this is my brain on no sleep

1. I have been so tired this week. SO tired. I didn't sleep well over the weekend (TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT), and even though I've been technically going to bed at a reasonable hour, I'm staying up too late because these library books won't read themselves, ya know? Anyway, my brain on sleep deprivation is a scary thing. I present to you the following evidence:
  • I picked up James from work on Tuesday, and we had a solid plan of going to the grocery store after work. Even though we had been talking about it 1 minute beforehand, I still managed to drive straight past the grocery store without even a thought.
  • I did eventually get us to the store after realizing my mistake. But even though we had just gotten groceries, we were both exhausted and I was on the verge of a really bad mood, so we decided to pick up dinner on the way home. Once again, we had a plan, and once again I drove straight past our destination and drove home instead.
  • When I got off work Wednesday, I walked to the parking lot and hit the unlock button on my remote keychain. But the car wasn't unlocking! No matter how many times I hit unlock! It wasn't until I was trying to yank the door open that I realized I was trying to get into someone else's car.
2. Star Alfur by Sigor Ros just came on, and suddenly it's 2008 again and I'm hanging out with my pack of guy friends. I'm having a moment here. I have purposely been avoiding this song, but shuffle just got the better of me. 

10 minutes later and I just looked up some people on twitter I should not have looked up. You know how it goes. No sleep also = a lack of self control.

3. There's a full moon this week, and I feel like that explains a lot of things.

4. I have zero Christmas spirit right now. Zero. Santa's sleigh would crash with my lack of cheer. The holidays just aren't the same when all you get is one day off in the middle of the week for Christmas, and you also have to figure out what to buy people and then how to pay for those gifts. I'm a scrooge right now. I've even traded my Christmas playlist for Kanye West and Justin Timberlake (I'm going through a phase).  Maybe I should put up a Festivus pole instead? Festivus for the rest of us, am I right?

Kidding. I would never.

But once I get my tree up and watch White Christmas and Elf I'm sure I'll be singing a much different song. A Christmas song. I also have Christmas flannel sheets to put on the bed(!!!!!!!!), and I think that alone will help. Just the thought is helping. 

Eggnog, anyone? 

5. Due to my sleep deprivation-induced poor judgment, I hopped on Facebook last night for the first time in many moons. I instantly saw a status the length of this post that detailed this person's entire day. I mean, the whole darn thing. And it ended with #blessed, which we all know is my favorite hashtag. It was so horrendous I expect a buzzfeed article on it any day now. Sometimes Facebook just makes fun of itself.

6. It's raining today. I wish it were snowing, but either way I think it makes for a good day to delve back into Christmas music. And! Thanksgiving is one week from today! And no I will not wait until next weekend to decorate. I NEED ADEQUATE TIME TO ENJOY THE TREE.

Looks like my Christmas spirit is back already!

But really, will you pass the eggnog?


  1. You know what's cool? When you say that you're going to the grocery store, and I know where that is!

    Anyway, Christmas spirit - let's talk about it ...on my watch list this weekend is The Holiday and The Family Stone (get into it!) but I'm hoping I can find some good movies On Demand to have playing while I decorate. AHHH. Can't wait to see your decorations.

    BRB. Jumping in my car and heading your way with eggnog.

  2. oh facebook. your #5 is the reason i deleted my facebook account for over a year. and then one day on a whim i reactivated, and i'm still trying to figure out why i did that. i trimmed my 'friends' (hah) list down from my closest 600 friends to around 150 friends and family, but i still have those ridiculous updates in my feed that are the size of a novel. and the hashtags...oh the hashtags.

  3. You're not in the Christmas spirit yet??? Okay, who is this debbie downer and what did she do with my real Michelle?!?!?! Do I need to come out to Ohio and decorate your entire house in beautiful Christmas decor??

    And I want to give you a hug solely for #1. Driving past two destinations IN A ROW?? Oh honey....you need a vacation. :)

  4. but for reals. figuring out how to pay for gifts. kill me.

  5. I didn't get the chance to mail your sweater before we left for Texas. I am so sorry, because I feel like that will be a game changer for you this year, but I promise, that as soon as I get back, it will go in the mail!

  6. Watching Elf is the best way to get into the holiday spirit. You can't NOT get in the holiday spirit when Will Ferrel screams "SANTA I KNOW HIM!!!!" lol

  7. You don't have CHRISTMAS SPIRIT? This is NOT okay. At all. HOW CAN I HELP?

  8. Hmm. I just wrote you a semi-threatening comment about how I hoped you were into the Christmas spirit by now. Probably best that one didn't publish. :)


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