By now you have your holiday outfits planned. You know which ugly sweater you're wearing to the Christmas party, which red dress to wear to Christmas Eve service, and you probably even nailed down the glitzy gold cocktail dress and stilettos you'll prance around in on NYE.  There are countless Pinterest boards, emails from your favorite stores, and Christmas outfit guides on fashion blogs everywhere. There are tips on the perfect glitter heels, the warmest coat to wear over your dress, and the best clutch.

But what about the in-betweens? What about the cold weekday nights spent watching Netflix with a bowl of chili? The Saturdays spent reading in bed and the snowy Sunday afternoons watching season 7 (aka the worst season) of The Office? What about these days? WHY ARE THEY SO LEFT OUT? Let's be honest, the day I put on a fancy dress and go to a swanky party will be a cold day in hell. 

Have you ever found yourself wondering should I wear leggings, sweatpants, or pajama pants after work? Have you agonized over whether to sneak your husband's hoodie out of his closet or wear your favorite granny sweater? Fuzzy socks or slippers? Ponytail or messy bun? OH GOD WHERE DOES IT END?!?!

Take heart! For I am here to help you accessorize for all the times everyone else forgets to mention.

And the answer? Yes to everything and anything.

The hoodie from vacation? Wear it. Yoga pants/leggings/pajama pants? Yes. Whichever is the cleanest/you find first. Fuzzy socks always. Pull those suckers up over your leggings. 

sorry for the mess. laundry day. you understand.

The worse you look, the more comfortable you'll be. Science. Write that down, fashion bloggers. Write that down.

Now go forth and look ridiculous. You will never feel more cozy in your life. 

Unless you have footie pajamas. In which case, can I borrow them?


  1. i probably own a pair of leggings in every color of the rainbow. and trust me, nothing is quite as flattering as answering the door while wearing bright purple leggings and a shirt that doesn't cover your butt. whatever. after being forced to wear stirrup leggings for a vast majority of my childhood, i scoffed at the idea of wearing them as an adult. until i put on a pair. and then i realized i was a hypocrite, and would never be the same again.

  2. Michelle ...that is the outfit I wear every weekend. You nailed it! FUZZY SOCKS 4 LYFE. Bootie slippers, too. I love em.

    Home = where I can be ugly and no one can hate on me for it.

    (So, what you're saying is I should just skip season 7? I'm still on 4.)

  3. Looks like exactly what I have been wearing since Thursday due to being snowed in.

  4. This is what I wear EVERYDAY after work. Sometimes I hate weekends that I have to go places. I literally laid in bed yesterday til 1:30 pm online christmas shopping and watching Jingle All the Way. I've never been happier Christmas shopping.

  5. I feel the need to professes my undying love to your brain. May it never stop snark-a-fi-ing the world.


    I've said it before but as this post just compounds it I will say it again.

    Leggings, socks with holes in, ben's t-shirts and my giant BRIGHT PINK FLUFFY dressing gown is how I roll. Six nights out of seven you can find me in that.
    Sexy mother fucker.

  7. Are you sure?? I have to say, I'm convinced in the reality of comfy pretty clothes. And leggings can look HOT.
    My weakness is messy hair. I like my pretty clothes, but done hair isn't my thing when I just want to be lazy. My Dad calls the style "Wild woman of borneo" Hair.

  8. My favorite ootd post of all time!

  9. glad we were twinning this weekend and didn't even know it. fuzzy socks over leggings for the win!

  10. SCIENCE. Michelle, this is probably the greatest post of 2013.

  11. Look for awesomeness in the mail on Wednesday or Thursday. Also, yes to every bit of this. Especially the socks. Just, yes.

  12. I'm the proud owner of three footie pj's. Best. Purchases. Ever.

  13. Yes!

    As soon as I come home it's on with the woolly socks, yoga pants or sweats, and a hoodie. No shame. Even if I'm only home for an hour.

  14. This is the outfit I will wear when my MIL tells us to all gather in the living room at 5am on Christmas morning so my niece and nephew can open their presents. FIVE IN THE AM. It's ridiculous because my favorite activity at FIVE IN THE AM is sleeping. I'll be sure to pack some extra snazzy socks.


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