are you a fanilow of barry manilow?

It slipped at work this week that I used to be in show choir. This confession was met with OUTRAGEOUS laughing by two of my friends at work. I was quite taken aback and maybe even mildly offended. I mean, is it so hard to believe I was once able to sing and dance? In their exact words, "it's hard to believe you have any grace since you trip over your own two feet multiple times a day." And yeah, earlier that morning I had fallen up the stairs. And a few weeks ago I walked into a door and spilled hot water all over myself.

But I still don't see their point.

Though while in show choir, I did accidentally flash my undies to some elderly women in the audience since I had forgotten to wear my lollies. And during the show the above picture is from, I hit my dance partner in the nose. With my head.

Ok maybe I'm starting to understand their laughter now.

We closed the show my senior year with New York City Rhythm by Barry Manilow. It was during this song, in fact, that I hit my friend in the nose and we laughed so hard we missed the next few moves, but I DIGRESS.

I've always secretly loved that song. Maybe I listened to it four times in a row the other night. It has always made me think that that New York town sounds like a swell place to visit. But I wouldn't know because even though I live a day's drive away, I've never been. Ever! But I'm on my way there as you read this. On a TEN HOUR SOLO ROAD TRIP  (hold me) as we speak. Hugging a jumbo bag of skittles and yes, probably blasting Barry Manilow. And maybe some Backstreet Boys, and some Mumford, and some wait S Club 7 what are you doing here oops guess I'll have to crank it up! I finally get to meet all of Alissa's cats, and then we're going to NYC on Friday (cats not invited) where I fully intend to dance down the street to the New York City rhythm. You know, the pounding beat of the city streets that keep my dreams alive. Whatever.

But really, about these days of driving all by myself. Pray for my sanity. And Alissa's and Kelsey's once I roll up in their crib tonight slap happy and exhausted. And then again at the Avett Brother's concert where my screaming and/or sobbing will unintentionally drown out the music in everyone's cell phone videos.

Oh and for the record, that's is the only Barry Manilow song I own. But maybe I'll finally figure out what this empire state of mind thing is Jay-Z and Alicia Keys keep going on and on about.


  1. MICHELLE. You are such a FANI-LOW. I had a friend in college whose mom and her gal pals used to travel ALL OVER to see Barry and they called themselves "Fanilows". I can't even deal. I'll get you their contact info so you can join their posse.

    IN OTHER NEWS- FREAKING OUT ABOUT you being here when I am done with work today! THE DAY IS GOING TO DRAG, I JUST KNOW IT. UGH, so excited! DRIVE SAFE! Snap me every 100 miles!!!!

  2. Ohmygosh, Nico didn't know he wasn't invite to the city, and now he's drowning is sorrows in a bag of meow mix. LOOK WHAT YA DID, YA LITTLE JERK.

    jk jk. maybe. jk.

    Listen. I know it's going to be a long car ride, so if you want to roll up to my house and hit Kelsey in the head with your nose, I won't stop you. In fact, I'll join you.



    I was in show choir too. 7th-11th grade girlfriend!!

  4. Oh Show Choir... I personally wasn't in it, but all my good friends were so I was an honorary show choir member/groupie. Oh the good times had.

  5. 10 hour drive by yourself?? Girl, that's ambitious. On the 2.5 hour drive to visit my grandparents by myself I often start talking to myself out of boredom...slight loopiness going on. I read your most recent post too, which shows that New York was everything you dreamed it would be. awesome!
    Angel's a Barry Manilow fan, which I find somewhat strange. He even went to a concert of his, like a lifetime ago.


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