1. I am obsessed with this missing plane. Obsessed. And very concerned. Much of my birthday celebration was spent discussing it. I was like, yeah, these fish tacos are great and all, BUT WHERE DID THE PLANE GO LETS TALK ABOUT IT. I'm still somewhat convinced this is real life Lost, and they're all stuck on an island in a different realm.

2. Jen Lancaster writes some funny books, but the audio books are absolutely obnoxious. It's one thing to read her snarky retorts, but for some reason, listening to them makes me want to pull her hair. It could be that I just don't like the voice of the person on the audio book. And why don't all authors read their own books? I would like that a lot more. Audio book readers have notoriously annoying voice. And by notoriously, I mean the two audio books I've listened to have been annoying.

Speaking of audio books, I have a very important question. I keep track of all the books I read on Goodreads, but does listening to an audio book count as reading it? Can I add it to my list of books I've read this year? It feels like cheating. I can't decide. Halp. 

3. I have this weird thing about never thinking I can pull off an outfit or a certain article of clothing. Whenever I wear anything slightly daring (and by daring I mean completely mild), I feel like everyone around me is thinking "look how hard she's trying, bless her heart." I wish I could be more like Rachel and proudly wear whatever I want without feeling like it puts a neon sign on my back, but I'm working on it. I think it's my shyness and aversion to bringing attention to myself. I do, however, tend to get brave on my birthday, and last year I wore bright purple tights under my lace dress, and I loved it. And this year I wore white oxfords. So scary, right? I know. They've been sitting in my closet waiting for the snow to melt, but then it warmed up and I was actually able to wear them, and I freaked out about it. But I did it anyway. So my feat of bravery was wearing my white oxfords to dinner, and it was awesome. I really need to stop being scared of my clothes. If wearing new shoes is my big act of bravery, maybe don't send me to war.

so brave 

4. Flula is my favorite person to follow on instagram. It's not because he takes pretty pictures or because his pictures inspire me on some spiritual level. It's because of his hashtags. And as we all know, I am mostly anti-hashtag. He's a Youtuber and talks about his thoughts on weird American idioms. (I recommend this video [a bit salty, but his logic cracks me up].) He's German with a very thick accent and a somewhat shaky grasp of the English language, which makes everything he says, no matter what it is, hysterical.

5. Offering by the Avett Brothers has been on repeat for days. I've always loved that song, but I've been loving it even more lately. Listen to those lyrics. They're so sweet.

6. We slept with the windows open last night, and it was amazing. I love when it gets warmer during the day and cool at night. It's still not super warm, but 50 still feels balmy after Polar Vortex round 756. 



    (They're probably fighting some smoke monster as we speak)

  2. 1. I can't stop thinking about the plane, either. My coworkers are always like "enough, Kelsey! let's talk about something else!" but I CAN'T. It's unbelievable to me. The entire thing.
    2. The only audiobook I've listened to and loved was Bossypants, because TINA FEY, obviously! But I also listened to "Lean In" and I don't know if it was the author reading it or not, but either way, I struggled to stay awake. I leaned in-- to my pillow. LOL. But definitely count them on your Goodreads!! I would!!
    3. THOSE OXFORDS! I love that whole outfit!!! And I feel you re: new accessories/clothes- I bought a leather jacker 5 months ago and have worn it once because I don't know how to wear it, what to wear it with, whether everyone will think I am trying too hard. Who knows if I will ever wear it again.
    4. FLULAAAA <3 don't even GET ME STARTED! I am so proud of your snapchat watching his videos with Hannah Hart- THOSE ARE THE BEST ONES. He is the most adorable.
    5. OFFERING!!! Give me a second and let me dry my tears. That video is MY MOST FAVORITE VERSION. If/when I get married, that song is going to be worked into my ceremony. Mark my words!!!

    And so ends the longest comment in the history of America.

