wednesday thoughts

I reached over to put a playlist on shuffle and accidentally took this picture instead. 

Yesterday was my one year at my job. I can't believe it's been a year since PFF. However, there is a a new girl that started a few months ago, and she reminds me so much of PFF. She has the equivalent of the job PFF had, wears similar clothes, has the same hair color/style, and has a similar personality. I don't work with her or anything, but I see her around and giggle to myself. It's a constant reminder of how far I've come.

One year was a huge milestone for me. When I hit my one year at my last job, I cried. I was miserable and at my breaking point with my job and life in general. I hated my job, my boss made it clear she wanted to fire me, and my one friend in the office had quit. But now I'm doing work I enjoy, I'm being trusted with super difficult cases, and the people I work with are so much better. They're smart and funny and we banter back and forth all day long. We swap snacks and coffee and books, and even though I will never love working in an office, it's the exact office environment and situation I need right now.


I've decided that I'm completely unimpressed with Beyonce. I'm just not picking up what she's throwing down, ya know? I never really have been in love with her. I mean yeah, she makes a great name for a giant metal chicken, but her music doesn't make me want to drop it like it's hot. EXCEPT, Crazy In Love, Single Ladies, and anything and everything she did with Destiny's Child. So retro Beyonce, I guess. I listened to a tiny bit of her new album and felt repulsed. No thanks, Bey, but call me when you're wearing camo again and singing Survivor.

Since we're talking about celebrities, I would like to say that my love for the Olsen twins and pre-crazy Amanda Bynes is unwavering. UNWAVERING.


I've seen a lot of posts about everyone's extremely successful Januaries. You know what? I can't relate. I remember almost nothing about January; it was completely blah and everything mashed together. I even looked through my phone pictures for reminders, but every single picture (no really, every single picture) was of the snow or my cat. That's my life, folks.

February doesn't seem much more exciting. So far I spent a whole day in bed reading, I've gone to work, and then I've laid on the couch eating a grilled cheese and watching Seinfeld. December's 2014 recap is just writing itself, isn't it? I really do want a social life, but I also really don't want to get out of my pajamas.


So I got on Facebook the other night to grab a few pictures, and I forgot to deactivate it. I had a moment of thinking I'd just leave it for awhile, but these horrendous Facebook movies (??!!?!?) were popping up all over my news feed. WHY? Why is this happening? It's worse than those stupid Instagram movies that threw up all over my feed on New Years.

I feel like Facebook has become the sweatpants of the internet. People are forced to be concise on Twitter, people try to start their photography businesses on Instagram, and Pinterest is where everyone thinks they're an interior designer/Paleo chef/baby stylist/multi-million dollar wedding planner. They bring out everyone's inner perfectionist. But Facebook? That's where it all hangs out. People can rant about anything they want for as long as they want, sell the crap they no longer want, post close-up pictures of their kid's bloody lip (I just defriended someone for that), post videos that went viral 3 years ago, virtually smother their significant other, post their schedule for the day (WHY), and visually assault me with stupid links and games and apps and other things that make me want to bang my head on a wall.

I tried you guys, I tried. But Facebook is what happens when you've been dating someone for 3 years and lose all sense of boundaries. Except I'm not dating these people; I can barely tolerate them.

*mic drop*


  1. It's so good that you can look at one year at your current job and be happy about it as opposed to one year at the other job and being frustrated!!

  2. Your February sounds pretty awesome so far! Reading and Seinfeld? My favorite things.

  3. ONE YEAR ALREADY!? I can't believe it!!! I remember you sending us all a picture of your old job's door as you walked out of it.. look at you now!!! My one year was about three weeks ago-- LIFE TWINS FOREVER. Now we just need to work together, and everything else would be perfect.

    BEYONCE. I like her. I don't put her on a pedestal and ~~worship~~ her like a lot of people do (which is fine) but I have to admit- Love on Top is MY JAM.

    I wish you would stay on Facebook!!! Whenever you activate I always have to stalk at rapid speed because I don't know how long you'll be around for. I did a LOT of good work on Monday night- evidenced by the screenshots of old Michelle that I was sending you. STALKING IS MY SPECIALTY.

  4. Like Kelsey, I do love "Love on Top" but other than that, I don't really like Beyonce. Her old stuff? Golden. Her new stuff? Meh. Her personality? Terrible. Her HBO documentary was the worst - THE WORST - thing I have ever seen. It's too bad, because I really do like Jay Z.

    lolz re: Facebook. I hear you. Those movies are all I have on my feed right now.

