this week

+ On Wednesday, the law firm I work at bought all the employees pizza and cake. It was the best day ever, the people rejoiced in their cubicles, and I saw people eat pizza in amounts that I didn't know were possible to stomach. There is no sight as beautiful as 100 pizza boxes in the break room. Until 3:00 rolled around and the table was covered with cake, but I digress.

Anyway, I was in the break room getting my pizza but MOSTLY salad because I am the picture of health (she says even though she ate 4 cookies at work yesterday....and the day before), when I turned around and nearly dropped my food. There, standing in front of me, was my best friend's ex boyfriend. That might not sound like a big deal, but it sort of is because I spent a decent amount of time around him, not to mention he spent a lot of time at my parents' house during holidays. My mom and I were more devastated than my friend when she ended things last year, but moving on! For some reason, my initial reaction was to give him a hug even though I don't think I've ever hugged him? I rushed up to him to hug him and then abruptly stopped when I realized I was out of control and also he didn't look as though he would hug me back. We chatted as awkwardly as if he were my ex and not my friend's. Then I looked down at my outfit and cringed because my hunter green pants and semi-coordinating scarf made me look less like a fashion blog and more like the jolly green giant who is three months pregnant with a pizza baby. It was rough. Thankfully we work in different departments. Unthankfully he can see how often I go to the bathroom. Which is often.

+ I just took my glasses off and looked at the Christmas tree, and the lights were all pretty and blurry and I thought ooo, that would make a good picture, and then I grabbed my phone and realized that taking my glasses off will not make my iPhone take different pictures.

+ Yesterday I was informed that there's been a full moon this week, and I feel like that explains a lot of things. Full moons make for good blog weeks.

+ This morning I stood in my closet while holding my cat and said, "Noel, what should I wear today?" I kid you not, she reached out and put her paw on a shirt. I said "Good choice, but it's a little cold for that. Any other suggestions?" and she reached out and put her paw on another shirt. She was probably just trying to claw my clothes, but either way I guess you could say my cat picked out my outfit today. And she did a pretty good job.

+ Target had a massive security breach, and every white girl everywhere cried into her red Starbucks cups.

+ We've had snow on the ground for most of November and December, but now that Christmas is 5 days away, it's in the mid 50s with no snow. I might cry into a red Starbucks cup too. But it's the weekend and I'm going to bake all kinds of Christmas cookies and go see Anchorman 2. It better not disappoint.

You stay classy, San Diego.


  1. Noel needs a fashion blog right away. I wish I was feeling more creative this morning so I could come up with a name. I'll work on it!

    You have the most awkward things happen to you at work...you need a TV show.

    Blurry vision = my life!

  2. I am laughing SO FREAKING HARD at the no glasses-blurry picture thing. I have thought the same thing SO MANY TIMES. I just love you.

    I have been psychotically checking my online banking to make sure Target hackers didn't get me. I am about 1000% more susceptible to this because THAT'S THE ONLY PLACE I EVER SHOP. I am so hurt they have betrayed me like this.


  3. GIRL, it being in the 50's/60's without snow on Christmas day is my LIFE here in So Cal. I wish it would just snow one day out of the year where I live..and that would be on Christmas day only.
    Dang, I was thinking about making pizza for dinner tonight, and now you just confirmed that that is a good decision.
    I agree with Alyssa. You need your own show, but only while you're at work and the drive home AFTER work, because a lot of weird things happen to you during that time period as well.

    ps: do you have snapchat?

  4. I feel like you and I live the same awkward life, just in different states. My boss took the whole office out for a "Holiday Lunch" (the fact that he kept calling it a "holiday lunch" was annoying to me). So what do I do at this lunch where every one I work with was watching me? I spilled my soup all over my lap and the knocked over a glass of water while tempting to clean it up. Now that I know there was a full moon, I am blaming it on that.

  5. The one and only time I have ever, ever been thankful I don't live anywhere near a Target.

  6. What happened with target?????

    I love that your first response is to hug people. It's usually my first instinct, even if they're strangers or people I don't want to be around.

    Full moons make for a lot of interesting circumstances.

  7. wait you mean you didn't get the perfect non glasses blur when you took the pic?! so that is what i have been doing wrong this entire time too then

  8. TARGET RUINED MY FEELING OF SECURITY. Ugh, I hope that out of the 40 million cards they stole that they just skip over mine when they see that I just purchased up&up brand things. FINGERS CROSSED.

    I should let jmeoww pick out my outfits. Although I would probably leave the house dressed like a russian hooker.

  9. The full moon must explain why my toddler has been especially hellish lately...

    I let my husband pick my clothes sometimes. That's almost like a cat doing it!

  10. I laughed at your idea that taking off your glasses could therefore change the focus on the phone. It could be kind of cool if it worked, though...I'm pretty sure the reason I think I look better without glasses on is because I can't see myself as clearly...

  11. Dude. the Target thing... I've been watching my account like a hawk but I might just cancel my card and order a new one to be safe, one of my mom's friends lost $8,000 in this mess. I'm thankful this season even if they took all my money, I wouldn't lose 1/8 of that, not even close lol

    Running into friends ex's is super awkward, especially when they start hitting on you - thankfully that didn't happen to you lol

  12. I love your logic. Full moon=good blogging. Ha ha…and I can just had an idea for an app that you can share on social media: "my baby is the size of three slices of pizza, BECAUSE it is three slices of pizza." Genius, eh?


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