if you can just hashtag that you heard it through me, that would be great

It's the day before Thanksgiving, my second favorite holiday! And my Christmas tree is up and snow is on the ground and THE ANGELS ARE SINGING. Yesterday I practiced pushing the limits of my pants by attacking a food truck quesadilla with chips and guac. What I learned from that experience is that Thanksgiving will be the one day I will allow leggings to be pants.

And with that said, I present to you my favorite (the only?) Thanksgiving video: A Hipster Thanksgiving. Trust me when I say you need to watch it. Over and over.

I smell my future. It's definitely coffee, but I can't totally be sure. 

Now have fun, eat until you puke, and hug your family. But don't get trampled at Walmart; that's no way to die.


  1. I died!! --> When she said she knew how to scalp her head, I got a little scared though. :')

  2. It's really a Thanksgiving tradition at this point!

  3. "Well I hope you like wildflower, because that was a lot of it"

    I AM DEAD. Why have I never seen this video before??? BRB passing it along to everyone I care about.

  4. That video! I've never watched it before...but for a second I thought I was watching a new episode of Girls.

    Hashtag, Happy You're Welcoming. Make it work!

    Also, no shame in the legging game!

  5. that may literally be the best video I have ever seen.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I kept hearing things I wanted to requote from this video in my comment but the quoteables kept coming and now I'd basically be typing out the whole video.


  7. I have no favorite part of this movie. It is all my favorite.

    WILDFLOWER. Put a turkey in your butt.

  8. Oh how had I never come across this video before?! So good. Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  9. After you shared this with me last year, my whole world changed for the better.

    Can't wait to hear how your Thanksgiving was!


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