Feeling// Tired. And Sunday bluesy.  And thirsty.

Loving// Ohio. We went to lunch today for James' birthday, and I snapped these in the car on the way. Sometimes I can't believe how much I love this state, which is a miracle if you knew how much I once hated it

Watching// We just finished a show about a 2011 tornado outbreak. It was awesome. James and I are obsessed with anything that has to do with tornadoes. We totally geek out and freak out.

Listening to// some acoustic album of Phillip Phillips. Listen, I saw his audition on American Idol and I have loved him (and I do mean love) ever since. His music is ridiculous. I love him, I love acoustic guitar, and I can barely handle the two of them together. James and I laid in bed Friday night reading and listening to his album and it was perfect.


Reading// I finished The Book Thief last week. You'll have my thoughts soon in another book review post. Mixed emotions. I'm now about to start another WWII book and I cannot wait because I have a problem.

Looking forward to// going to California this weekend. I haven't mentioned that, have I? California friends, I know I promised to find a way to meet up with you next time I'm there, but hear me out. This hasn't been planned long, we're tagging along with my parents, and I'm only going to see my sick grandparents and to spend time with them. I figure that I have the rest of my life to go to California and do what I want, but I have very little time left to sit on my grandma's couch and talk to her.

I'm really sad to be leaving Ohio right as the weather really cools down and when the leaves are supposed to peak, but I'd be lying if I said I'm not dying to see palm trees and the ocean again. Be still my heart.

However, if you're in the Solvang area, hit a girl up. I'll sneak out a window or something ;)


  1. The one regret I can honestly say that I have is not spending enough time with my Grandma in the years before she passed. I had legitimate reasons for not being able to go, but that doesn't really matter. The time would have meant much more. I am glad you're able to carve out the time and make the memories. They are so important.

    The midwest... I miss it every single day. When I saw your pictures, my heart ached for my own little slice of the heartland.

    Philip Phillips... that guy grabbed my heart immediately. I make sure that everyone on the road enjoys Gone, Gone, Gone, as much as I do whenever it comes on the radio. It's my gift to them.

  2. Please tell me more about this tornado show! I'm also weirdly obsessed with tornadoes. I believe we've discussed this before!

    Enjoy California and the time with your grandparents :)

  3. Grandparents > me.
    I forgive you ;)

    You'll be happy that the weather out here is supposed to be in the 80's all week long and into next weekend! Lucky you!

  4. Have a great little trip! I've never yet been to california, though Angel always says he'll take me someday and show me the place he spent his first 20 years.

  5. I'm sorry your grandparents are sick...but have a wonderful trip!!

  6. Lucky for you I think I am banned from the town of Solvang.

    Enjoy your time with your grandparents. You know how much I mean that :-)

  7. I love Phillip Phillips!! His song Home is my fave.

  8. I just moved to West Virginia (right over the Ohio River) and I think it must have been juuuust the right time to move, because the leaves are picture perfect!

  9. I saw Phillip Phillips open for John Mayer and he was amazing live! He's one of my favorites for sure!

  10. Come to Tennessee or Kentucky for a meetup! You can stay at my house and we can eat chips and cheese and cookies and chocolate and whatever other food starts with a C!

  11. I miss fall in the Midwest so much, gah!

    Phillip Phillips is awesome, I didn't know he was an American Idol person for the longest time haha

    Hope you have a good time spending time with your family!

  12. I really hope I someday grow to love Ohio like you do! As of right now I'm stuck on living somewhere (anywhere!) else. It just feels like Cleveland has nothing to offer me. As for the cool fall weather, that is one thing I actually DO like about Ohio!


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