weekend haikus

It is friday night.
There's a blasted moth in here.
Too close to my bed.

The cat can't get it.
I have a library book,
Maybe I'll throw it?

Took 27 attempts.
But the sucker's dead.

A library book
Isn't only for reading.
It's for killing, too.

Saturday morning.
The flannel sheets are so warm,
The coffee is, too.

The snow is falling.
I want to rest, but I
have to go to work.

Gingerbread latte?
Yes, if I have to go work.
I hate overtime.

Can't focus at work.
It is still snowing outside!

I finally leave.
It's....eleven degrees out.

It's January?
Nope, it is still November.
But I love the snow.

Blissfully back home.
Grilled cheese and potato soup
And Christmas jammies.

It's Sunday. So tired.
But we need to go to church.
Whoa buddy, it's cold.

It's fourteen degrees.
But the windchill? FIVE DEGREES.
Winter will be hard.

Grocery shopping.
Need I say more? For it sucks.
Too many people.

It tastes so good in coffee.
My good mood is back.

So, the Christmas tree?
I want to put it up, but
I have a problem.

I'm making garland.
I lost some of the supplies.
Mainly, the needle.

An hour later,
I found one. And poked my thumb.
Three times. And it hurts.

Also? The garland,
It's all tangled. It's a mess.
BRB, crying.

James fixed it. Again.
At least I made some good soup.
Minestrone soup!

I guess the tree waits.
I'll put it up on Monday.
Need it up ASAP.

Tree before T-day
Doesn't mean I love it less.
I just need Christmas.

So get over it.
I'll just be here with eggnog.
And some twinkle lights.


  1. "BRB, crying" ...elle oh elle, I cannot stop giggling. I love incorporating BRB into every day life, as if this were 1997 and we're all on AIM again.

    Listen - do not feel bad about the tree! I didn't put mine up either. Mainly because it's still together in my basement and it's way too heavy to carry up by myself (COUGH - KELSEY - HELP ME - COUGH).

    But "Tree before T-day" is the new bros before hoes. You heard it here first!

    1. Sorry, I'm deathly allergic to manual labor.

    2. Hmm, let me just find that email where you offered to help...brb.

  2. 27 attempts...bwaahaha fabulous! Also, five degrees sounds horrible.

    Sending wishes of warmer weather and plenty more eggnog. ;)

  3. A very creative recap. I like :) Have fun putting up your tree! I'm going home to see family for a few days, but Christmas decorations is first on the list when we get back.

  4. my twinkle lights are already up. and you said it best, just because you need christmas doesn't mean you love thanksgiving any less.

  5. You made my day. I have so many feels.

  6. So happy the normal Michelle is back. Last week's "Michelle" was just so sad.
    Please send me that potato soup recipe. I love any and all soups. YUM.
    But I will not jump on the eggnog train. I just can't.

  7. Okay maybe this is the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT coming along...I will keep reading...


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