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If you only know one thing about me, let it be this: I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Like, I am out of control.

I know what you're thinking. Hear me out. SON OF A NUTCRACKER, MICHELLE, PUMP THE BRAKES. I realize it's still fall. Don't worry; there are still pumpkins on my front porch. I haven't switched to Christmas decorations yet. I know we still have Thanksgiving (YAY), but Christmas is NEXT MONTH.


Really though, to echo the rest of the world, this is the best time of year. Whenever I come home from California I descend into a week long funk, and I have to remind myself why I love the Midwest. Every single time. But not this time. When our plane landed in Columbus, it was in the 30s. My toes were freezing in my black flip flops. I went home, put on my flannel pajamas, and slid in bed under a stack of blankets. 

Most people would be horribly depressed to kiss the Pacific Ocean goodbye from 35,000 feet and land several hours later in the frozen cornfields. But not me. I love this, and it's where I belong. I love that it's time to put flannel sheets on my bed. I love that I can wear scarves again. I love that I have to use the seat heaters in the car on the way to work. I love that I have to wear my fuzzy socks at home. I love the beach as much as the next person, but give me the cold and the snow. I'd rather have quilts than beach towels. Give me hot chocolate over a popsicle. I will take chunky knit sweaters over tank tops any day of the week. 

And it's the beginning of November, which is great because we still have a bit of fall left, but more importantly, CHRISTMAS. Life has been stressful and difficult lately, but everything is a little less horrible when SANTA'S COMING.

I really am this over the top. I have more pictures on my phone of fall trees than mommy bloggers do of their children. The Christmas playlist on my iPod has 209 songs. There will probably be more to come soon. When I'm home, I think about how I want to decorate for Christmas. When I'm at work and frustrated, I think-WAIT! EGGNOG!-and then I feel better. I've been listening to Christmas music on the way to work every morning to make me less murdery. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and there will be pumpkin pie. Soon it will be snowing (stop your whining, it's beautiful),  and soon every store will be blaring Christmas carols And I couldn't be happier about it.

Thanks for listening to me. I have so many feelings about fall and Christmas and sometimes I just need to tell someone. I usually enjoy having contrary feelings to most everyone else, but when it comes to fall, I can't help it. Just slap a mustard cardigan on me and hand me a pumpkin spice latte.

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  1. Yes! I'm already planning, too! Christmas really is the best. People are nicer in December. :)


  2. I feel like a Christmas truck just ran over me :P

    I love your enthusiasm! :) :)

  3. You made me smile with your Christmas glee! :)

  4. "I've been listening to Christmas music on the way to work every morning to make me less murdery."


    But, you forgot the best part of the fall-Thanksgiving season...this year specifically....ME AND ALISSA IN YOUR HOOD. I forgive you. CAN'T WAIT TO FROLIC IN THE MIDWEST WITH YOU!!

    1. Michelle...let's trip her mid-frolic.

    2. Michelle...let's leave Alissa in the Ohio woods somewhere.

    3. Michelle...let's not listen to Christmas music so we're extra murdery while Kelsey is around.

    4. Hashtag you better hope I'm not feeling murdery when I am driving your @$$ to Ohio IN MY WHIP. I'll leave you at a rest stop. I will burn rubber away from you.

  5. You follow me on Pinterest, so you may or may not have seen the Christmas barf that I projectile vomited all over yesterday. I'm right there with you re: Christmas spirit.

    I was nervous about this year...scared I wasn't going to enjoy the holidays, but so far, so good. Kelsey even offered to make me a popcorn strand to put on my tree, until she realized my cats would eat it. It's the thought that counts!

    Remember the Christmas Google chat last year?

  6. ..."less murdery." Hehehe. I love how you always make me laugh with your matter of fact way of putting things. Seriously makes my mornings.

  7. Hahaa- I love it! You and Jared are equally Christmas obsessed! I love it, don't get me wrong but he REALLY LOVES IT!!!

  8. Yay for contagious Christmas enthusiasm! I'm so excited!!

  9. MICHELLE. I can sense your ADD in this post and I love it. But let me tell you, I wore a long sleeve shirt with a scarf yesterday. Today I am sweating in a short sleeve top. I WANT MY SCARVES.

    I also require you to make me a christmas playlist from your 209 jamz. Thanks!

  10. You make me smile, you know that? I LOVE everything about this post, except that fact that we have never met while you are in California...can we make that happen? pretty pleasseeeeee?

  11. I can't tell you how much I love this post. CHRISTMAS IS MY FAVORITE. I would celebrate it starting in July if I could.

  12. It seems the people of Venezuela (or at least their leader) agree with you. Sorry the link is a million miles long.


  13. They have turned on the Christmas music at target, and thrive already hired their seasonal associates. Target lunch just got a little more merry.

  14. Um, you've seen my Instagram, so pretty sure my kid photos are more numerous than your fall photos lol. But! Hashtag we are pretty much twins in the seasonal happiness department.


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