this is one instance in which I hope my dreams don't come true

Let me start this post off with a disclaimer: I am absolutely, positively sure that I am not pregnant. So don't even go there.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have really weird dreams. Bizarre, really. Outlandish and embarrassing. Just about every night. I was reading an email from my dear friend Sarah the other night right before I went to bed. She's just about to have a baby, and she emailed me a funny story about her crazy doctor, and I have to believe that's what triggered this dream, because if not, I fear for  the state of my subconscious.

I dreamed that I was pregnant (I bet you had no idea that was coming!). I had just announced it to family and friends, and I was on my way to the doctor for an ultrasound. During the ultrasound, the doctor told me that she is very sorry, but they would have to induce me at 28 weeks because I'm actually not going to be having a baby. I'm going to be having a RABBIT. A BUNNY. PREGNANT WITH A BUNNY (what is the fruit comparison for that one?! carrots?). She said it was a rare side effect of being in the vicinity of a bunny, and then I remembered that someone had brought their pet bunny to work a few months earlier. Once I stopped crying, I had the very unpleasant task of telling everyone that it was all just a false alarm, that I would not be giving birth to a baby, but that I would be having a bunny and we had decided to give it up for adoption.

AND THEN! The next morning, while still feeling violated and horrified over my dream, I walked across the little grassy field to the gym. AND A BUNNY RAN RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I haven't seen a bunny around here since last summer. And I walked to the gym again yesterday, and the same bunny ran in front of me in the same exact spot.



  1. MICHELLE. If I could insert the cry-laughing emoji right here, I would. WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR BRAIN?

    But UGH, bunnies are so cute!!! You should have given it up for adoption to me!!

  2. It's simple. You're having a bunny.

    just think though, you'll probably only gain like, two pounds and you're only pregnant for half the time. I wish I could have a bunny...

  3. I can't stop laughing at the fact that you decided to put the bunny up for adoption. I mean, lolz, that slays me.

    Are you stressing about Easter this year? What's going on here?

  4. ba ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh. My.

    I love this.

    I'm very, VERY impressionable. This is why I WON'T under any circumstance, allow myself to watch horror flicks. Since reading the Harry Potter books, I have dreamed nothing but being a Hogwarts student every. single. night. I'm only on the third book now, so I'm sure this will last for months. But hey, I should be a fantastic witch by the end of it all! :)

    A bunny! ha ha ha ha. Congratulations.

  5. Let me put my Freud thinking cap on for a second.

    Well pregnancy dreams usually resemble change or creation, like if you have a potential life change or goal you might be trying to achieve. Rabbits are a symbol of fertility or luck, so maybe the change or goal is a significant one or one you really want to obtain but are maybe unsure of its success and feel you could use some luck to help.

  6. Umm, sounds like you're going to be getting pregnant real soon by the comment right above me. EEKKKK! ;)

    But seriously, a bunny??? THAT is so random.

  7. i had a dream i was real preggers with a baby not a bunny the other day and i had to go through the birth and everything. i woke up very NOT READY TO HAVE KIDS (or bunnies)

  8. maybe you should follow the rabbit next time. perchance it wants to take you to wonderland.

  9. haha oh man... and to think Easter is right around the corner and they'll be bunnies EVERYWHERE. Maybe I'll even send you some haha


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