in defense of winter

Listen. I think it's time we have a come-to-Jesus meeting.

About winter.

It has come to my attention lately that people seem to hate winter, my second favorite season (the first being fall, since it is blogger law that fall be every blogger's favorite season, or death by either drowning in a sea of pumpkin spice latte or hanging by a mustard yellow cable knit scarf).

I understand why people don't like winter. I do. But I don't like it only because it means I have to listen to people complain about it. Look, do you think I enjoyed the -40 degree windchill we had earlier this month that made it so cold my car wouldn't start for a week? No. My love affair with winter grew cold (har har) that week. I threw a hot chocolate in its face and said it could stick its frigid temperatures where the sun don't shine....which unfortunately turned out to be January. But there are so many good things about winter. I promise!

Erin wrote a post yesterday all about why winter isn't awful, and for someone who doesn't like winter, she did a fantastic job. But I have some more to say on the matter.

You see, winter is my heaven. I love it. I know you are all glaring at me, but I will admit that I have a much better tolerance for cold weather than I do for any sort of heat. A lot of people don't mind heat and sweating, but it is my personal hell. Yes, scraping ice off my car in the morning and snowy roads aren't fun, but they're a small price to pay in my book. I would much rather feel my toes go numb than have a drop of sweat on me.

I am here to convert you to Team Winter, because if one person at work or online says "I hate winter!"and "There is so much winter left!" and "Why do I live in Ohio? Why don't I live somewhere tropical?" I will banish you all to an igloo in Antarctica because I am ANNOYED.

So I hereby give you all the reasons you should stop whining about winter and start enjoying it:

1. COMFORT FOOD. You guys, this is the season for COMFORT FOOD. It's time for chilis and stews and mac & cheese and mashed potatoes and PIZZA. Burritos? Ok! Pasta, if you're into that sort of thing. Maybe even some cookies. All the warm foods. HOT CHOCOLATE. Tea! COFFEE FOREVER.  How can you even argue with that? You can't. You actually can't.

2. You have the perfect excuse to stay in your pajamas, in bed, and watch Netflix and/or read a book. It would be irresponsible to be driving on the icy roads or out in those frigid temperatures. It's not like you can exercise outside, and errands can wait. You can't say that in the summer! I always feel slightly guilty when it's warm and sunny out and I'm inside all day, like I'm wasting a good day. But during winter? GUILT-FREE LAZINESS.

3. It gets dark early! I know this is something most people hate, but I love it. I went to bed at 7pm on Tuesday night (terrible day + getting sick), and it just felt right. You know why? Because it was dark. And just like #2, I had no guilt going to bed at 7 and reading. And I woke up feeling a million times better.

4. COLD & FLU SEASON! Just wait! Hear me out! Chances are that sometime during the winter, you will get the flu or a cold. Or both. Or one or the other. Maybe multiple times, like the lady at work that blows her nose all day. Yes, it is miserable, but what do you do when you get sick? You take a day off! And once again, ladies and gentlemen, we have another guilt-free day of Netflix binging. You're welcome.

5. COZY THINGS! Flannel pajamas! Fires in the fireplace! Flannel sheets! Lord have mercy, FUZZY SOCKS. Afghans! Blankets! Gloves! MITTENS OMG! SCARVES, too! Oh, and chunky knit sweaters!!!!! I'm hyperventalating from sheer excitement!


6. The absence of all things non-cozy. No bikinis (my nemesis), shorts, or tank tops allowed. No crop tops (how will F21 stay in business?) or anything skin-baring, which is wonderful for a pale-a-tron like me who sort of lost her college bikini bod.  Oh, and NO MOSQUITOS. Now tell me that isn't something to dance on the table about!

7. Something to look forward to. If you're like me, you always like to have something to look forward to. All you hooligans can look forward to spring and summer. I promise you they WILL come. I promise! They do every year! The only reason I like summer is so I can look forward to fall and reunite with my brown boots.

Now go forth and make snow angels, dang it!


  1. re: #4 - I've been dealing with a cold all week, yet I feel guilty taking a sick day! I think I am going to tomorrow. I'm not getting any better.

