1. James demanded that we buy cookies on the way home from work last night. I staunchly refused, but then I grabbed some on the way out of Kroger, and I am so glad I did. I had no idea how much I needed these cookies. And by that I mean my PMS needed these cookies.

2. I'm watching Jim and Pam's wedding episode right now. I haven't seen the full episode since it aired and I'm emotional. Except I can't tell if it's the episode making me emotional or these gosh darn cookies.

3. So I was going to start reading a new library book today on my lunch break, but then I opened it and found 4 dead, smashed bugs. Including blood and guts. I have now banished it to an undisclosed location in my car and I will not touch it until I have to return it. Maybe my honeymoon phase with the library is starting to wane.

4. It's making me really happy to see so much backlash against stores being open on Thanksgiving day. Can we not have one day for family? Soon black friday will start on Halloween.

5. I made this minestrone soup with garlic croutons and parmesan Sunday night and it is SO GOOD. I could eat it forever. The soup itself is fantastic, but the croutons and parmesan on top are enough to make me dance on the table. It's perfect for cold weather.

6. Pam is crying to Jim and said the following: "Everyone is driving me crazy," and "Why did we invite all these people?" James immediately chimed in and said she sounds exactly like me. That is unfortunately 100% accurate.

7. It has been snowing a ridiculous amount for November. I mean, snow isn't necessarily unusual for November, but it doesn't usually snow this much before Thanksgiving. I am in heaven. The entire state is whining about the arctic temperatures, and while there have been a few days too cold for my liking, overall I love it. I can sleep in fuzzy socks, I'm wearing my chunky knit sweaters with reckless abandon, and cold and snow put me in the Thanksgiving/Christmas spirit more than anything else. So much so that when I woke up this morning and saw several inches of snow on the ground, I listened to Christmas music on my morning run. I was meant for the North Pole.


  1. We've been having so much snow! It really makes me wonder why everyone is insisting on keeping up "fall decor" until Thanksgiving when it sure doesn't look like fall outside. It's like insisting on fall decor in the tropics. Ridiculous. I was just recently getting nostalgic for The Office and watching like 5 episodes on Sunday. Love it!

  2. I may need to buy some cookies for next week, then. Probably peanut butter...AND chocolate chip. I am positive I will need both.

    Jim + Pam + wedding = bliss to my ears. I have watched it once since it aired. So emotional, so good, & when Dwight kicks that girl in the face, I roll over laughing EVERY time. I can't help it.

    No bueno. I miss the library, but my NOOK does the job for me now. ;)

    Will you make me some of that soup? & agreed!! Stores should be closed for Thanksgiving. Geez.

    We have seen no snow here...YET! but we had sleet and a little ice yesterday...obviously I would prefer the snow.

    Thank you for another great post, my friend.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I CAN'T EVEN TALK ABOUT THE WEDDING EPISODE. If anyone knew how many times I have truly watched it, they would be ashamed. "I WAS WAITING FOR MY WIFE". The bottom cap of this photo is me, always: http://24.media.tumblr.com/4faf49e372bd0c2f348cb37b203f90dc/tumblr_mpbkzgBlIW1sp9fcho1_500.jpg

  4. AHHHH...I'm only on season 4! They just "went public" and since I refuse to have any spoilers, I don't know when they get married. I love them (Jim) so much.

    I was just thinking this morning (as it was snowing) that we don't usually have this much snow before Thanksgiving - or at least haven't in a few years. I'm not complaining...especially since my tree went up last night! It's not decorated yet, but it's up, and that's half the battle.

  5. This is fantastic.
    Also I want it to snow hereeeeeee, but like only if I can play in it and not have to drive and not have to go to work.

  6. that is absolutely disgusting about the library book. i wonder how many other people have opened the book to dead bugs, or if you were the first? like, now i'm curious if someone did that out of sheer mean-ness. or maybe those bugs really loved books and they wanted to die in their happiest place, the library.

    i have never worked retail, but i have worked as a server on thanksgiving and black friday. it's insane. i used to work at cracker barrel and everyone was required to work a shift on thanksgiving. and that place is SLAMMED that day. i never knew so many people went out to eat on thanksgiving. most people would order the standard turkey/dressing plate and so it was fast and easy so serve. i had a table of over ten people and everyone except one man ordered the turkey. he ordered a steak....well done. and it took much longer for their table to get their food, due to waiting on his steak. in front of everyone he told me that i had personally ruined his thanksgiving for taking so long. no sir, you are a grown man berating a 20 year old girl who would much be at home with her family who is enjoying dinner together. i think you ruined MY day.

  7. I love the backlash on stores too!! Now if only people will refuse to go. Hopefully...

  8. The most important question is, what kind of cookies did you buy?
    THANK YOU for the recipe. Yum!

    ps i wish we could be neighbors.


    That's all I've got.

  10. And here it is! THE SPIRIT! Phew. I was getting really worried.

    I almost started another facebook fight about black friday/thanksgiving shopping but I am trying to limit myself to one facebook war a month. My aunt was all, "what about all the other people who have to work on thanksgiving and the military and BLAH BLAH BLAH" I wanted to say, "Retail is only necessary that day because you make it necessary!" AH.


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