just some things

Things that make me joyful:
+ Books on WWII & the Holocaust. I feel like this isn't normal bedtime reading, but I love it anyway. For the past 4 years I've had this weird, insatiable hunger to keep reading about it. Plus, who needs friends when you have books about Hitler....? (Don't answer that) 

+ 5:30 am workouts ONLY because I am alone at the gym, therefore I can break it down on the treadmill when Sir Timberlake comes on my iPod unexpectedly.
+ Reacitvating my Facebook and seeing that the guy who broke up with me via text message is now going bald and moved to his parents' house after college. Too bad that didn't work out.
+ Again, reactiving Facebook just to delete several hundred friends. I'm now down to family, blog friends, and a handful of people I know I'll want to stalk. It's much less anxiety-inducing when my news feed isn't inundated with bumpdates and sports talk.

Things that make me uncomfortable: 
+ Girls with pixie cuts. (except you, Kristen!). I have no reason. They just make me twitchy.
+ Passive agressive people. I say that even though I have a Bachelors Degree in Passive Aggression with a Minor in Fear of Confrontation.

+ 100 degrees on September 10th. That's all I will say about that. And also that it made me not be able to sleep last night. I need fuzzy socks weather STAT.

Things that make me roll my eyes:
+ Inspirational quotes. Stop telling me not to let anyone dull my sparkle, ok? Or breathe and love and hug puppies and love and omg love. Or I will be inspired to punch you.

+ The term "top knot." It is a BUN. Like the way your mom did your hair when you had ballet at age 5. Let's not try to reinvent the wheel here.
+ The gluten-free trend. I SAID IT.
+ Girls who wear stripper heels to work. I don't understand. I wore 3 inch wedges a few weeks ago and my feet are still recovering. FLATS 4 LYFE.

Things I'm enjoying:
+ Recharging after last week and nonstop people :-/
+ The change of seasons.

+ The library. I KNOW. Can I stop with this already? I can't. I haven't gone on vacation or really done anything exciting this summer, but I did get frisky with the library. I hereby dub thee the summer of the library.
+ Yesterday's post. I won't lie. I'm still laughing like crazy over those people. I'm so glad you guys like it too, and I wasn't left alone laughing all by myself. Because that happens often.


  1. London is firmly now in fuzzy socks mode.
    I am kinda glad and not glad at the same time. means that I actually have to plan what I am wearing as jeans, flipflops and the first top I can find is just not cutting it anymore!

  2. SIR TIMBERLAKE.. I die. You better bust out those dance moves when you're next to me at the concert! We will reel him in with our sex appeal, you just wait.

    I wish you would keep your FB activated forever, I need some goodness in my feed. I'm not ready to pull the plug on mine just yet- I am far too nosy.

    THIS WEATHER. BLERG. I thought I was done giving up and just wearing my hair in a TOP KNOT (see what I did there?) because it was 1000 degrees in my bathroom in the morning. Not yet.

    GLUTEN FREE IS THE WAY TO BE! Jk, carbs for life.

  3. First of all - inspirational quotes? Every time one rolls through my instagram feed I'm like WHY DO YOU THINK I WANT THIS?? People.

    Also, with the gluten free, if gluten doesn't make you sick, not eating it is not going to magically make you healthy and lose weight and pink glitter sparkles everywhere. I hate going to the store and seeing buttermilk (etc) labeled as gluten free. Seriously? It's buttermilk. There was never any danger of it being gluten-y in the first place. STOP THE MADNESS.

  4. gluten-free everything they say! NO. Stop the madness people, we all know you sneak pizza in every once in a while!

  5. The "STFU" over that quote is amazing. I'm going to need a minute to relish in the greatest of that.

    OKAY, MOVING ON, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. I know Kelsey knows how many days are left (I'm bad at math!) but it's soon, like so soon. I'm working on perfecting my slow clap so I don't take out any innocent bystanders, but I make no promises.

    It's hotter than you know what today. But it's supposed to be 60 on Saturday. I NEED FALL.

  6. Angel has a bad habit of posting inspirational quotes--either real ones or ones of his own invention, as his Facebook status because he thinks it's hilarious. I'm trying to convince him that he should not do that because most of his friends will probably think he's being serious. He latest 'invented inspirational quote' is: "If you believe in me, and I believe in year, together, we can achieve world peace."

    In my college class on theologians, Bonhoeffer was the man who most impressed and intrigued me.

  7. I am so with you on the inspirational quotes and the gluten free trend...yes obviously there are people who can't have gluten, and some people who can but claim that when they don't they feel healthier - fine. But why oh why does that mean my BOTTLE OF WATER has to tell me it is gluten free? It's just a marketing strategy at this point and it's annoying :(

  8. I am SO happy to see The Book thief in your stack of reading material! It is so good! I couldn't put it down. Also, I cringe whenever I see a stupid "Keep Calm and (inset annoying here)" picture.

  9. Oh girl, do NOT get me on the gluten free trend. If you don't have celiac, eat a piece of whole wheat toast. (did I really jsut say "oh girl?" You got me fired up!) And for the longest time I kept trying to figure out the difference between a top knot and a bun. When I realized it was the same, I was annoyed.

  10. I never understood the gluten free buzz... all the restaurants are starting to adapt to the trend which makes me beyond frustrated when ordering. But I love the books about WWII. I can't put down a good Hitler book once I come across it.

  11. i think i'm going to make that giant STFU sparkle image my wallpaper at work. i'm kind of obsessed.

  12. I don't get why anyone would voluntarily not eat gluten. Give me my bread!

    PS: I just stumbled across your blog and I spent a good half an hour reading through your archives. Loved your wedding story and the Mean Girls and blogging post is great! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi :)

  13. AMEN TO THE GLUTEN FREE! And everything else. All the things you said here.

    BUT. Why aren't we facebook friends?!? WHY NOT?

  14. I'm glad there's someone else out there who enjoys reading about WW2. I always feel a little guilty about my level of enjoyment in that area.

    I'm gluten free BUT NOT BECAUSE I WANT TO BE. People who are gf for "the fun of it" (omg are you kidding me?) or because it's cool are just nuts. Anyone who would chose gluten free pizza or pasta or bread over regular cannot be trusted.

  15. You are my favorite. Thank you for overlooking my pixie cut, which I'm actually growing out now. It's almost long enough to cut into a bob!!!

    My coworker is the exact same height as me, but she insists on wearing 4" hooker heels to work every day. Ridiculous.

    My other co-worker is passive aggressive as hell. She's been making snide comments and being flat out rude for 3 days. Over it. Boys do fighting so much better.

    YOU ARE A GENIUS. That is all.


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