I love lists and I don't care who knows it

...I said to myself as I downed a slice of pizza

1. I saw this article the other day, and while I VEHEMENTLY DISAGREE with him that lists are ruining the world (I'm a millennial and lists are my blood type), I completely agree with the general premise that people have no attention spans, and that we need to read and write worthwhile things and not subsist entirely off Buzzfeed lists. But lately I've having writer's block and sometimes lists are all I can handle, and I'm fine with it.

2. Yesterday was terrible. It started the way all terrible Tuesdays start: I woke up. What I mean by that is the second I woke up I instantly felt off. I tried with all my might to change my attitude, but by 7 am I was having a full blown meltdown on the bathroom floor. I had another mini-meltdown at 11 am after work chaos hit a boiling point. I stress-ate Starbust, got some stuck in my teeth, and tasted Yellow #5 all day long. I broke the new printer at work. Well I didn't break it. It's not my fault. But it might've been because of me. My free burrito was terrible. The temperature plunged. My coworker's car reeked of dirty diapers and I am still gagging and will for eternity. I embarrassed myself multiple times. And so on and so forth. I'm done now; I just needed to tell someone about it.

3a. I have strongly disliked Mumford & Sons for years (in other controversial news, I am also not impressed with Jennifer Lawrence). I've wanted nothing to do with them since I first heard their music. I don't know why; their music just annoyed me, which is strange considering I've been on the Avett Brother's train since 2008. But then The Cave came on while I was driving to work the other day, and in a move of bravery, I didn't change it. And dang, that song is good. So today I gave them one more try, and I heard them with brand new ears. I am officially hooked. Those lyrics, man. DAT BANJO. It's healing. Yes I am centuries behind, but it usually takes me awhile to come around to these things. So I guess something good came out of Tuesday.

3b. Speaking of coming around to things. I have hated chambray denim shirts since they became a thing again. They're like reverse mom jeans. Plus, I wore one in my 6th grade school picture accessorized with butterfly clips in my hair and a gap the size of the grand canyon between my two front teeth. No, I won't be showing you this picture; I don't love anyone that much. It's locked in the humiliation vault for the foreseeable future. But I've felt my feelings slowly change toward mom jean shirts. I've been thinking it for awhile, and then Alissa admitted she changed her mind, so now I finally have the courage to say that I, Shell D. Bell, like mom jean shirts. In fact, I think I want one. Help.

4. There is a gaggle of men at work who have been comparing and contrasting minivans all week. There are brochures and charts and color swatches and everything. They are BEYOND excited to buy a minivan and are trying to get their wives on board. It might be the funniest thing I've ever witnessed. Never did I think I would see men excited over a minivan. I, however, will not ever be buying one. If I have that many kids, I'm buying a VW Bus.



  1. I've always been a fan of the denim shirts and dresses. And when I say always, yes, I mean from 90s childhood onwards. I don't think I've ever not owned one. But then again, I never claimed to be a very in-style person. They make me feel like a cowgirl, which, apparently, is reason enough to love them.

    I feel like i have less attention span when reading on the internet, but I still love reading long and deep and educational literature--I just prefer it in book, not internet form.

  2. Landon has vowed to never own a mini van. Sometimes I like to watch him freak out and tell him, "I want that one." When I see them on the road.

  3. BANJOS FOREVER. I always say, if a song has a banjo in it, I probably already love it. Good thing you started tolerating Mumford before your visit- because there is NO way Alissa would have let you stay at her house otherwise. I'm not kidding.

  4. MICHELLE! You didn't like Mumford and Sons? (red face emoji) (dead face emoji) (fist emoji) They are my boys! They are my #1. The lyrics are amazing - amazing, I tell ya!

    But, phew, phew, phew (angel emoji), I'm glad you turned things around and are giving them a second chance. *slowly hangs her Gentleman of the Road tour flag back up on the wall in her spare room* Kidding. It's not up there, but now I should probably be worried that you might try to steal it. Kidding!

    This comment is entirely too long, but I can't leave without saying that I plan on wearing one of my jean shirts to the concert next week! BUY ONE AND WE CAN BE HYPOCRITES TOGETHER!

  5. I love your lists! List on, sista!

    And I'm a fan of Mumford & Sons because I like all things Irish because of my heritage. Also, I love jean shirts for a nostalgic factor; I remember seeing my mom and sister and even being dressed in them myself as a kid...and I find them to be really comfortable, too!

  6. Boo to the mom jeans shirt. I just dont get it.

  7. Lists make me feel so productive! That foolio doesn't know what he's talking.
    You got a free burrito and it was bad?? That's just so unfortunate. Breakfast burritos are my absolute favorite. I could eat one every day, well almost.
    So glad you came around to Mumford & Sons. But Jennifer Lawrence??? I don't know how I'm going to cope with this. I might need some space.

  8. Well imagine that! I also cried at work yesterday, stress ate two Jolly Rancher chews (what ARE those, anyway?), a Ghiardelli chocolate square, and 2 Nutella cookies, and almost ran out of gas on the freeway. Tuesdays suck. Obviously.

  9. welcome on board the banjo express. also check out old navy they have mom denim for cheapish

  10. My mother in law gave me a jean shirt for Christmas. I thought i would hate it, but it's turned into my favorite "dressy casual" shirt. yes "dressy casual" is a thing. Also, lists are amazing.

  11. reverse mom jeans...EXACTLY! Don't sway towards the dark side. Don't do it!!

    And dat banjo...no joke. That is 80% of the reason I love Mumford and Sons. Dat banjo.

  12. I said I'd never buy a minivan, but man... having a kid changes a person. I'd so buy one now.

    And Mumford & Sons is soothing. I also love Avett Bros.

  13. I am not of the Mumford and Sons train. I agree with you on Avett Brothers. In fact, the Cave came on my I Heart Radio yesterday, and got a big old thumbs down. I just can't. Ammon played their music on repeat non-stop for 2-3 months one time, and that was the end of it for me.

    And chambray...it's just a no for me. A big, fat no. However, I do feel that if you must wear chambray, it must be worn with a maxi skirt. I don't know why.

  14. Oh no!!! Don't go down the dark path of the chambray mom-jeans shirt!!

    Oh, Mumfords. I love them so much. Mostly because of the Banjo. If there was no banjo, they would instantly be 90% less awesome.

  15. "My free burrito was terrible." - Shelldbell quote of the year, 2014.

    HELLO MUMFORD. Finally. Finally you have seen the light.

    I have a denim shirt that I have worn once in the past 3 years of ownership. Because I refuse to iron it. Or iron anything for that matter.

    My ex drove a minivan for a while OMG PTSD GOTTA GO BYE.

  16. Mumford? Eeeehhh. I'm not there yet. Of Monsters and Men - that's where my first love still is. Chambray? Really? Michelle? No. No, no no. I refuse to believe it, until I see it. Mom shirt all the way.

  17. Mumford and Sons makes me cry. Like, big ol' embarassing sobs, while I listen to them. So I can't listen to them while driving. They just fill my entire body with their music and then my body can't handle all that soul and emotion and it all comes out my eyes.

    Seriously. I may be in love with Mumford and his sons.....


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