3 things


According to Google, I am Scott Avett's wife.



Alissa was googling the Avetts last week and noticed a familiar picture under "Scott and Sarah Avett."



I haven't stopped screaming since Friday afternoon when she sent that to me. And then I googled it myself multiple times to verify.

The only bad part is that's the WORST picture from my wedding (to James, not Scott). The infamous chipmunk picture. Look, I love James and I'm not going anywhere, but it isn't every day the internet thinks you're married to a member of your favorite band.

This would also explain why half my blog traffic is from people googling "Scott & Sarah Avett."

2. The neighbor below us often cracks her door open and lets her cat wander around outside a bit. I was walking across the grass on the way home from the gym last night, when the neighbor's cat came bounding toward me and meowing. I was saying hello and petting it when I looked up to see my precious kitty glaring at me in the way only a cat can from the windowsill of our 3rd floor bedroom. I went inside and had a little chat with Noel. I explained that yes, sometimes I see other cats out in the world, and sometime they vie for my attention. And there have been instances in which I've rubbed their bellies to appease them. But at the end of the day, I always come home to you.

And it was at that moment I realized I've become the Don Draper of the pet owner world.

3. James and I went to see Divergent on Saturday. We LOVED it. I'm now obsessed with thinking about what my fear landscape would look like and what would be in it. So far it's making phone calls,  striking up a conversation with a stranger, playing music on my phone at work without pushing in the headphones all the way, and buying feminine products from a male cashier. All during a tornado. I've got the shakes just thinking about it.

That's all I have for you today. Gotta go call Scott to see what he wants for dinner. It's his choice tonight.


  1. When Alissa sent us that screen shot I also screamed "MICHELLE. WHAT ARE YOU KEEPING FROM US? AND WHY HAVEN'T YOU SET ME UP WITH SETH YET?" But REALLY- that is the best discovery of all time- no matter what source it comes from. PERFECT.

    I can't even deal with the rest of this because I am too busy LOLing at that picture of ol' Dong up there. IT'S MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME. Sometimes when I don't know how to respond to a text, I will just send that picture.

  2. Making phone calls. Why is this so terrifying?

  3. I can't believe that you are connected to so many important people and never bothered to tell us before. Sheesh. ;-). This deserved its own post entitled "That time I was married to a famous person".

    We took in a loose dog at the office yesterday, and when I went to pick Gunner up, he could smell the other dog. He was mad about it for a good 45 seconds. That's a record for a dog.

  4. that- could be the coolest thing I've ever seen. He should reach out to you.

  5. That picture thing is too funny!! And my fear landscape would also include making phone calls to strangers. Awful.

  6. Not going to lie I had to Google it myself.... HOLY MOSES, you're married to Scott Avett! You're officially the coolest person I "know".

    Oh man, many hours have been spent thinking about what my fear landscape would look like and I know for fact it would include giving a speech/presentation to a group larger than 2 people.

  7. why is google doing that? HAHAH amazing! YOUR FAMOUS! what did your husband think? is he okay that the internet thinks you are married to another man?! DOES SCOTT KNOW? OMG! hahaha. Also, I loved love love love loved divergent! READ THE BOOKS OMG THE BOOKS.

    1. He thinks it's funny! Doesn't bother him at all. BUT SCOTT. How should I break it to him?!

      I READ THE BOOKS! Actually I'm almost done with the 3rd one. They are so good!


    "Don Draper of the pet owner world." BRB, LOOPING ALL MORNING.

  9. Oh my gosh, that is HILARIOUS that your wedding picture shows up! FAMOUS!
    And Divergent was SOOOO good. I wasn't really disappointed with it at all.

  10. Mrs. Avett, your fear landscape sounds like the worst.

  11. I really want to see Divergent!

  12. Loved Divergent! We went and seen it yesterday as well and that was the topic of the conversation on the way home, "what would be in our fear landscapes?"

    I know one of mine would be drowning, yikes...

  13. Petting cats might be in my fear landscape. The google mistake? Epic :)

  14. Only you could find an unflattering picture of Donald Draper lol.


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