I've been keeping some secrets from you...

red light, red shirt

1. I love food blogs. Love them. Especially health food blogs. My favorite food blog of all (though not necessarily a health food blog) is How Sweet It Is. She is the funniest writer and makes the most ridiculous food. She does make some vegan and vegetarian recipes, but she is also pro-bacon and pro-gratutious amounts of chocolate. And she's so funny.

2. I've always sort of wanted to be a flight attendant. I love the thought of flitting about all over the world, traveling to exotic places, and meeting different kinds of people. I have a fantasy of that life in my head, which is evident because I mentioned meeting people and I actually despise meeting most people. I always laugh at myself for this whenever I'm on a plane with my head in the nearest barf bag. In all reality, I could never.

3. I have this thing where I cannot set my alarm or the microwave for a normal time. If I need to wake up at 6, I will set my alarm for 5:59 or 6:02 or something. It drives James insane. Last night he asked me how long to microwave something. I told him 9 seconds. He cringed. I watched him push 10 seconds. I cringed.

4. I am one more pin on Pinterest away from having nightmares of the elf on the shelf. Have you seen the face on that thing?!

5. The sister of one of my ex-boyfriends was a huge bookworm like I am. She was obsessed with Twilight, handed me all her copies, and told me if I didn't read them she would kill me in my sleep. So one day after class, I cracked the first one open. And then I became engrossed. It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever read, but I couldn't stop reading. I only read the first three and never saw the movies, and I'm still ashamed at how much I had to find out what would happen next. This is also part of why I won't read The Hunger Games. I'm afraid I'll like it despite my better judgment.

6. Every now and then I sneak onto youtube and watch episodes of Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens, but only until the 6th grade flashbacks attack.

7. Sometimes I think about what my profile song would be if I still had a Myspace. Remember the profile song?! That was my favorite part. FIRST IMPRESSIONS AND ALL. Whenever I fall head over heels for a new song, I immediately want to make it my profile song. It's been 7 years since I deleted Myspace and I still haven't gotten out of that habit.

8. My very first concert was The Beach Boys in 1994. John Stamos was drumming for them at the time, and what I vividly remember is my mom telling me that Uncle Jesse (HAVE MERCY) was the man playing the drums. I'm still not over it.

9. I've said this before, but I have crazy, outlandish dreams every single night. Without fail. However, my most common nightmares are of hiding from tornadoes and my teeth falling out. I can think of a dozen separate tornado dreams right off the bat. Those leave me feeling rattled (pun not intended--no wait--pun intended) for days. And my teeth falling out! I hear that's a common one, but that doesn't make it any less traumatic.

10. I've been to band camp. I really have. It was the worst experience of my life. It is the closest experience I can imagine that a high school kid can have to a concentration camp. We marched outside in 100 + degree heat until we got sick (and since I was a 16 year old girl I was accused of being pregnant when really I just have HEAT EXHAUSTION, OK?), we were fed very little food, and the food we were given made us even more sick, and one time I hid under the covers in my bed after lunch instead of going to the required practice because I was so tired, and then one of the chaperones found me and screamed at me until I cried. The american high school concentration camp.

11. I really want a snuggie. 


  1. I recognize that selfie!

    LISTEN! Nothing wrong with Twilight, okay?? I showed my copy to Kelsey last weekend and the spine of that book is in rough shape. The movies (besides the last one) are what makes that franchise terrible.

    I can't remember what happens in any of The Hunger Games books to save my life.

    You have one-upped my band experience with band camp. I don't think they offered that at my school.


  2. I liked Twilight :) Hate the fandom, though. Fell asleep during the first movie...haha. I totally want to reread them (and actually read Breaking Dawn for the first time) after the obnoxious fanposts die away, which will probably be fairly soon.

    The Hunger Games trilogy is phenomenal. Far better than Twilight. I liked the first movie and want to see the second, but I'll admit I'm not too excited at the moment because the HG fandom is also annoying. People seem to enjoy taking a good book, obsessing over hot characters and the actors in the movie version, and never giving anyone else a break from their shallowness.

    BUT. You should read the series haha.

  3. i read the twilight series one weekend when i had a horrible cold and nothing else to do. i didn't get the big deal at all. the hunger games however....they own my heart.

    i have super vivid dreams as well. the teeth one is supposed to mean that you are worried someone close to you will leave.

