twenty five

You guys, I'm turning 25 tomorrow. And I think I'm excited about it. I mean yeah, there's been a mass onslaught of grey hairs lately and I swear I'm getting wrinkles, but every year I put between me and my awkward teens and bad dating decisions is a victory. Plus, 25 is like the prime of my life, right? Whenever older people are trying to make excuses for something, they always refer to being 25. Think about it. How often have you heard someone say "I haven't been able to do that since I was 25," and "I have responsibilities now; I'm not 25 anymore," and "When I was 25 I was able to eat 7 burritos for every meal and not gain an ounce." That last one was obviously said by a dude. You feel me, sisters? One piece of pizza these days and I swear I have to go up a pant size. But that's beside the point. I'm 25 and I'm young and I'm the excuse for my behavior and/or laziness 20 years from now. It's a perfect age!

"omg is that cake?"
And since it's almost my birthday, it's time to celebrate. And celebrate I will. By writing myself a poem.

*rolls up sleeves*

I'm twenty five and I really can't wait,
to sleep and eat cake on a really big plate.
I'm older and wiser and generally cool,
So hopefully I'll no longer act like a fool.

There will be no party, it's already done,
Scott Avett's banjo, my heart it had won.
That was my present, a dream that came true,
But now that it's over I'm exceptionally blue.

That night was perfect, a night of pure bliss,
A great time with Kelsey and even Aliss,
We sang and we danced down the streets of Brooklyn,
My whole birthday weekend was filled with pure win.

But I'm home, it's over, and that is okay,
Only because we'll repeat it one day.
Thankfully my parents are coming to town,
That will indeed turn my frown upside down.

Dinner and cake and obviously more cake,
And even better, one I won't bake.
I'll smile and I'll laugh and I'll be full of glee,
For I'm twenty five and not forty three.

I'm weird and I'm goofy and I like to laugh,
And I can't pull most boots over my left calf.
I like who I am, and I'm glad that I'm me,
And hopefully I will when I turn forty three.


  1. MICHELLE. I can't even with this. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT BABY PICTURE? BRB, framing it and putting it on my desk at work. You are an ANGEL BABY. Look at your chubby little hands! I CAN'T.

    THE POEM <3 <3 <3 The stanza (is that a thing? High school was a long time ago) about Scott Avett's banjo is too true. It was a gift.

    I can't wait to reserve our spot to see him again. The banjo, I mean. And the braids. LOVE YOU SHELLY!! <3 xoxox Happy 25th!!

  2. your baby picture!! your face looks totally the same! so cute! happy early birthday! 25 is so young!!

  3. such a cute poem! love it! haha, enjoy your cake :)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :) :)
    I'm glad you got to spend your birthday plans with those to fools. :) I am still looking forward to seeing the footage and maybe JUST MAYBE being there with you guys one day.
    Eat some cake for me, k? I'm serious.

    and your poem is pure genius.

  5. "Only because we'll repeat it one day." And then I teared up. UGH, I CURSE THE DISTANCE. But I love our pact.

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I hope 25 is amazing (I know August will be, for sure!). Enjoy your cake and your family and everything - YOU DESERVE IT.

  6. Only you would write yourself a poem for your birthday... it's perfect! Happy (early) birthday! Make sure you celebrate for at least a week because there's no other correct way to celebrate birthdays.

    P.S.- cutest/little chunkiest baby award goes to that picture up there

  7. YAY!! I hope you have an amazing birthday tomorrow friend!! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!
    And that picture of you is adorable!! I can't handle it!

  8. happy, happy birthday ! ps. loved the line about 'and even Aliss'

  9. You are the most adorable person ever. Happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday beautiful lady! You bring so much joy to this world!! xoxo Katie

  11. happy birthday (a day early)!!! I am also in the mindset that 25 has got to be the best of all years. it just has to be. right?

  12. Happy birthday! 25 is a great age... seriously, it is. You will love it.

  13. Yay 25!! Those were the days ;) (just kidding, I'm only 26)

  14. Happy birthday, my friend! I love your birthday poem to yourself. :) Also, I'm turning 30 this year, so I'll be sure to start dropping plenty of "When I was 25..." excuses for you. ;)

  15. Baby Michelle!!! Freaking adorable!

    Your poem is a work of art. Happy birthday!!

  16. The only thing that makes this picture better than when you sent it to me is that it's so much bigger so I can see it better. Those dimples!! And the chubby hands!! So cute!!

    Happy birthday again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

  17. Happy birthday!! Only slightly late. And yeah, like the others said, you still look distinctly you, even in your baby photo--it's your eyes that look just the same!

  18. Remember when I forgot your actual birthday day?!? AHHHHHH. Please blame my family. I AM SO SORRY.

    Another wonderful birthday poem! LUV YOU.

  19. I think we most definitely need mire Michelle baby pics. STAT.


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