    I guess I'm a hooligan who is looking forward to spring and summer. Winter is fun for December, even January. But by February, March, even April - I'm sick of the dirty snow, and I'm sick of wearing a jacket every day.

    HOWEVER, I have NO IDEA what I'm going to wear when it's warm, and my skinnies and tall boots are no longer appropriate.

    Yes, I said skinnies. I'm sick (in the head).

  2. I'm totally Team Winter over here. You don't need to convince me of anything. And yet, you have. Adding to the list though- SNOWBOARDING!!

  3. tee hee :) so true. but I still don't like winter :P

  4. Winter!!!!! I'm Alaskan and I love winter. The snow all crunchy and peaceful at the same time and all of the things you described above. I die a little every winter I spend in western Washington because I keep expecting a winter of sorts and don't get it :(

  5. I love winter too, yet California doesn't want to have one this year.
    I'm buying my ticket to come see you asap.

    OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH I just realized that I started watching Downton Abbey and now we can talk about it. I'm still on the last disc of Season 1 though, but hey! It's better than nothing!

  6. i loved winter until i had kids. now i have extra long nights being cooped up in the house, with two kids who can't sit still. i need long warmer days, so they can run outside and be ready for bed at a decent time! :) also cold and flu when you have to take care of anyone other than yourself totally blows. :)

    but other than that, i absolutely love the colder weather! i LOVE wrapping up in a quilt and watching tv.


    I would go through paragraph by paragraph and tell you all the things I agree with about this, but I will save us both some time. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING.

    Freedom to be a hermit with pajamas, books, and pizza in the winter months make all the time I spend scraping ice off of my windshield WORTH IT.

  8. death by either drowning in a sea of pumpkin spice latte or hanging by a mustard yellow cable knit scarf). <------- THIS! This is why i come read your blog, it makes me so, so happy. almost as happy as winter comfort food.

  9. I do enjoy the absence of bugs... I like winter. Brings me back to fun in childhood!

  10. SERIOUSLY. GET OUT OF MY BRAIN. Or at least do something useful while you're in there, like teach me how to come up with amazing lines like "it is blogger law that fall be every blogger's favorite season, or death by either drowning in a sea of pumpkin spice latte or hanging by a mustard yellow cable knit scarf)." (ps not sure how I would choose. both sound like so much fun) (and such great blog fodder).

  11. OHMYGOD. This whole post - YES.

    Everyone's all I HATE WINTER. While here I am sitting in this stupid perpetual summer thing in the desert SO NOT looking forward to summer when it's 120 fucking degrees outside. I miss winter. I miss the snow and I miss the Seattle winters too with all their beautiful rain. I miss wearing sweaters and my boots on a daily basis and my scarves!

    I'm Team Winter all the way.

  12. See, these are basically all the exact things my little brother would say. I swear, he could sleep in a snowbank and be just fine. He hates to be hot, but handles cold very well. I am of the I hate winter but it could be 100 degrees and I won't complain a bit about the hot weather. I'm from the tropics, and I remain consistently in love with tropical weather (even though in a Muslim country that mean wearing jeans and tunics more than bikinis {NEVER} or shorts {inside my own house, maybe})
    Plus, I swear I'm solar powered--so I need sun! And, Angel's work has some very interesting policies...basically there's a high possiblity of getting written up for taking a sick day. So all the nurses go in sick (one of his coworkers had to send herself to the emergency room in the middle of the shift last week)...which doesn't seem terribly helpful...

    However, my dear, you can feel perfectly free to love winter, as I am to hate it, for reasons of my own. :)

  13. Pretty much. Especially cozy things. I am getting a bit accelerated cabin fever this year since it is DANGEROUS TO LEAVE MY HOUSE in -500 degrees, but I really, truly do love winter (second to fall, of course). Summer is just gross. I am not meant for it.

  14. Winter really has its pros and cons. It's nice in the way that you can stay in bed more (pertaining number 2) without feeling guilty. The downside, of course, is that there are a lot of snow falling outside our house and cause a lot of damage to our stuff, particularly the roof and the car. Now I understand your number 7; it’s really better to have something to look forward to, so somehow you’ll enjoy the rest of winter without worrying too much. How’s your car, btw?

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru


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