love/do not love, vol. 4


Zooey's hair in New Girl. It's changing my life and making me want to grow my hair out again so I can curl it like hers. Even though I'm a wreck with a curling iron and my hair is fundamentally incapable of looking that good.

Thunderstorms. We had a wicked awesome storm yesterday morning, and it gave me hope that I will, in fact, survive the summer. Storms make it worth it.

The BBC. I find it somewhat absurd that the US, my country that I love and adore, fought for freedom from the British, yet here we are centuries later drooling over their accents and architecture and PBS programming.

Dine-in movie theaters. I'm afraid I can never go to a normal movie theater again. We went to a dine-in theater to see Anchorman 2 several months ago, and last weekend we somehow accidentally reserved seats at another dine-in instead of the standard theater. And!!! This theater had RECLINERS. And delicious potato skins. I cannot unknow that.

Do not love:

PMS-induced appetites. I had raging hunger yesterday like a 16 year old boy with the munchies. No matter how much I ate, I only got hungrier. I even ate my coworker's lunch after eating mine. Still hungry.

Spotify. It confuses me. Plus, I spent a year and a half at my old job perfecting my pandora stations, and by golly, I  didn't do it in vain. I'll be like the girl who was still using MySpace after 2007.

Online bathing suit shopping. Bathing suit shopping in general. Also, bathing suits.

Tornado warnings. Especially when they happen in February. At night. And you wake up to find severe weather alerts all over your phone of tornado warnings that happened all night long. Rude.

Posts written in all italics. It makes me feel like I'm being whispered to, and for some reason it gives me the vibe that the writer is extremely emotional. And it's a little awkward.


  1. I am so deprived living in the middle of nowhere. My sister and brother-in-law just moved to Columbus and I've been dying to go to the dine-in theater at Easton! I'm glad to hear it's a fun experience! Are there any other dine-in theaters in the Columbus area?

  2. Dine-in movie theaters? WHAT? The new ones around here serve alcohol, and shockingly, I've yet to go. But potato skins? Recliners? Add that to the list of reasons why I need to move to Ohio.

    I have a picture of Emma Stone for hair inspiration, but I'm the same way with a curling iron - useless!


  3. ZOOEY'S HAIR = <3 you know she is my bangs-piration for life. All I want in life is to be able to pull of glasses and bangs like she does so flawlessly.

    I'm going to one-up you here and tell you we had a THUNDER-SNOW for a hot minute last night. It was snowing, sleeting, and also lightning pretty much all at once. I was all like, "THE END IS NEAR"... but then I fell asleep, so.

    I can't even talk about PMS appetites. I have eaten like a SAVAGE this week. I also don't care. BRING ON THE PIZZA.

  4. I've never been to a dine-in theater...actually I don't even think I've heard of them but they sound interesting.

    Bathing suits, however, are not worthy of love.

  5. I have intense Zooey envy. If only I could look that cute when I wear my glasses. I have avoided Spotify like the plague! Please don;t make me figure a new thing out. Blog posts in italics annoy the crap out of me. your entire post does not need emphasis.

  6. I just love Zoey oh so much. I wish we were friends in real life so we can sing sentences to each other, because I definitely do that.
    Unfortunately, I have yet to go to a dine-in theater. They're SO expensive here...it's ridiculous. But recliner chairs AND potato skins might make it worth it.

    Spotify needs to stop. Pandora is just fine :)

  7. I've never used spotify, I use pandora (and my husband and I have an ad-free account. best 3.99 a month I've ever spent)

  8. I just got big glasses like Zoey and so I have been loving rocking her look, but I'm also thinking about chopping all my hair into a pixie cut...hesitant though, bc I like when Chad sings the New Girl song when I walk in. ha ha!

    And what you said about Britain-totally ironic! But yes!

  9. Italics, England, bathing suits...yep, yep, and yep (actually, yep, yep, and ewwwwwwww).

    And the thunderstorms. I'm glad you brought this up, because it does help me not cringe at the thought of summer quite so much.

  10. I love that you used the word "wicked" in this context. No one here understands what I mean when I say it so I seldom do anymore. Northern girls unite.

  11. I had all the PMS hunger today. That shit is real, and it sucks. I was eating raw baby carrots like they were chips, I was so hungry.

    And also, tornado sirens in the midwest: they are the worst, because they always go off at like, 2am. And really, nobody looks good the next day after that nonsense.

  12. Dine in movie theatres are where it's at. I have to say, though, give Spotify a chance. It revolutionized my musical enjoyment. You can choose specific albums and songs, I always got so frustrated at Pandora when I would use up my skips or if I wanted to listen to a whole album. Spotify is amazing, and I promise you can learn to navigate it in a hot second. I will say, though, the free app for smartphones is kind of lame.

  13. I miss midwest thunderstorms so much! we have them here in El Paso in July (I think?) but they're so lame compared to a good midwest thunderstorm.

    Also. Swimsuits = EWWWW. Just, no.

  14. Try RDIO. Its for the hipper kids, like you.

    I am going to need honeymoon swimsuits and I don't even think they make a size for DAT ASS. UGH.

  15. my pms cravings made me buy the girl scout cookies. they made me!

  16. Pandora is where it's AT, baby! Spotify is for the young whipper-snappers. I DO NOT understand. More importantly, I don't WANT to understand. I finally understand my mother's resentment for learning how to text message.


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