señorita, I feel for you

I survived! Two strangers from New York stayed with me all weekend, and I survived. And it was completely awesome.

And! They came bearing cannolis. As you can see, I couldn't even restrain myself long enough to take a picture before ravaging them. I might move to NY just for the cannolis. I do it all for the cannoli. 

It was one of the only times in my life I felt zero shyness when hanging out in person with someone for the first time. It felt like we had known each for years (we technically have), and I can't remember the last time I've hung out with girls I actually click with. It was glorious. I showed them all my favorite spots in Columbus, yadda yadda yadda.



Inhale, exhale.

But really, where do I start?! I don't even know! It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen in my life! Exclamation points!!!!

I don't think there are many things worth recapping, but this is. It was three hours of singing and dancing and screaming. He KILLED it. The row of soccer moms in front us were breaking it down like I've never seen before, but I was peeved by the high schoolers. The age difference was so apparent when they would dance and sing to Suit & Tie but stood still with confused faces during Cry Me A River. If you weren't old enough to be devastated when he and Britney Spears broke up, and if you didn't dance in your bedroom to Bye Bye Bye while putting on your frosted eye shadow and Bonnebell Lip Smackers (Dr. Pepper, of course), then you don't deserve to be here. Excuse me, but GET OUT. I need your seats so I have more room to dance to all the songs that came out while you were in diapers.

However, my favorite moment was when Sir Timberlake was singing What Goes Around Comes Around, and when he sang the line "I was ready to give you my name," I suddenly heard Kelsey scream next to me "I'LL TAKE IT! I'LL TAKE IT!" But I can't judge, because every video I took has my screaming and/or singing in the background. My other favorite moment (all of it. all of it was my favorite moment) was when part of the stage MOVED through the arena, and he was LESS THAN 100 FEET AWAY. I AM STILL SHAKING. I should be humiliated by the things I screamed at him, but I'm not. I've been a JT fan for as long as I remember. I feel like we grew up together. I remember his ramen noodle hair and his denim tux, for crying out loud. At this concert, I morphed from a 24 year old married, working woman to a tween with frizzy hair and braces. Seeing him in concert and watching him perform the songs I so vividly remember listening to on repeat in middle and high school made me the happiest person alive. You haven't lived until you've sung Señorita with him.

I have never dropped it like it's hot quite like I did that night. I'm surprised Kelsey and Alissa didn't pretend to not know me. I left my shame and dignity at the door and lost my mind/fangirled in an entirely new way. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

This weekend was 6 months in the making and I'm so bummed it's over. The whole weekend lived up to every expectation. In the words of Kelsey, I have no idea how to go back to my normal life like that concert didn't happen. But it's ok, because it's happening all over again. The Avett Brothers. March 7th. NYC. Bring it.


  1. i'm a little bit older than you (almost 30) and some of my friends went to the bsb/nsync tour a couple years ago. their sentiments were a lot like yours, as in...teenagers go home. this was an experience for the gals who were actually teenagers when those bands came out.

    i do tend to live in a bubble and not keep up with what is current, because i had NO CLUE justin timberlake was still making music.

  2. Dude. Looking back, I really just want to find *NSYNC's stylist, and go all, "WTF???" on them. WE really did stick with them through some terrible outfit choices, and these young little 12-15 year olds just don't have a clue.

    Best concert of my life: seeing them in the "Bye, Bye, Bye" tour for my birthday with my best friend when I was 15. So, so, so good.

    It sounds so fun overall! And I would never have managed to get a picture of the cannoli in the first place. It just would have been gone too fast.

  3. "I do it all for the cannoli." - what goes through my head during spin class.

    You were breaking it down at the concert, and I appreciated every second of it. I still can't believe it happened. It's going to take me a while to process it.

    Thank you so much for everything this weekend and for showing us around! I was telling my mom about The Book Loft and she said she would like to take an all day field trip there :)

    I'm glad we have March to look forward to! Hashtag, concert buddies 4 LYFE.

  4. high schoolers at concerts, THE WORST! sounds like an amazing time. i love real life blog meet ups! and JEALOUS about the avett brothers!!!

  5. DYING! 'I'LL TAKE IT!' Touche, Kelsey. also the tweens need to go home. also the avett bros. are FABULOUS in concert. FABULOUS i tell you

  6. I cannot even handle you right now...oh my gosh Michelle this is EVERYTHING. I am so glad that one of your most precious dreams came true...and that you also go to see JT live!

  7. Glad you had a good time with your friends!
    Loved seeing your concert pictures on Instagram.

  8. Ramen noodle hair lol. Those young whippersnappers have no idea about the real JT.

  9. OMG I WAS THERE TOO! Just wrote about it. Best. Friggen. Concert. Ever.

  10. Ugh. High schoolers would've gotten on my nerves too - they didn't deserve to be there lol.

    BUT I'm still SO jealous. I need to figure out a way to see him in concert. SOON.


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