    Happy 1 year!! I'm getting the itch to look for new jobs. I knew this wasn't a forever job for me, and I figured it's about time to start looking for one. Is your office hiring??? Oh, I wish.

  5. I'm a sentimental fool so I've enjoyed some of my close friends' Facebook movies. I haven't done one but it makes me smile to see the ones I have. I do agree though that Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are much more interesting forms of social media.

    And there's nothing wrong with reading and sitting on the couch eating grilled cheese! I can't say as much for watching Seinfeld though...........................

  6. yuck. facebook has videos in the feeds now?

    i know one day i need to reactivate my account to save all my pictures, but i think i'll make my husband do it.

  7. I could not agree more with your assessment of Facebook. So glad I left that teenage wasteland behind.

    Destiny's Child 4 EVA.

  8. I'm so happy that you've found a job that you really enjoy. I can't tell you how envious I am of that!

    Beyonce and Jay-Z have been getting on my nerves since they got married. To be honest, I sorta lost respect for her when she married him...not his biggest fan, as you can tell. I'm ALLL about pre-JayZ Beyonce though! "ALL THE WOMEN, WHO ARE INDEPENDENT, THROW YO HANDS UP AT MEEE". <-- theme song right there.

  9. I can totally relate. January was just not a happening month for me. This conversion happen in real life:
    Me: "Mary invited me to go have drinks with her to celebrate her new job"
    Dean: "Oh, that sounds like fun! What time are you leaving?"
    Me: "Never. I would have to put a bra on and that sucks the fun out of everything"
    Dean: "so you are not going out because you don't want to wear undergarments?"
    Me: "You know me so well."

  10. my love for those twins will never die either, unless one of them happens to die of an eating disorder, i feel like that will be a sad, sad day. also i think the whole eating grilled cheese and watching Seinfeld sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening. no need to go and save the world when it's freezing outside.

  11. so my schedule for today
    1) sleep in because WHY NOT
    2) bible study with a bunch of ladies that have 2.5 kids each. but I still love them
    3) I bought pants. Why? I don't know.
    4) COFFEE, er, well, I got a spinach shake #diet
    5) I decided to get my hair cut on a whim. Now I hate myself
    6) Well, the morning was terrible. I'm in bed with netflix. Maybe I'll start exercising tomorrow.
    and, later I'm sure I will hit this:
    8) When is my husband going to come home? seriously its 8pm and he isn't home yet
    9) maybe I need a job. wait I hate working for people other then myself. HELP

  12. Facebook has become the sweatpants of the internet. So true. You picked an especially bad day to return, though. I watched my video, shrugged, and didn't post it. Why would anyone besides me have ANY desire to watch that? Apparently, no one else felt the same way because OMG VIDEOS FOREVER.

    I have a lifelong obsession with the Olsen Twins. Their birthday is the day after mine, which for some reason makes me feel really close to them. I used to have dreams as a child that they were my stepsisters. I make most of my fashion choices based on them. I should probably stop admitting these things now.

  13. HEY (yes, I'm shouting at you), I AM a Paleo chef, so shut your yap!! ;) (mostly joking.)

  14. So glad you enjoy your job and have good working relationships. That really makes all the difference!! I get lonely at my job because I'm the only woman in my department! =\

    I like retro Bey only, too. Right there with you girl! Also- my FB is about as private/small as you can get. I only have ACTUAL family members and friends I want to talk to. I can't handle all the other shenanigans!

  15. I've somehow managed to avoid the Facebook movies but that's probably because when I am on there, it's only to check my grad school cohort's page and that's that. One of the best things I ever did was delete the Facebook app on my phone - never looking back.

    Destiny's Child Beyonce really is the best version of Beyonce there is.

    Successful January? I'm still trying to figure out how the hell it's February already. Oh wait, I watched all of Sherlock in January so I guess I did have a successful January though my email and to-do list might say otherwise haha Cumberbitchin' 4 lyfe.

  16. How has it been a year since you busted loose from hell? That doesn't seem possible... it's been a really fast year. I do miss PFF stories, but not that you had to deal with her on the regular.

    Also, it is snowing here, and that makes me think of you.

  17. I can't help but like beyonce. MY MIDDLE NAME IS HER NAME, SEXY BELLAMY.

    I love that picture of you. And I love that you love your job now, especially since you have an office boyfriend now!


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