how a snuggie fixed my wednesday/life

I had a nightmare Tuesday night. A NIGHTMARE. I dreamed that we got a foot of snow, so work was cancelled, but then the snow turned to rain and the rain melted exactly two inches of snow, so then work cancelled the cancelled day of work. I was so distraught that I woke up at 4:40 am to check the weather, and behold! We had gotten 7 inches of snow overnight and were under a level 2 snow emergency. Level 2s are pretty big deals. It means it's super dangerous out, all schools and some businesses are closed, and you should only drive if absolutely necessary.  It had been a level 2 all night, and I got so hyped up hoping it would turn to a level 3 (meaning it's illegal to drive) that I couldn't fall back to sleep.

So I essentially got up at 4:40 am after a solid week of bad sleep. It was awesome! The weather stayed at a level 2, and even though I could call off work no problem, I didn't because I would feel guilty all day and also because I am a SHINING EXAMPLE of a dedicated employee. So I hauled myself to the car and spent ten minutes trying to get my 4-wheel drive SUV out of the parking spot because there was so! much! darn! snow! And not only was there snow, but the FREEZING RAIN had started, so there was a nice sheet of ice on top of the snow. Why go the Russia for the Olympics when they can be held in my parking lot?

I decided to get gas on the way to work since I lacked the good sense to get it before the blizzard (I know, mom, I'm sorry), so I slid my way down the road and to the gas station. I tried to heave my car up the incline into the BP parking lot, but there was so much snow I started to get stuck, which was wonderful because the car behind me was sliding and spinning and sending warning honks to me. I pulled into the parking lot just in time to see the sign pinned to the pump that they are OUT OF GAS. Out of gas! It was at this point that I nearly cried and turned around to go home. But I didn't, because I had invested too much into the day already by creating an NSYNC playlist on my phone to get me through the day that should've been a snow day.

I finally got to work after finding a gas station WITH GAS and barely surviving a jaunt down an unplowed road, and I walked in to discover nearly everyone had called off. It's ok though, because I had my coffee and my NYSNC playlist and my sleep deprivation to keep me company. I spent the morning in a delirious state of slap happy giggles. I couldn't take anything seriously. The guy next to me said the name Seymour, and I was all "SEYMOUR BUTTS LOL!" I was a complete delight all morning. I got almost no work done but managed to drink all my coffee and several cups of tea while dancing in my swivel chair to 90s boy bands.

With the afternoon came the pain and agony of the 3:00 slump and the acute awareness that I COULD'VE been snoozing in my bed, in my pajamas instead of staring at my computer monitors with a pounding headache. There is no pain greater than knowing you sacrificed your bed in vain. No one was getting work done. No one was even at work. I was at work and I wasn't getting anything done and it was getting to that point in the day where exhaustion and late afternoon hunger were replacing rational thoughts with images of chocolate cake.

I finally packed up shop and went home, where I was greeted with a box from Erika featuring a SNUGGIE. I have been wanting a snuggie since before snuggies existed. And James ran errands just long enough for me to stage my own photo shoot.

Snuggie, we have known each other less than twenty-FERR hours, but you are already my greatest treasure. I would much preFERR to stay home with you than to go anywhere. You are my soulmate and what I have been waiting FERR my whole life. I will cherish you FERRever. I will never leave you. Not FERR pajama jeans or slap chops are any other inFERRmercial product. You're a warm hug when I'm feeling lonely, a blanket when I'm cold, and when I ball you up and pet you it feels like I'm holding my cat.

You and me till the end. <3



    New York State needs a level emergency system like that. Kelsey and I were just talking yesterday about why it's deemed unsafe for some people to drive, but not everyone, and how that's not fair. I could've taken a personal day, but I'd rather save them for when I can actually leave the house.

  2. TEAM SNUGGIE! It looks perfect on you!!! Be prepared to never wear anything else while you're lounging from this moment forward. SUCH AN EXCITING TIME FOR YOU!

    UGH. re: Alissa's comment above- we were JUST talking about that! Ohio has it all figured out!!! BRB, MOVING.

  3. oh dear the spelling. Nothing is worse then reading tweets of the reporters at the Olympics about yellow water and walking around and seeing uncovered man holes and their doorknobs falling off and no flushing the toilet... I feel sad for them and sadder for the people who have to live there. O.o

  4. I feel so honored to be a part of this. Ferr real.

  5. Kudos to your friend Erika who bought you that snuggie! She knows what's up!

    And girl, next time take ADVANTAGE of that Level 2 snow! I would, and I wouldn't feel any shame.

  6. snuggiesssss! also SEYMOUR BUTTS - i mean how could you not giggle! ?

  7. Now I feel bad because my Snuggie has been living in storage under my bed for I don't know how long. Seriously, we've been having snow left and right and single digit temps and I've been using plain blankets. SMH This situation must be rectified immediately!

  8. I hope you get a bonus JUST for showing up ferr work.

    And snuggles really are the best. We all try and pretend that we don't love but deep inside, we know we couldn't live without them haha

  9. hehe LOVE this post & your blog :) PS thought you might be interested in the $150 giveaway I'm hosting for PlushRugs.com!


  10. The snuggie photoshoot is everything that I love about you. #ferr


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