in defense of mason jars

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who are pro-mason jar, and those who are vehemently anti-mason jar.

My take on this will probably surprise most of you: I am pro-mason jar. I'm what you would call the mason jar hipster. I've been into them since way before they became a thing. I grew up with them all over the house because my mom has always loved them. I have a ton of them, mostly just to put stuff in (candy cornornaments), but I have a few 100 year old blue ones my mom gave me that I am in love with. I realize most people nowadays think mason jars have had their moment (TIFF), and I get that. Every wedding in the last 1-2 years has had centerpieces involving mason jars and burlap. I totally get that it's reaching a fever pitch, but I still love them.

ANYWAY. So I'm super late to this party since one out of every ten pins on Pinterest is about these Anthro knock-off mason jar snow globes. At first I thought they were weird, but I've grown to love them. So I bought some stuff to make them at my trusty Hobby Lobby.

I loaded up on bottlebrush trees, some extra jars, fake snow, and other little adornments. I set my basket on the counter, and the cashier pulled out the jars, made a disgusted face, and said (with a thick, undetermined accent), "TOO MANY PEOPLE BUY DEES. TOO MANY. ENOUGH!" I jerked my head back in shock and stifled a chuckle, because since when can employees complain about people buying things?

I tried to laugh it off, but then she looked me dead in the eye and said "really. Too many people buy dees. I don't understand. What you do with dees?!"

"Well....I, uh, put stuff in them? And I'm going to make snow globes with these."

Her eyes widened and she took a step back out of shock, as if I had just told her I'm her long lost daughter. "You make....snow globe?!? HOW YOU DO DIS."

I pulled everything out of the bag and explained how you make them. She nodded her head in disapproval. "I don't know. I don't see it. Why you do dis?? Too many people buy dees. It's no good." She continued to shake her head in disappointment. "I need to see picture."

I whipped out my cell phone and showed her a picture from Pinterest. "Hmmm.....you do dis before? Are you sure??? Why would you do dis? Do you give gift? What you do with it?"

"No, but I want to try it. I think I might give one to my mom?"

She shook her head again. "Uhh ohhh, I don't know. I don't understand. Too many people buy dees."

"I bet they do. They're really popular." It is not often I have to apologize for liking something popular. I felt weird and ashamed, like I had just admitted to owning a Justin Beiber album.

"So you never do dis before? Hmm....good luck." I thanked her, grabbed my bag, and walked away.

the snow is wonky and it's driving me crazy

I made a few for me and a few to give to my mom for Christmas. They're a little janky, but then again I've never been mistaken for Martha Stewart. 


  1. THEY CAME OUT SO CUTE!! I love them!! One of my friends made a few last weekend and didn't realize until she tipped them over to have the 'snowglobe' effect that the trees were dyed- and the dye colored all of the water this like ugly, murky black color. LESSON LEARNED. Check to see if the trees are going to ruin the project first.

  2. I love them. My sister tried doing this years ago. She was a little ahead of her time, you know being eight years old and Pinterest not being a thing. It technically worked, but janky is a good word for how they turned out. Still, I was impressed with her craftiness.

    And yours are great. Tell that Hobby Lobby chick to mind her business.

  3. "Janky" is my word for 2014. This post just confirmed it.

    HEY, LISTEN, I love mason jars. Tiff can throw shade on them all she wants - it isn't going to stop my love for them. (Or for you, Tiff!)

    I think they are adorable and I am sad I don't have one/not patient enough to make one.

  4. so do you actually own dees justin beiber album?

  5. At first My jaw was on the floor because I thought you were going to do a craft tutorial. Then you told the story of the crazy cashier and I felt much better. Phew.

  6. They are lovely! People don't need to be getting into other people's mason jar biz! OKAY? :)

  7. I LOVED that you put ornaments in your blue mason jars. I even showed Christopher and was all "Why didn't I think of that?". I also showed him Sir Frances Von Hornsley and he (pretended to be) impressed. But back to the jars. I love the blue mason jars and every time I see them at Tarjay I think about buying them butI always leave without them. Is it weird to add them to the baby registry?

  8. How did you do dis?!

    But really, I'm so glad we're on the same page with mason jars. I have a slightly secret passion for them.

  9. They are so cute!!! I totally pictured you as a mason jar kind of gal though haha

  10. HELLO WHERE WAS I FOR THIS. How dare you call me out in a public forum. HOW DARE YOU.

    (Also, those are really cute and a totally acceptable form of mason jar. DO NOT bring them to my wedding.)


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