the sunday currently, vol. 5

READING: I'm going to start Insurgent today, and I'm really excited about it.
WRITING: not a grocery list. That's for sure.
LISTENING: to the Avett Brothers all day everyday. Pretty Girl at the Airport has been on repeat for the last week. I am usually anti-sad song, but this one has won me over. Never has there been a more beautifully heartbreaking song. 
THINKING: that James is much more proficient in 90s rom coms than I am. I remembered the plot of She's All That completely wrong, but he remembered it exactly right. He also remembered Clueless much better than I did. I am ashamed and slightly bewildered. 
SMELLING: oatmeal. James made some and it's grossing me out. I used to love it, but now the texture of it gives me the willies. 
WISHING: Kelsey the happiest of birthdays!
HOPING: that if I sit on the couch long enough, the bathrooms and kitchen will clean themselves. 
WEARING: I resent this question because I am always in my pajamas when I write these. HOWEVS. Let's talk about the 1984 shirt my parents got me for my birthday. I wore it to work last week and got some raised eyebrows, and then I started to worry that everyone thought I was some conspiracy theorist trying to make a political statement, when in reality I just really like that book. (no but really, if you want to have a political discussion about that book, I'm all over it. I almost want to write an essay on it.) The best part was that the nerds FLOCKED to me all day long. I love the nerds. 
LOVING: The Avett Brothers. SURPRISE SURPRISE. I was telling James the other day that they have profoundly affected me the way Relient K did when I was in high school. Those songs got me through everything. Relient K's music was healing to me, and that's how the Avett Bros have been for me in adulthood. They've been at the top of my list for many years, but seeing them in concert last month changed everything for me, and I've been discovering a lot of songs by them I hadn't heard before and getting James into them. I just love them and their music so much it hurts. 
WANTING: to take a shower. But someone's gotta sit on this couch and watch this Netflix. 
NEEDING: someone to write a grocery list for me as I am incapable of doing it myself at the moment. 
FEELING: like I've been cheated. I watched a whole movie on Netflix (Love and Mary), because I thought it said Lauren Graham was in it, and I'll watch anything for Lorelai Gilmore. An hour in I started to wonder when she would show up, so I looked it up on IMDB to find that the actress is Laura German, not Graham. The nerve. And at that point I was too far in this ridiculous movie to call it quits. I didn't hate it, but I think it would've been better with Lauren Graham. Obviously


  1. I hear you. My boys have been sick all day, and I'm considering a sick day for myself too. Dirty laundry all over, dirty dishes spilling out of the sink, and I'm keenly aware that it smells like vomit in the entire house. I'm banking on the fact that if I just go to be now and close my eyes, that it will all be cleaned by morning time. I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. I am SO glad I'm not the only that can't handle the texture of oatmeal.. I just can't.

  3. THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES. I couldn't love you more. And your 1984 shirt. And your passion for the Avett Brothers.

    "I KNOW. I KNOW" *cue wailing sobs*

  4. Relient K was totally my jam through high school. I haven't checked out The Avett Brothers yet, and since I'm apparently 5 years behind the times, it's probably about time I do.

  5. let's talk about how weird the plot of clueless really was. i mean i LOVE paul rudd, but really? the half brother or step brother...whatever connection he was

  6. LOVE Lauren Graham. Did you read her book? Unfortunately, I heard it was just so-so, but I still want to read it anyways.
    Confession: I had to read 1984 in high school and write a paper on it, and it was the worst time in my high school career. I hated that book and I hated writing that paper. But I still love you.


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