things you wouldn't know about me unless we've hung out

stolen from Alissa

1. I take water EVERYWHERE with me. Ev-er-y-where. Not drinking enough water seems like a problem for most people, but I've never had that issue. I drink more than enough every day. I could easily live on water and coffee and never drink anything else. The only problem is that half my day is spent in the bathroom.

2. I start every single day with my hair down - usually straightened, but curly in the summer - but by 3:00 it's in a messy bun. Every day, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. Those are the only two hairstyles I know and care about.

3. 73% of my life is spent readjusting my bra straps.

4. If I'm wearing a hoodie, there's a 99% chance the hood is up and I'm hiding in it.

5. I dance. At all times. Even if I'm in public and people are looking, I'll boogie down a little right where I'm standing if there's a good song playing or a tune in my head. You should see my moves in the kitchen.
this is actually me
6. I use the front facing camera on my phone as a mirror all the time. I'm not constantly taking pictures of myself, I promise. I'm just getting blueberries out of my teeth and reprimanding my bangs.

7. I subconsciouly make dramatic facial expressions about every thought I'm having. I usually don't realize I'm side-eying someone or glaring or grinning until someone points it out. It's gotten me into many a pickle. On a related note, I can't cover my emotions at all.

8. I daydream all the time. It's not that I don't want to listen to you, honest! I'm just momentarily stuck in a world full of sweatpants and pizza.

9. I don't always listen to music when I drive. In fact, if you're in the car with me, I can almost guarantee no music will be playing. I'd rather talk to you, since you're probably a big deal if you're in my car. But if I am listening to music, I'll only listen to my favorite songs on repeat. I can never listen to a full album when I know a song I love is lurking around the corner. This usually leads to me hearing one of those songs 5 years later, falling in love, and wondering why I never gave it the time of day. And then it goes into my favorite song rotation while I ignore everything else.

What don't I know about you? Let's all hang out and be weird around each other.


  1. Number 6 and 8 are so me, too. I compare myself to JD from Scrubs with all the daydreaming I do

  2. I'm drinking water right now and nodding my head in agreement with #1.

    UM, love the percentage of time you spend adjusting your bra straps. Love it.

    It's hard not to daydream about pizza, ya kno? IT REALLY IS.

    I love that I know these things about you CAUSE WE'VE HUNG OUT. sigh. Come over this weekend for a food and hang sesh? Great. See ya then.

    1. Back to lolzzz re: the gif. "This is actually me." lolz.

  3. I have witnessed all of these things, for the most part!! THE WATER ONE.. too true. Everytime we went somewhere you were like "wait, I have to fill up my water first!" CLASSIC SHELL.

    Come back and stay...forever, k? Awesome.

  4. #1: STORY OF MY LIFE. The bathroom is my second home, unfortunately. Thanks for the teeny bean sized bladder mom and dad!
    #3: I don't have this problem. That's what happens when you're an A.
    #5: This is why I love you.
    #9: I really wish that this will actually happen in our lifetime. One can only hope!
    #10 (not listed): your birthday is in two days! Have I expressed how happy I am to know that we share March??

  5. I've been drinking more than a gallon of water a day for the last week. And while I do love water, I keep hoping it will give me the pick-me-up I need that I usually get from a 2:00 Redbull. It's letting me down.

  6. That GIF is everything. And I loved this. :)

  7. #1 is totally me. And it's a problem because I can't just go to the bathroom, I have to have someone cover my room. So everyone knows when I go...every time.

  8. We would get along so well :) I drink 2-3 liters of water a day... at least! So it's always with me and people make fun of my GIANT water bottle I carry around! Also, I always dance!

  9. wait people actually take pictures with their front facing camera? i thought it was just a mirror. i always get caught too.

  10. #2 - MY LIFE. For real. That's my one regret about cutting my hair so short, I couldn't put it up at 3 and my productive went WAY down because of that haha

  11. I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me. I drink so much I spend a lot of time peeing too :P

  12. I absolutely live on coffee and water. There is nothing wrong with that combo. And also, when I worked at the furniture store, I would get in trouble with the managers for dancing down the aisles. A girl has gotta get down sometimes.


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