love/do not love, vol. 3


Pomplamoose. This band is the current love of my life and what I listen to all day at work. And sometimes at the gym. And sometimes in the car. And what I sing while cooking dinner. Also, her cover of Beat It makes my heart soar.

Beat the Horse by Pomplamoose on Grooveshark

Oxford shoes. I have been dying for some for a year now, and I finally splurged on two different pairs with some Christmas money. James thinks they look like old man shoes, but I am in love. The kind of love that helps me sort of understand why someone might consider an outfit post. I can't wait to wear them once the subzero temperatures don't force me to wear wool socks and boots. And when I say subzero, I mean the windchill will be -30 to -40 later today. 

The West Wing. I finished it this weekend and I'm still depressed. I've even been dreaming about it. It was just so darn good and everything ended exactly how I wanted it to. I don't know what to do now that I won't be hearing Josh Lyman screaming out of the TV every night.

Surprise Christmas bonuses. Last year, at my job from hell, an announcement was made at the Christmas party that we would be getting bonuses. My bonus? A KEYCHAIN. This year our boss surprised us with real bonuses, my first one ever. Friday was a very good day.

Sherlock. Twenty minutes into this show and I think I'm hooked for life. BBC forever <3

Do not love:

The radio. I didn't have the cord to hook up my iPod to the stereo one day last week, so I turned on the radio for the first time in YEARS on the drive home from work. At the risk of sounding like an 80 year old, I am APPALLED at music these days. It is horrible. Every song made my ears bleed, and since when is COME AND GET IT NA-NA-NA-NA-NA repeated for 3 minutes considered good music? No. It just confirmed that I still am and always will be a music snob.

The week between Christmas and New Years. I dread this week every year. It makes me cranky and sad that Christmas is over and there is nothing left to live for. Well, there is, but that's how I feel after Christmas. I'm in a funk for a good two weeks. And don't get me started on how much I don't like New Years Eve. I love fresh starts and starting a new year, but I am anti-NYE. I haven't gone out or to a party since high school. Now I stay home with my family and play games and listen to music in my flannel pajamas and I'm usually sound asleep by midnight. It's been working well for me. Plus, I'd rather wake up refreshed and energized on New Years Day than sluggish and hungover.

Also, word to the wise. Watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while taking down the tree will make is so much less painful. Once again, at the risk of sounding elderly, Dick Van Dyke is the man.

The USPS. I don't mean to be whiny, but I've had it. I ordered something at the beginning of December that didn't arrive until Christmas Eve. The tracking never updated, and when I called my local post office they were rude and absolutely zero help, and then they delivered my package two weeks after the anticipated delivery date. They constantly give us the wrong mail, and when we have a package delivered, they stand at the bottom of the flight of stairs in front of our 2nd story townhouse and throw the box as hard as they can so it hits the building and bounces. I'm just glad nothing has broken yet. I was slyly watching out the window a few weeks ago and saw it happen, and then James saw it Saturday and confronted the mailman who responded by screaming at James. We along with our  landlords have filed dozens of complaints and nothing is getting better. I might never order anything again.

Incorrect weather forecasts. I know predicting the weather is hard, but don't tell me we're going to get 4-8 inches of snow when really it's going to be in the 40s and the snow we do have melts. All I want is a blizzard. Though I will admit the lack of snow makes my morning commute much less stressful. But if you're going to lie to me about a snow day, be prepared to handle my therapy bills. 

Not having PBS. I couldn't watch Downton Abbey last night when it aired. It nearly killed me. I'm hoping beyond hope that it will be online when I get home tonight. But at least I have Sherlock, right?


  1. I DON'T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE WEST WING (yes I do). I feel like I re-lived the entire series again with you when you watched it. Now, I have to tell you, the only way to ease the pain is to start watching it from the beginning again... :)

    CHRISTMAS BONUSES! YAY! So happy for you. And did your old job really call a key chain a "Christmas bonus"? I would have cracked some skulls. No joke.

    I am majorly depressed right now because this is the first time I've had to work a full week since before Christmas. I mean...this is no fun. I didn't even have THAT much time off for the holidays- but just knowing I was working 4 days instead of 5 for the last few weeks made me a whole lot happier!

    THE WEATHER. I can't even deal. It was -19 Saturday night, now it is nearly 50 here. And it is going to be single digits tomorrow. PICK A SEASON, NEW YORK.

    ALSO-- friendly reminder-- 60 days.

  2. Ahhhh, The West Wing! I will watch that show eventually. I'm almost on season 7 of The Office (your least favorite, and that's all I can think about), and then I want to watch Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock, and THEN The West Wing. Hashtag, too much TV, not enough time.

    Try to stay warm out there! We're experiencing a heat wave here, but it'll be back to 10 degrees tomorrow.

  3. What? How do you not have PBS? We have almost no channels but we have that one! And have you not seen Sherlock till now? It's awesome. I converted my family to it this winter. And now my little sister found the website that she uses to watch television in Malaysia actually works in America too and it already has all of Downton season 4 so I'm still trying to be ethical and wait.
    Also, this sentence, "The kind of love that helps me sort of understand why someone might consider an outfit post." cracked me up.

  4. No Downton?! You should have come over.

    Your mailman sounds downright violent. I'm worried for you.

    And YES Dick Van Dyke. He is from the next town over from Champaign-Urbana, and I am excessively proud of this. My dad went to his high school. Unfortunately, not at the same time he attended. BUT. He is awesome and Mary Poppins would be so lame without him.

  5. but good news is you have oxfords and i am so incredibly jealous. so jealous.

  6. Don't look up the song by Zed called "Stay the Night." That's literally all the song is. "Are you gonna stay the night." that's it. And it kills me that whoever wrote that sorry excuse for a song is probably a millionaire.

    and after basically doing all my Christmas shopping via Amazon, I don't think I will ever order anything from USPS again. Amazon Prime is heaven.

  7. My mailman smokes in his mail truck. Its gross. But sometimes he does walk to our front door to hand me my mail. That is nice.

  8. I had never heard of Pomplamoose before this post and thanks so much because they're awesome!
    Being a music snob is a good thing. I'm so glad I have an awesome local community radio station.

  9. Yay for Christmas bonuses!!

    Ok, so Bradley Whitford was/is in Saving Mr Banks and it made me miss the West Wing so much. I need Josh Lyman in my life. And President Barlett. And CJ.

    Did you get your Downton on? Please tell me you did?! SO GOOD. And is Sherlock really that good? People keep telling me I'd like it but I keep putting it off for some reason.

  10. SHERLOCK OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH. So much I will never stop yelling about it. My Benedict lives on my desk. Expect a photo soon.

    Yay for being a music snob! But listen, I cannot get enough of the new Bruno Mars song and I keep telling everyone because I think it will help me deal with my shame better.

    Remember when a 50 year old woman was the only review of my oxfords? I LOVE THEM. And their cushy, orthopedic soles! Congrats on the bonus! That is amazing. We got one in 2006, I think? So long ago...I don't even remember...

  11. I will trade my snow for your 40 degree weather. We got 10 freaking inches over the weekend, and the high for the last 2 days hasn't gotten above 30. It's flipping ridiculous. Damn polar vortices.

    We have one (1!) radio station in CO I like, and it is the radio station my dad has listened to for 15 years. He obviously has much better music sense than I do, and I tell him that on the regular, like when I remember going to see Gov't Mule, DMB, and The String Cheese Incident, all because he wanted to go and bought me tickets.

    Holiday bonuses are the bomb. I used to get them, but now that I work in non-profit land, those are about as rare as four-headed giraffes.


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