love/do not love, vol. 2

I'm channelling Erika  again.

Things I love:

1. White Christmas trees. I love them and I want one someday.

2. Flannel sheets and wood-burning fires. I love the warmth and the coziness. I love sitting by the fire while seeing the golden leaves swirl outside the window. I love that it might SNOW this week (don't hate me!)('cause you ain't me).

3. Early Jim and Pam. We're rewatching The Office for the....4th time? And Jim and Pam get me every time. This show will never get old. Michael Scott will forever make me cringe from secondhand embarrassment.

4.  ALISSA AND KELSEY COME THIS WEEK. Pardon me while I hyperventilate and clean the bathroom. I cannot wait to find out if they actually exist in real life, show them around Columbus, AND slow clap together at the Justin Timberlake concert.

5. My grandmother's vintage and ORIGINAL Fiestaware that she sent me last week. I am obsessed with Fiestaware, and it's what we registered for when we got married. Last summer when I was in California, my grandma pulled out an old box of these dishes from the Depression era and earlier. It was originally my great-grandmother's that my grandma grew up using. I was going through it yesterday, and I noticed that we have the exact same salt & peppers shakers AND the exact same turquoise platter. One from the 1930s, one from 2011. How cool is that? There are chipped plates and teacups, but the colors are so vibrant and you can tell they were used for years. I love them and love that she gave them to me.

Things I do not love:

1. Wood-burning fires. Yes I know I said I like them, and I do, but they actually terrify me. I stare at it the entire time to make sure it doesn't burn the whole place down. I sit with the fire extinguisher next to me. I occasionally tremble and scream.

2. Overtime. I love my chunkier paychecks, but working on Saturday afternoons isn't my favorite. Yes, Saturday afternoon. I need everyone to know that I voluntarily worked on Saturday afternoon. SO GROWN UP, I KNOW.

notice how I sneaked my red cup in there? sorry. won't happen again.

3. Stinkbugs. They have invaded Columbus and are impossible to get rid of. Not a fan.

4. PFF. Yeah, remember PFF?! I was reading some olds posts of mine last week, and even though I HATED that job and working with her, sometimes I miss having all my blog posts write themselves. And as I've been watching The Office again, I've noticed just how much that office was EXACTLY like Dunder Mifflin. There was even an Angela-type person in accounting and a female Creed that creeped everyone out. PFF had the annoyingness of Dwight with the prissy/obnoxious/shallowness of Kelly Kapoor. And I was Pam without a Jim. I tried not to kill her while occasionally playing pranks and trying to appease my crazy boss. I hated those days and I would never EVER go back, but a part of me, a very tiny part, misses the entertainment of it all. It's crazy how much can change in a year.

5. They put a sand volleyball court RIGHT outside of our apartment. And it's open 24 hours. Thankfully it's freezing out, but come summer, I'm going to be very unhappy when drunk idiots are keeping me up. 



    Alissa and I DO exist. Come Friday you might wish we didn't, BUT WE'LL SEE. ;) I AM SO EXCITED I COULD BARF. I don't even know how I'm going to be able to get through work this week.

    VINTAGE JIM AND PAM= MY HEART. Last night I watched the ping pong episode when they were just starting to date and it made my heart SO WARM. Best couple of all time (other than me and JT)

    I LOVE THAT FIESTAWARE! Can we have a fiesta this weekend and use those plates? PURRRFECT!

    Excuse me while I shove all of my athletic gear into my suitcase so we can play some winter volleyball upon my arrival.


  2. MICHELLE! I wish you could've seen my face when I saw "PFF" ...I won't lie, I forgot about her for a minute. I do miss the entertaining emails/blog posts about her. And of course, your stealth photos of her outfits!

    I have a wood burning fireplace in my living room, but it hasn't been used in probably 30 years!

    I cannot - CANNOT - believe it's this weekend. I'M FREAKIN OUT.

  3. contrary to popular belief, Kelsey and Alissa DO NOT exist in real life. Don't listen to either of them.

    1. QUIET, YOU. I told you to keep our hologram lifestyle a secret!!!

  4. We have fires outside, it gives some illusion of safety. And I love Jim and Pam so much. And heirloom dishes?? Those are pretty cool! I have a full set of china that was my great-grandmas...and a full set of china that was my aunt's mom's. People like to give me dishes. I don't even know why I registered for new dishes when I go married.

  5. so you should not be working on Saturdays! boo!!!

    and early Jim & Pam. I cry during that scene every time.

  6. I want a white Christmas tree too. Everyone says they're old fashioned but I'm going to make it my personal mission to bring it back.

  7. If I knew how to get to Ohio from Florida, I would escape and come visit y'alls!

    Fiestaware on an ikea cart?!? BEYOND. I am a pyrex girl through and through and I found the 3rd piece to my grandma's mixing bowl collection at a craft fair a few weeks ago and nothing else could've been more perfect :)

  8. Yes! Especially to stinkbugs. They are ruining any hope of me being outdoorsy.

  9. A. I have that Ikea cart and it is my favorite thing in my house
    B. I feel like you need a virtual hug! so .... here HUG!!!

  10. 1) I saw a golden inverted Christmas tree last week, and I really need to go back and take a picture, because you would die of all of the Christmas joy in the world. I think it's better than a white Christmas tree.

    2) You know about my love for fiesta. On our family farm, they still use their original turquoise as well!!!

    3) Working overtime is the devil. I cracked down on that shit, and I'm soooooooo much happier now.

    4) Passion. Oh, passion was so funny. However, I have never ever been so happy for a friend to find a new job as I was the day you announced that you had given notice. You needed out of that place in a bad way.

  11. SO mad that you'll be getting snow on your side of the country soon. NOT COOL. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE 80'S FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS! Can you tell that I'm a little mad about it??

  12. I'm so mad everyone's getting snow - I miss the snow! But I'm still stuck in Texas and non-seasonal weather lol


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