  4. I'm an odd-time alarm setter too! I get up every morning at 6:32. My office microwave is from the stone age (and probably slowly poisoning me every day) but it can only be set in increments of 30 seconds.. BARF! I always stop it before it hits zero, though. Because I have no patience by the time my lunch hour rolls around.

    MYSPACE PROFILE SONGS.. STOP IT. I remember in my heyday I used to have Ashlee Simpson's "Pieces of Me" as mine-- which is ridiculous because it's SO WHINY and looking back, was not AT ALL indicative of the person I was at that time. So embarrassing.


    Alissa and I will take you Snuggie shopping when you visit us...mostly because you will not be allowed to hang out at her house with us if you are not wearing one.

    1. ^^ truth. And good thing you're coming in March, because hanging out in my house with Snuggies on is awkward in July or August.

  5. Ohmygoodness! I do the exact same things with alarms and microwaves! My bf couldn't understand it at first, but when I ask him to set an alarm for me now, he knows how to do it! :) Oh, and the teeth falling out is such a frequent nightmare for me, too. Eeek.

  6. I cannot stand the stupid Elf on the Shelf madness! Not only is it creepy has heck, but I have problems with people bribing their children to be good... but that could be a whole separate blog post. Also, I am just now getting into food blogs. Can you point me to some of your favorites?

  7. i LOATHE the elf of the shelf. SO annoying and I'm sick of seeing everything about it on Pinterest. JUST STOP IT ALREADY.
    I could also never be a flight attendant, but that's because I break out in the sweats AND hives while flying. I am a nervous wreck the entire time.
    Dreams of your teeth falling out?? Weird. Come talk to me when you dream about falling in love with a man who can instantly turn into an orca whale at the snap of his fingers...yeah, talk about WEIRD.

  8. As someone who got sucked into Twilight despite my better judgement and literary criticism (heck...I can easily say I hate the movies but it still hurts to say I hate the books...and for that I am deeply ashamed), The Hunger Games is definitely worth the read! The story has a lot of good themes and ideas beyond the love triangle! Much better than Twilight! I feel no shame toward THG!

  9. my boyfriend has made me become an odd-time setter too! so now i wake up at 5:39 every morning, also you should just give in and read the hunger games already. they are far better than twilight and that is coming from a girl that shamefully loved those books too

  10. Okay, I have to admit I also read the Twilight books and I'm ashamed I needed to know what happened next so badly BUT The Hunger Games are actually really good books, maybe not the third one, but the other two are really good and have no shame saying I've read them more than once. Boom.

    And what in the world... your band camp experience sounds NOTHING like mine. Where did you guys go?! Our was at Michigan State and it was actually a lot of fun, some of my best memories haha

  11. I opened a second checking account so I could get a free snuggie. I've since closed the checking account, but kept the snuggie.

  12. I was JUSt telling Kevin that I have reoccurring dreams where my teeth fall out. It is such a nightmare. I GET THAT GIRL! hahah. And a snuggie…only the best invention ever to be publicized on the infomercial channel. EVER!

  13. I went to band camp too but DANG GIRL not anything like that! That is so awful! And as for setting alarms and microwaves for weird times, I'm right there with you. I have no idea what is so cringe-worthy about normal times but I hate it!

  14. Wow. Band camp sounds intense!

    Also, read Hunger Games. It's nothing like Twilight, and it's ok to like them. :P

  15. Oh man, with all the flying I've done, I would NOT want to be a flight attendant. So many passengers are such jerks to them. I don't think I could stand it!
    And I have lots of vivid dreams--very weird but not usually nightmares, though I did have nightmares after seeing the Hunger Games movies. Last night I dreamed that Angel burned my youngest sister's stuffed animals on the stove and my whole family and I were going to Japan but we got to the airport and found out that I forgot my passport.

  16. I had very different experiences with band camp than that... maybe because I went to ones hosted by Universities. Marching band camp was terrible, though. Just terrible.

    My in-laws got an elf on the shelf for my nephew. It creeps me out, and I felt like the thing was going to creep into my room and murder me in my sleep when we were visiting.

    I thought the Hunger Games series was far better done than Twilight.

  17. I have totally been to band-camp too. Definitely understand the heat and the exhausting, but luckily I remember the food being decent!!

    Also- I LOVE food blogs. Entirely too much!

  18. READ THE HUNGER GAMES. I will not speak to you until you do.


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