  3. I love those shoes - and you're rocking them so well! Don't be afraid to wear anything! Honestly, this is coming from me - the girl who wears green pants now. Kelsey and I have already discussed our ~~concert outfits~~ for August, so we'll all have to plan a little something out of our comfort zone.

    But really, the plane. I just...I wake up every morning expecting them to have found it. NOPE.

    I HAD OFFERING ON REPEAT YESTERDAY! It's hitting home with me recently!

    Flula <3<3<3

  4. OH man, you wanna talk missing plane? Come to my office! In a room of engineers/know it alls, everyone has an opinion and all these scientific facts to back it up. I keep chiming in that the show Lost is now real and somewhere a polar bear is on an island with all these missing people, but they're old and don't watch TV so they don't get it.

    And definitely count your audio books on goodreads! Most people don't spend time listening to audio books, so I think it counts.

  5. The plane situation is just mind-boggling. It's driving me crazy, I can't imagine how the families of those on board feel!!!

    Also, I wish authors read their own books too-- I'm not a huge fan of audio books because I seem to pick out the ones with THE most annoying voices hah!

  6. Replies
    1. brb with real comment. I just got hung up on that immediately.

    2. 1. That plane is breaking my heart. I hope it's like Lost and they're all still sort of alive.
      2. Listening to an audio book TOTALLY counts.
      3. Those white Oxfords are amazing. You're amazing.
      4. I'm consider bigamy if it meant I could have Flula as my second husband. DON'T TELL LANDON.
      5. LOVE that song.
      6. I'm still not to "sleeping with windows open" status. maybe it's because we sleep in the basement and it's already 50 degrees down there...

  7. your outfit is so brave and you look super cute!!!! also i think you can add your audio books to the list at the end of the day you're still taking the time to commit to the book! and lastly, HOW DOES IT JUST DISAPPEAR? !

  8. Listening to books definitely counts! At least I count it.

    There's been an increase in OOTD selfies around here. Dare I say it...are you turning into a #fashionblogger? #ootd #oxfords #brave #birthday (I CANNOT stand it when people hashtag everything in a picture. I like a witty hashtag, not the fact that you point out you're eating your soup with a #spoon.)

  9. His name is Flula? He can't be real. Those hashtags though? HILARIOUS! Thank you for providing my new entertainment of choice.
    LOVE that outfit on you, especially that top. You CAN pull off those white oxfords too.

  10. Listening totally counts! When you read to little kids, haven't they still 'read' the book? There's more to reading than just words on a page, it's connecting to the story! :)

  11. Hi, I'm a new follower of your blog...love it!

    I have been super into the plane missing also, so crazy!!

    LOVE the Oxfords!

    I have a Goodreads account and I would put the audiobook on my list of one's I have read? I think its super ok!

    Hope you have a great evening!

  12. Lost?!!! why did i not think of that possibility??

    and also, your bday outfit is adorbs. looks fabulous on you!

  13. This is the best explanation for the plane that I've seen: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2014/03/19/The-startlingly-simple-theory-behind-missing-Malaysia-Airlines-flight-370/8341395247251/

  14. We opened the windows last week, and it was GLORIOUS. I don't care if it's only 40 degrees, my soul needs fresh air while I sleep. Also, audiobooks count. They have to, I mean, it's still a book... and you still took the words into your brain and processed them...

  15. Those shoes are wonderful and you TOTES pull them off! I am also trying new things and feel like a total tool at all times. If only we had more PASSION FOR FASHION.

    Tell me everything you know about the plane...

  16. There are just too many comments here. First of all, that missing plane is the scariest thing that has ever happened. I love those Oxfords. After your recent post about not finding jeans that fit, you should buy 9000 pairs of the jeans you're wearing in that picture. Where did Flula come from?? How have I survived this long without him?? Audiobooks totally count -- You don't expect me to listen to 23 hours of Nelson Mandela's life story without documenting that shit on Goodreads, do you?

  17. That instagram is hilarious!

    And seriously. THE PLANE. I know they just said they're almost sure it went down but the question remains WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEND?!


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