it was one of those days

Yesterday was not my day. And I'd like to talk to you about it, because who else will I tell these things to?

It started the way most bad days start: with no sleep. I feel like a lack of sleep is a reoccurring theme here, but frankly I have trouble getting myself to bed on time. Actually, I'm great at getting to bed at time; it's putting down my book that I have an issue with.

I was exhausted yesterday, and when you're tired, everything is a little bit harder to deal with. I showered and got ready, but as I was getting dressed I realized my black pants were in the dryer, and I needed to wear them since we had to dress up. I was so proud of myself for remembering to wash and dry them the night before. I opened the dryer to find they were STILL WET. Apparently one cycle in the dryer is enough to dry a load of towels, but it's not enough for one pair of Gap dress pants. So for the next thirty minutes I alternated between checking the dryer and trying to not fall asleep on the couch. I finally pulled them out and put them on, regardless of the fact that certain spots on my pants were boiling hot and others were still damp and cold, much like a frozen burrito fresh out of the microwave.

I got to work an hour later than usual, which threw me all out of whack, but I was determined to make the best of it. I opened my email to find a rather obnoxious email that took me another hour to calm down from. Like I said, when you're tired, everything's harder to handle, and rude emails became the theme of the day.

About the time I moved on from that, I got an email from James. We had found the perfect dog to adopt. We had fallen in love with her and had our hearts set on her. We were hoping to make things official last night, and we were just waiting for the shelter to get back to us on a time. She was a sweet little deaf puppy, and we were fully prepared for all that would entail. We had a name picked out, we had plans, we were ready. One of the major selling points was that the shelter had made a HUGE point in saying this dog is OMG SUPER GOOD WITH CATS!!!! She had been living with a cat in foster care, and they were getting along. And guess what! We have a cat! It was meant to be.

We had to list our cat on our adoption application, but we weren't at all worried about it, because the dog was apparently a cat whisperer. But then James received an email from the shelter basically saying "jk! actually, the dog is not good with cats. we will not adopt the dog to a house with a cat." As you can imagine, we were more than a little confused and upset. But you had just told us she was great with cats! So we asked for more information and explained that we BOTH have lots of experience living in a home with both dogs and cats. For crying out loud, James grew up on a farm with multiple dogs and cats living together in one house. He trained them. We are not going into this blindly! But they persisted, saying "one time the dog chased the cat in a foster home, so the dog is not safe around any cat." IT'S A PUPPY. PUPPIES CHASE CATS. THIS IS NOT NEW INFORMATION. Not to mention, when this dog is full grown it will be the same size or smaller than our cat. I've brought a rambunctious puppy into a house with a cat before. They wrestled and swatted each other and played together and grew up to get along fine. James has done the same. Many times. We tried to explain that we are quite experienced pet owners and we are confident we can handle this, and we know our cat can.

We went back and forth all morning until we were officially told we were "not allowed" to adopt this dog. All we wanted was to provide a loving home for this deaf puppy, and we have the means to do so, but since the puppy chased a cat one time, it's out of the question. And it's the county dog pound! They're overflowing with animals, yet they won't adopt them out. I understand they don't want these dogs returned and want them to be in a good home, but I can decide for myself if the dog will be a good fit or not, they can't.

"Say no to segregation!"
"Say no to breedism!"
"I have a dream, that one day a cat owner can adopt a dog, and a dog owner adopt a cat."
"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all domestic house pets were created equal."
-Meowtan Luther King Jr., leader of the animal civil rights movement

I think it has become officially harder to adopt an animal than to adopt a child. When we adopted our cat, the shelter called three references to ask about our finances and how we handle money. Put this kind of effort into orphans, not animals! I am fully aware that we will fall in love again. That there are plenty of other dogfish in the shelter sea. BUT HOW DARE THEY.

I took a walk to the break room to calm myself down from the dog saga and to grab some yogurt. I was also giving my coworkers a break, because I couldn't stop ranting on the issue. I was heartbroken! I then spilled my lemon yogurt all the way down my grey shirt and black pants. The black pants I had finally remembered to wash that made me an hour late to work where now covered in yogurt. I tried my best to clean them, but there was a giant white splotch there all day long that several people pointed out to me AS IF I HAD NO CLUE.

