the sunday currently, vol. 4

READING: well, I'm still buried under several different books at the moment, but I'm focusing mainly on Quiet. Aside from a few things I don't agree with, it's amazing and maybe just a little life-changing.
WRITING: lots of genius blog posts in my head while driving to work, and then I completely forget about them when I get home and can actually write them out.
LISTENING: to Something's Gotta Give. I want to be Diane Keaton in this movie (and in general) when I grow up: a writer who lives in a fabulous beach house and who orders cake in French at the neighborhood bakery. The soundtrack to this movie is also the best soundtrack of all time.
THINKING: that the grocery store should NOT be allowed to just rearrange the entire store without warning us and handing out maps and/or a GPS. Grocery shopping took twice as long as it should've, and I definitely did not have a meltdown on twitter about it or anything like that. Last night, the terrorists won.
SMELLING: your mom.
WISHING: for warmer weather and flower baskets on the balcony. 
HOPING: I can find some new clothes today. I think I might try shopping again. At different place than last weekend's neon disaster. Wish me luck and send caramel macchiatos. 
WEARING: Christmas pajamas because I live in the past and because it's frigid outside and it's late March. 
LOVING: my new swimsuit from Modcloth.  I'm no prude and I have nothing against bikinis, but I just feel so much more comfortable in a one-piece, plus it's one less part of my body that will be inflicted with a raging sunburn at the mention of summer. I usually spend weeks agonizing over ordering swimsuits (or any clothes for that matter), but there were only a couple left in my size, so I took a deep breath and ordered it while standing in the Target check out line. I was on pins and needles all week about it. Will it fit? Will I be over to pull it over the junk in my trunk? Will it send me into a spiral of depression about my body that will end in me binge eating junk food? Will this be the answer to all my problems? This could go so many ways. I saw the box sitting on the porch yesterday afternoon, ripped into as fast as I could, and tried it on. And it fits. And it has stripes. I can now go to the OBX and strut my stuff in style. Not really. But I'll feel a little more awesome at least. 
WANTING: so much more artwork for our apartment. I have lists on lists of Etsy and Society6 stuffs that I want to get. 
NEEDING: for the internet to never go down again, a map of Kroger, a personal chef, etc. 
FEELING: like an internet hypochondriac. Allow me to elaborate. Our modem died last night right as we were about to watch some Netflix,  and I mildly freaked out about it. I'm all about not being on the internet, but I need to know that it's there when I want it, you know? Just like I don't want to be glued to my phone, but if I don't have it with me, I feel naked and discombobulated. James bought a new modem last night, and when I called Time Warner to activate it, we still weren't getting internet. TURNS OUT there was an outage in our area the whole time. But the modem still died (we think, plus it was old and terrible regardless), and since the internet came back, I've been terrified it will all stop working. When the modem first died I googled to figure out the problem and read horror story after horror story of routers and modems and internet techs not being able to fix our same issue. Tech forums became my WebMD. I sat by the modem for a long time watching the lights. Are they flashing? Is that supposed to flash? Why is that one solid? What does it mean if that light shuts off? Is it supposed to do that? Where's my phone, I need to Google. Can it be fixed? Do we need a new router, too? Wait why is Netflix still buffering, DID THIS MODEM DIE TOO? Are the lights flashing? Who should I call?!?! I CANNOT LIVE WITH THIS KIND OF UNCERTAINTY. 

I was an absolute peach last night. 

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  1. I totally agree about needing the internet and my phone. I'm not on it all the time, quite rarely actually, but if it's not working or I can't find it, anxiety runs rampant.

    Glad everything is up an working for you again. That suit is adorable! Have a great Sunday

  2. I TOTALLY agree with the internet hypochondriac fiasco! If I don't have my phone with me, I dont like it!!

    I also need a personal chef ;)

    I love your blog!!



  3. Yes to warmer weather. Yes to a personal chef (I'm working on that). Yes to new clothes!

    I feel the same way re: Internet. Sometimes, I want to unplug, but I don't want that to be because my Internet is down and I can't scroll Pinterest on my iPad.

  4. I was LOVING your panic-driven live tweeting on Saturday. About a year ago, they overhauled the entire Price Chopper near my house, and it took me, NO JOKE, fifteen minutes to find the orange juice concentrate. I don't even remember what I needed it for, but clearly it was important enough that I spend 15 minutes looking for it. I was scarred for life. They should have provided you with a map when you came in!!

    My Etsy shopping cart grows and grows every day. This is currently atop my wishlist. YOU'LL UNDERSTAND WHY. https://www.etsy.com/listing/154032387/avett-brothers-hand-painted-wine-glasses?ref=sr_gallery_24&ga_search_query=the+avett+brothers&ga_ship_to=US&ga_page=4&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery

  5. yes to this song. yes to a new bathing suit. yes to smelling my mom. she does smell really good.

  6. I feel naked without my phone, many times I've done an "around the block" thing to go back to the house and grab my phone.

    Also, I love that swim suit and I might have to steal it form you. Or order one for myself.

  7. I love that suit! Now I might get it lol

  8. haha, I HATE it when grocery stores rearrange. it completely throws me off, and like you said, it takes ridiculously long to get a shopping trip done. here's hoping you get used to the new layout soon.


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