a walden pond of my own

Have you ever read any Thoreau? Have you read Walden Pond?

Yeah, me neither.

Ok I skimmed a little. Enough to wing it through a college Lit class.

If I had three months off from life, I would pull a Thoreau. Not as extreme, but I would take his concept and run with it.

My initial thought would be to travel the world and yadda yadda yadda, and I'm sure I would make a little time for that. But if I had three months off from my everyday life, I would find a little cottage on a desolate beach or a cabin on the lake (Tahoe, please) and cut myself off from the world. I would be sans cell phone, internet, netflix, and maybe TV, except for the occasional HGTV viewing hours. You know.

+ I would cook the food I've always wanted to learn how to cook: berry pies, biscuits, whole wheat bread, and so much more.
+ I would wake up early as the sun was rising, and go for a walk/swim/hike/bike ride/run.
+ I would take mid afternoon naps.
+ I would read through the huge stack of books that require thinking and are waiting for my brain to be available and not consumed with life.
+ I would cook every meal with healthy, fresh ingredients.
+ I would go on slow, twilight strolls.
+ I would play the piano in the early afternoon for at least an hour, starting with Beethoven and ending with Bach.
+ I would read the Psalms with my morning coffee.
+ I would end the night with a fire in the fireplace and a cup of tea.
+ I would journal and write. Not for a blog, but for me. For a someday book.
+ I would have my husband and my cat by my side.
+ I would reprioritze my life and regain my passion for my favorite things.
+ I would knit a hat. Maybe even a pair of socks.
+ I would hand write letters to everyone important to me.
+ I would go to bed with the sun.

This all sounds boring and maybe even hellish for some people, but it would be paradise for me. I feel happy and warm just thinking about it.  Now to make this happen. I'll be daydreaming about this all day, especially since my mother-in-law is in town...


  1. Was I supposed to read Walden Pond in college? Yes. Did I? No. Did I Sparknote it enough to get the gist? You bet.

    I would love to detox my soul by going somewhere with no connections. I sometimes forget what it is like to be present without checking my phone or worrying about what I am missing at work or with my family.

    You can hand-write me letters now, though, if you really want to ;)

    72 DAYS, MY LADY.

    1. Kelsey, you were supposed to be present last night in yoga. Me? I was too busy trying not to laugh at the guy upstairs who was yelling at his kid to put clothes on. Please tell me you heard that!

  2. wow...I love this list girl:) seriously though, I wish we all could pull at Thoreau!

  3. You and I are so similar. I love this, Michelle. Yes. Just, yes.

  4. (slumps in her chair)

    I have no idea what this book is about, I'll admit it! But I love the idea of unplugging and enjoying time away ...especially in Lake Tahoe :)

    PS: Can I be the cat by your side? K, good.

  5. Living in a secluded beach house on the coast somewhere sounds incredibly wonderful. I don't know if I could go without netflix though...that's stretching it a little too far. :)

  6. boring is my favorite kind of thing. i find peace in the boring of things. i do need a target near by though, otherwise being secluded on a beach sounds amazing.

  7. This sounds divine. I am really a homebody and love nothing more than being boring. I love to read, relax on the couch, laugh with Andy, and hang out with my cats. I'm fairly sure it doesn't get better than that.

  8. I had a similar thought but I was calling it "The Bon Iver" in which he got mono and spent a month in a cabin in Wisconsin.

    But this? Sounds lovely. Especially without the mono.

  9. This sounds awesome, I'd take a little bit of this with some travel haha

  10. I think we've all skimmed Walden Pond. and I love your list. it sounds so relaxing.


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