ground for things I find pretty.

    I'm sorry about your shirt. I'm wearing a husband-cast-off right now. Weee.

  4. Floating, moving apps?? I heard this about floating, moving lock screens too, but I guess this nonsense is not supported by my dinosaur iPhone 4. It's probably for the best. I am looking at my phone all the time and I don't want anything to impede on that.

    PINTEREST DRAMA. Good thing I don't have one. JK. I sort of really want one, still.

    JIMMY FALLON AND JT FOREVER. Best two-some since ME AND YOU. And the Avett Brothers. And Leo and Jed Bartlett.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISSA. I know you'll be stalking these comments.

  5. I don't get why married women pin weddings on Pinterest. Seriously, drives me crazy and I think it warrants an unfollow.

  6. 1. RIP your shirt. Nico did that to one of my shirts over the summer, and I still give him side eyes whenever I think about it.

    2. I really like it too!

    3. Great movie!

    4. You don't have to worry about me pinning anything wedding related :)

    5. SEE #4!

    6. I'm just excited about Halloween. WHAT CAN I SAY.

    7. She told me that she wrote it about you and Twitter.

    8. Love that video. Love those boys.

    9. STAWPPP IT. STAWPPP. DAYUMMM, JT. He looks delicious. Only he can give me a hug (oh, and you! And Noel!)

  7. Hashtag that video was awesome.

  8. I don't get the whole pinning wedding things when you're married either. The only reason I'm pinning those things is because my baby sister is getting married in April and I'm planning my second wedding to Sam vicariously through her wedding planning ;D did that even make sense? Probably not.

  9. I'm with you. One of the best parts of being married is that I never have to plan another wedding again. I hadn't seen the Jimmy Fallon/JT hashtag skit. And now my life is complete.

  10. Well I'm married and there is no way I'm pinning anything wedding related. After 15 years of Marriage, I don't think I'd ever remarry again!!

  11. I am in the midst of my wedding planning as we speak. Our wedding is in March and things have started to move full speed ahead. I had no idea it was so much work. I might need to go down to part time hours at work haha!


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