At the risk of turning my blog into small talk, which happens to be the bane of my existence, I need to mention something. The weather. I haven't had much to say this week, but I had to pop in to mention that it has been above 40 degrees the past two days. AND IT HAS BEEN AMAZING.

I know that last month I wrote this high and mighty post about how winter is THE BEST EVER, and while I still feel that way, I started to fall into a weather-induced funk. I was cranky and grouchy and just didn't feel like myself, until lo and behold, the sun came out and the temperature rose. And God said it was good.

I left work early yesterday to go the dentist, which happens to be in my hometown an hour away, and I didn't even mind it. Because it was warm. AND SUNNY. And even though I tend to glare at direct sunlight, I didn't mind it. It warmed my frozen, frostbitten soul. I put on my sunglasses, cranked up some sweet jamz, and turned off the seat warmers. I HAVE BEEN HEALED.

I walked to the gym this morning and didn't even need to put my sweatpants over my running shorts. I left work during my lunch break today and didn't have to wear my winter coat. I TURNED ON THE AC IN MY CAR. I left my cozy scarf in the coat closet. I currently do not have to make a choice between fuzzy socks and frostbite. While getting ready this morning, I actually caught myself thinking that I should grab a book and lay out by the pool after work. That is how warm 45 degrees feels to me right now. And tomorrow? Tomorrow there will be THUNDERSTORMS HALLELUJAH.

I will ignore the fact that the temperatures are dropping again. Spring is like a bag of chips; once you get a taste, you just can't quit. Spring is officially coming, which means it's basically summer, and then it will be FALL.



  1. It is crazy how warm a still cold temp feels after you have been dealing with frostbite

  2. I seriously feel alive again after the weather yesterday. Ha! I can't wait for it to rain today and melt some of this snow!

  3. MICHELLE. This morning when I walked out to my car I was like...SPRING? IS THAT YOU? I didn't even need to war my scarf OR GLOVES. And I got in my car to see the temperature and it was ABOVE FREEZING. I was like ~~GOD BLESS US EVERYONE~~


    1. WEAR**** apparently I have seasonal typo disorder. That or I caught it from Alissa.

  4. I remember when you wrote that post about loving winter, and I was all, "I THOUGHT I KNEW HER." But phew, looks like you're back to normal. It's supposed to be 45 here on Saturday, so brb, going to find my shorts.

    JK. My legs are too white for shorts. Way too white.

    Hopefully this nice weather sticks around for your DRIVE TO NY IN TWO WEEKS.

  5. it was 60 degrees here last weekend.

    and though everyone here is stoked about it I, however, need to stick to my guns with your winter post. I'm not ready for Spring. Which I think is a first. Ever.

  6. Yesterday it was in the upper 50's. It was glorious, and I ran outside, and all was right in my world. Today the high is 35 and my soul feels dead. I need spring, and flowers, and nice weather, dang it!

  7. Yes! I wore my coat unzipped with no scarf yesterday and it was some fanciness. I rolled down the window for a couple minutes because I got so hot, and had flashbacks to the time when going outside wasn't instant death by frostbite.


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