it's not that I'm antisocial; it's just that I prefer the company of fictional characters to real people

pajamas, cat, bed. this picture sums up my whole weekend.
I had big plans this weekend! I really did. You know, normal weekend things like cleaning and cooking and laundry and dishes.

But did they get done? NOPE.

Because you know what happened? BOOKS happened. I read a book and a half in 24 hours. The Hunger Games, if you must know. I gave in. And when I wasn't reading books, I was watching Sherlock.

Which brings me to this next point: I don't even know what is REAL anymore. I have been wrapped up in my books or watching shows about murder mysteries in England. I have honestly had to remind myself what my real life is like. Yesterday I seriously had a moment where I caught myself panicking because I didn't think I could kill someone. And then I remembered I don't have to, and that The Hunger Games isn't real life.

That's the best part of spending two days reading. You completely  check out of reality. I had a bad week last week, and spending two days engrossed in books and Netflix was the perfect cure. Why do people go to parties? Why do they go outside? Why would anyone on God's green earth socialize when there are THOUSANDS OF BOOKS TO READ.

My head was thoroughly confused today. While at work, I caught myself wondering if I'd be able to sleep in a tree too, and would I be able to function on so little food and water? I have hypoglycemia, dang it! And then after completely stressing myself out over my hypothetical death in the Hunger Games, Benedict Cumberbatch would pop into my head and hello! Must get home and watch Sherlock immediately!

I honestly believe that Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock. I cannot separate the two. I find myself wondering if I could move to London and help him solve his mysteries? Play the piano with him while he plays his violin? Move in with him and Watson? Surely they would like some estrogen that isn't Mrs. Hudson. Listen to british accents all day? Follow them around everywhere? I mean, yeah, James can come too if he wants. Am I taking it too far?!?!

Maybe I do need to start getting out more.

On second thought...nah. I'm good.


  1. i would totally eat the poisonous berries and die on accident at the first sign of hunger.

  2. Hahahahahhaha!!! This was so great:) Love you lady!

  3. I spent my entire weekend reading and watching "The Vampire Diaries". I keep wondering if I could ever willingly be turned into a vampire. Because it's so realistic that it could ever happen.

  4. I too spent quality time with my couch this weekend. Television and book reality is far more interesting than my own.

  5. excessively reloading my blog feed does work, because some people post at night. So happy to see you pop up!!!!!!

    I love love love love Sherlock. A friend (random writings of Rachel if you must know) kept raving about it so I finally thought, sigh, I'll check out this new thing....and now I'm like WHY SO FEW EPISODES WHY NOOOOO and all that.

  6. I get panicky thinking about living 150 years ago. It happens a lot for something so completely strange to be worried about. I'm always going down the list of the medicines I need that they don't have, and how unsanitary things would be, and how I would deal with the horrible hair if I didn't have tools. I think I would be hideous and depressed if I went back in time.

  7. I sometimes find myself wondering what the characters are doing now {because of course they keep living even if the book is finished} If loving fiction is wrong then I do not want to be right ;-)

  8. You know what I took from that post?

    You thinking about coming to London.
    Day made.

  9. When I read The Hunger Games books, laundry didn't get done for two weeks. I actually bought new underwear instead of bothering to wash what I had. I also quickly decided I would be the first to die.

    I was supposed to put away my Christmas stuff on Sunday, but instead I watched a couple of movies and episodes of The Office. We're living the high life, my friend!

  10. These are my FAVORITE types of weekends. Like the time we were texting one another on Saturday and we were both watching some type of a Netflix program on the couch in our pajamas. MEANT TO BE, SISTA FRIEND.

    Side note: I would definitely be one of the first to die in the Hunger Games and it would either be because 1. I am slow and wouldn't be able to outrun the other competitors or 2. I would be too nice and just let someone else win because THAT'S HOW MUCH OF A PUSHOVER I AM.

  11. That sounds like the best weekend ever!

    Pretty sure I'd be one of the first ones to die, if not the very first. I'm just not a runner I'd die so fast.

    Also, I'm continuously thinking about book characters and what they'd be doing, or if they would like a certain song I'm listening to. That's probably weird… oh well.

  12. Isn't the first book SO good?? I wonder if you'd like Divergent....please do me the favor and read it. I would love to hear your opinion.

    k thanks.

  13. I had abandoned the blog word for about 7 months. I finally got up the courage to come back into the scary world of blogging and whose blog did I come to first? Yours.

    As usual, I was not disappointed. And I thought about how we should be best friends because when I read your blogs, I am nodding like crazy and thinking, "Jeeze, how did she get inside my head?"

  14. So do you love or do you love The Hunger Games series? GOOD.

  15. fiction>real life
    I wish I had a weekend where I could just read, watch Sherlock and Doctor Who and not worry about the real world.

    I have to ask...are you a HP fan, as well?

  16. I resisted The Hunger Games when it first came out just to spite everyone who told me how good the books were. When I finally caved I couldn't read them fast enough. I even like the movies so far.


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