things that have been annoying me

1. Having a meal plan but then wanting nothing to do with it. Tonight I was supposed to make cauliflower & sweet potato soup, but all I could think about was all other foods that have ever existed. Namely: this ridiculously good quesadilla I had in the Phoenix airport (I know...AIRPORT FOOD. Miracles do happen!), and it had squash and peppers and came with greasy kettle chips and fresh pico and I neeeeeeed it. I was eating almost no cheese before we went to California, but then I ate some there and all my cheese cravings are back. SIGH. Anyway, I also would be very happy with some pad thai. Or a pizza? With a burrito? I got so caught up in my food fantasies that suddenly it was too late to cook and I ate a bagel for dinner.

2. All things chevon and ombre. Ok, ombre stuff in and of itself doesn't bother me at all, but the word sounds so pretentious it makes me roll my eyes. And chevron...are we still on this? It's so 2011. *exasperated hair flip*

3. The guy I had to sit next to for a 3 1/2 hour flight. He was a creepy, middle aged, pudgy, balding man who was sending raunchy-and I DO MEAN raunchy-text messages to some lady friend (yes-if you sit next to me on a plane and text (or watch a movie!), I will read it, except I stopped reading this guy's texts because YIKES). He also ordered tons of booze and put that along with his wifi and several snacks on his company's credit card. SKEEZE BAG.

4. People obsessed with Harry Potter-WAIT PUT DOWN YOUR STONES-people with freaky, unhealthy obsessions with Harry Potter. I'll admit, I just do not understand. I'll also admit that I've also not read the books, so I have literally no basis here. I want to ask these people if they realize Hogwarts doesn't exist? Because it doesn't.

5. OOTD. I know, I know, shoot me, all you bloggers. I love you, but I don't care about your outfit. Stop shoving it in my face.

6. Tweeting your blog post multiple times a day. Now I just want to refuse to read it AND unfollow you. I'm a rebel with a cause.

Now you can probably add me and this post to your own list of grievances. I'm sorry. What can I say? It's Tuesday and all I had for dinner was a bagel. 


  1. I never meal plan more that from morning till evening of the same day, because I don't know what I'll want to eat that day, of course. And I will totally "eavesdrop" on texts if they're interesting. However. Sometimes outfits have a genuinely interesting story behind them, and true, I find my own wardrobe altogether too amusing and too full of personality for many people's tastes but I'm convinced there is such a thing as a well done outfit post.

  2. Ugh, I feel you on the meal planning. I try to make a bunch of stuff on Sunday to take for my lunches all week, but sometimes I just "forget" to take a container of the food I slaved over because that Dunkin Donuts 30 seconds from my office is just way more appealing.

    PLEASE TELL ME EVERYTHING weird plane guy was texting to his side piece. I MUST KNOW.

    OOTD'ing will never be part of my day-to-day. Other than when I'm at work, I am wearing the exact same outfit ALL THE TIME, sweats and a comically oversized sweatshirt. And I love it.

    xoxoxox SEE YOU IN ~16 DAYS

  3. the acronym "OOTD" is annoying to me for sure. and I've never understood chevron. oh well. this is why I like you --- you get me & I get you.

  4. I just put up a very similar post. Further proof we were separated at birth, or are at least distantly related.

    What was the man saying??? Was it (non adult-only site) internet appropriate?

  5. If I don't meal plan, I end up wandering around the grocery store like a lost child garbing all the carbs sugar and fat I can find. Then we don't eat real meals and we get fat.

  6. I will fight someone over Harry Potter lol. I told my husband I'd leave him in a heart beat for Harry Potter... the character, not the actor lol

  7. We meal plan. I KNOW. But like really simple stuff. I just write it down so that when I go to the store I don't go full fat kid and buy ALL THE THINGS.

    2-6...I feel yea. I do.

  8. Ew chevron.

    I've never read Harry Potter and have no desire to...just not my style. But I also don't get the creepy, obsessive types. I love a lot of books but thinking about taking them to that level would be odd at best.

  9. #1,5,6. These are prime examples of why we should be neighbors and be around each other all the time. Just can't handle any of the things. Especially people who think every one of their outfits is worthy of my note and/or acclaim. I don't give a flying flip.

    I'm glad you survived a 3.5 hour flight next to sir-creeps-a-lot. And that you're back.

  10. I just want to say STOP IT with all the OOTD. I get dressed every day too. I feel like I deserve an award! :)

  11. EXCUSE ME but Hogwarts does exist.

    I'd like to think I'm not obsessive but I'm already planning on re-reading the books next summer and I made Lance read the books soo... (to my defense, he did like them a lot so there's that)

  12. HAHAH LOVE it! "It's Tuesday and I'll have had for dinner was a bagel." I get the same reasoning from time to time. :) 1) Totes, Cray, Awky, LOLZ, etc. Any of those words that PEOPLE STILL USE!? How much do I have to make fun of you for you to realize you sound like a blubbering bimbo? 2)Abbreviation that I have no idea what they mean! Namely on parenting sites. LO, EBF, TTC, DH, LO, DD.... what the crap is all that and why can't you just write your words?! I CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU!!! //end rant.


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