shake it like a polaroid picture

this is what 5:30 am looks like at the gym

I get weirdly excited when people post their running playlists, because then I get to play judgy mcjudgerson. Let's be honest here, running playlists are where good tastes in music go to die. I would listen to Taylor Swift* if it meant getting my legs to finish that last tenth of a mile. Plus, since I work out at 5:30 in the morning, I need something to wake me up AND make me want to shake it, you feel me? I also never know what's going to get me groovin'. I have had some of my best work outs listening to Frank Sinatra and classical music. But I have a select group of songs that never fail me, granted I haven't been listening to them nonstop. We all have our secret boy band playlists we bust out at the gym, but these are my not-so-obvious song choices.

Bohemian Like You - The Dandy Warhols // This song is wonderful. And the lead singer is so strung out you'll think you are too. However, I do not recommend looking it up on youtube, as I once naively did. Let's just say the music video is a little rated R (R for Robin Thicke).

Empire Sate of Mind - Alicia Keys & Jay-Z // THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING. It combines my love of Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, and sick beats.

Hey Ya! - OutKast // Team OutKast for life. I nominate this as one of the best songs in the history of the world. IT JUST NEVER GETS OLD. No shame. LEND ME SOME SUGA', I AM YO' NAY-BAH!

Architects and Engineers - Guster // A feel-good, windows down in your car kind of song.

Tightrope - Janelle Monae // THIS SONG. I can't get enough of it. I never get tired of it. I have been known to run longer just to finish the song. I swear there is a ghetto black lady deep inside my white, BBC-loving heart.

Canned Heat - Jamiroquai // YES. THIS IS THE NAPOLEON DYNAMITE DANCE SONG. YES IT IS. This song is wonderful for two reasons: 1. It makes me want to groove 2. It makes me picture the dance scene which inevitably makes me giggle which makes my workout a little less horrible.

Fitz & the Tantrums - Spark // I love this band. I love this song. Listen to it. You'll dance in your car.

Yeah Yeah - Willy Moon // This song makes me feel like I could beat someone up and then karate chop something.

Collapse - Mutemath // It's pretty much all drum beats, but like I said, I need some good beats.

When I Get Famous - Jamie Cullum // This song makes me want to take over the world, or at least a small country.

Fitz & the Tantrums - Fools Gold // Basically anything on this album would work for me.

Ratatat - Seventeen Years // Ratatat is kind of weird. It's all instrumental, sort of rock with a little techno? I was introduced to them long ago by an extreme hipster, to give you an idea. But this song is amazing.

Lizstomania - Phoenix // This song will make you dance in your kitchen.

When all else fails, there's Justin Timberlake, The Black Keys, and Kanye. Always Kanye.

*no I would not.


  1. awesome ideas. I listen to the radio when working out mostly :P missed your blog posts girl :) I get excited like a fan girl or something when you pop up on my feed.

  2. I have a few of these on my workout playlist, but some of these are absolute genius. I love it, love it, love it. Also, I found a new running song last night, and it made my entire day the best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r28mcaJLUV4

    Happy Monday :)

    1. I could NOT figure out where I knew that song from, and then I remembered it was the soundtrack to a video about a dog getting adopted that made me cry yesterday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J4k32LhTNw

  3. THIS IS EVERYTHING. I am Team Outkast FOREVER. I am partial to "The Whole World" because I love when they say "I catch a beat running like Randy Moss"

    I listen to a lot of Karmin, Ying Yang Twins, and as of late, Petey Pablo.

    I am going to look up all of these songs because CAR DANCING IS ALWAYS A PRIORITY!

    1. Kelsey also requests Nickleback and Kelly Clarkson during spin class.

  4. Canned Heat!! Yessss!! I always love when people post their playlists too cause it helps me discover new music. I'm pretty square in my musical tastes if not for the input of others. Ha!

  5. I'm not sure how I feel about Outkast being on this list. They are the one group that I can easily say that I strongly dislike. Unfortunately, my husband loves that song.

  6. I have no workout playlist. I turn Pandora on to my station, the station I've customized and listen to all the time, and let it roll! Sometimes it plays the perfect music. Sometimes it's too much Mumford and Sons, and you know that's typically not workout material.

  7. KANYE FOR LIFE. That's my girl. My secret little ghetto girl :)

    I need to listen to more of Fitz & the tantrums, I think,

  8. Empire State of Mind. Yes. This is on every workout, upbeat, and pump up the jam playlist I have!

  9. I'm still trying to get over the fact that you work out at 5.30am, I can't even imagine getting up at that time, never mind working out. I also have to admit that I have barely heard of any of your playlist - I shall look up the ones I am clueless about.

  10. *no I would not....ha! Lizstomania and Jay-Z are on mine too.

  11. I love seeing Dandy on your playlist! They are from Portland and I have probably seen them play live about a dozen times. The girl keyboardist used to always be topless at their shows (probably like their video). They had one song on MTV- Heroin is so Passe- and after that her shirt was on most of the time. I also pretty much like everything from Outkast :)

    Have a great workout!

  12. Guess what! I know like 2 of those songs.

    My spin instructors plan the playlists (sad face). However, it were up to me, it'd be all Eminem, Jay Z (and Linkin Park) and um, Katy Perry (duh).

  13. when I pick my own music to work out to, it's most definitely Rihanna. Sometimes Brand New. there's a reason why I do group classes instead, though. can't keep myself motivated to get an actual workout done by myself :)

  14. I was just singing Hey Ya earlier today. Did you ever see that commencement speech by Amy Poehler where she quotes that song? Hilarious!

  15. "running playlists are where good tastes in music go to die" -- this is the truest thing anyone has ever said. And YES to Kanye. I know every word to the entire album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy because it and I have spent so many miles together.

    Do you like Girl Talk? PERFECT running music, especially if you get music ADD and just want to change the song in the middle. It's amazing. And the latest album is free! http://illegal-art.net/allday/


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