some thoughts I've thought

alternate title: an accidental food diary

+ Fried goat cheese balls dipped in honey should be some sort of delicacy. Except don't accidentally call them fried goat balls when describing them to someone like I did. I have a feeling those would probably not be as fantastic. 

+ I made Easter brunch this year, and I'm not going to lie, I think I rocked the house with it. I made a broccoli bacon cheddar quiche (my own made up recipe, let me know if you want it!), spinach and artichoke scones, fruit salad, and creamy lemon crumb squares.

+ There is a lady at work who is the SPITTING IMAGE of Lafawnduh on Napoleon Dynamite. I accidentally took some stealthy pictures of her and texted them to all my friends. It's been confirmed. They're identical. 

I'm 100% positive she's my soulmate, Napoleon
+ Going to work in a fugly outfit will ruin your entire day. Computer not working? It's your pseudo-maternity shirt. Annoying emails? It's those pants that make you look like a hippo. Can't seem to stay awake? Maybe you should finally stop wearing those shoes with those jeans. You look gross. And by you, I mean me. 

+ I love all the pretty flowers on the trees in the springtime, but I have no idea what they're called, and I can't distinguish one flowering tree from the next. I have zero botanical knowledge despite my childhood of gardening with my dad. Everyone's like yay magnolias! dogwoods! cherry blossoms! etc! And I'm like wait! what's that! 

+ I had friendship bread for the first time on Monday. I now understand the name, because after one bite I wanted to be best friends with it.

+ I just really like Tim Allen. He reminds me of my dad.

+ White chocolate M&Ms are a lot better than I expected.

+ If you're noticing I'm talking a lot about food and wondering if it's that time of the month, the answer is yes. 

+ And after all that food I've been eating, I'm starting to feel like this:

Brb, off to get another lemon square.


  1. Sounds like you kicked butt at easter, where's the photos?! And good luck with shark week!

  2. oooh that Easter brunch sounds so yummy! You killed it with the goat balls. Haha! I bet telling someone you eat that would be rather awkward in some situations.

  3. Your Easter brunch sounds amazing. I am a little jealous.

  4. Even when you accidentally call them goat balls- they still sound SO DELICIOUS, I don't even care. I NEED TO TRY THEM!! I also am going to need you to supply us with more pictures of Lafawnduh. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

  5. I'll never get over the fact that you work with Lafawnduh. IT IS SPOT ON.

    FRIENDSHIP BREAD! My mom used to make that every two weeks for about a year! IT'S SO GOOD. She made it using pistachio pudding one time and added chocolate chips...I'll never be the same.

  6. broccoli bacon cheddar quiche you say? Michelle, why are you holding back on me?!

  7. TIm Allen very much reminds me of my Dad. My Mom watches Home Improvement and is like--"It's scary, this is what life was like fifteen years ago."
    And I love flowering trees and flowers in general. I can't wait till Michigan decides to let its flowers grow. Hopefully May!

  8. Shark Week brings out my food love harder than ever..

  9. Gimme that quiche recipe. LOVE me some quiche. And STOP IT with the lemon squares and scones. You're killing me.

    What's sad is that my husband knows more about plants and flowers than I do. I find it a little disturbing, but it is what it is.

    Chunky and funky. The new way I'm going to describe myself to others.

  10. Goat balls! ha ha ha ha!!! I would have made that mistake! However, the goat CHEESE balls sound glorious!

  11. my life revolves around food and that lovely time of the month just makes it even worse. which is currently happening. does that mean we are moon cycle sisters?!

  12. Seeing this picture just reaffirms that is REALLY IS HER.


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