The day continue to progress in much the same way. There was a momentary reprieve when someone gave me two dove chocolates with caramel. I felt like a human again for about five minutes. I got home that night so ready to relax and forget about the awful day. But then I stepped inside and noticed that it was unusually warm. The air conditioner was on, and blowing coldish air, but our apartment wasn't cooling down very much, and it had been a hot day. When we went to bed at 10:00, the AC was set extremely low, but it was nearly 80 degrees inside. And if there's anything I hate worse than being tired, it's being hot. So you can imagine my frustration.

As this was going on, I realized I had ordered some instagram prints online last weekend that had never shipped, yet I was charged for them. It wasn't a lot of money, so I wasn't panicking, but still. I then had another customer service saga via email in which I was told I paid for an order they never received. It's through the PostalPix app, and everything is done through the app and not through a website. They gave me a code to reorder everything for free, and I was so happy that at least something could be easily fixed yesterday. I put the code in and it worked. The photos then have to upload to their server, and you're not supposed to close the app. I didn't, but the app shut down on its own. And every time I opened it it would shut down again. I eventually had to reinstall the app, and then I discovered that the order never processed and everything in my cart was missing, so I had to figure out which prints I had been trying to order. And then the promo code they had given me didn't work since I had already used it, even though the order didn't process. That is still an ongoing issue, but I'm a little better rested today, so hopefully I won't cry in the bathroom this time.

Or maybe they just don't work with cat owners either. That's another possibility, and it seems to be the trend these days.


  1. I had no idea that adopting a pet these days was so complicated!! Angel's just gotten all of our cats for free off of craigslist from people who had farm cats with too many litters. I'm sorry, that sounds like an altogether extremely frustrating day, and yes, such days are only worse when you're running on a sleep deficit!

  2. MAN, did anything go right for you yesterday?!?!? I'M SO SORRY. So much yuck, so little time.

    I am so angry for you about the dog!! These people work at a shelter, don't they know that is how animals play with one another? And not for nothing, but Noel is like THE most mellow, sweet cat of all time. Dummies. I hope you guys fall in love with another little guy (that I will hijack when I am there in August and keep for myself, byeeeee)!


  3. Maybe you couldn't order your pictures because the company didn't get a background check on you and James to see if you treat photos well. Maybe they wanted to know what kind of frames and albums you use and where you buy them from.

  4. When we adopted our puppy we went in with a letter from our landlord saying it was okay to have a dog. The shelter didn't even look at it! I was expecting to jump through a million hoops! They just made a sign a pledge that said we would be good pet owner and that was that. Oh, and when we took him home, he chased the cat and got scratched in the nose. That was the end of the cat chasing. You'll find a puppy that is just as cute AND can hear, and it will be a million times better. Good luck!

  5. i am sorry about the puppy saga. that is not fair, but dove chocolates do help a little. I had a handful the other day and the last one I had featured caramel in it and I was not expecting it and it was like a gift from god.

  6. GIRL,
    Lemme just give you a virtual hug and a virtual chocolate bar. Sorry that it has to be virtual, but that's the best I got.

    SO DUMB about the dog. I think you and James would know better about the dog getting along with your cat than those stupid idiots. I hate when places are crazy like that. But your desire for a puppy has been passed onto me, so thank you. I sent Sam 6 different pictures of German Shepherd puppies yesterday, and he didn't even flinch. HOW DARE HE!

  7. SUCKY about the dog situation! :( That def sounds like a rotten day. Hope you have a RELAXING weekend and find the most amazing cat-loving puppy soon.

  8. Oh dear! Our air con froze one time when it was super hot out, we had to turn it off for a day so it could thaw. Did you check to see if that is what was wrong with yours? When its set low the air can actually freeze inside and block the cool air from coming out, which then is stuck inside there and...you guessed it, creates more ice.

    I'm sorry about the dog. That is super super weird... it pisses me off just thinking about it.


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