may 6th

3 years ago today I graduated from college. 3 years ago I wore a royal purple robe that I was secretly excited about because it's my favorite color, and I walked across the stage with people I had never met before. 3 years ago I still had long hair and wore black wedges that broke two days later. There's nothing special about three years out of college, but I like to commemorate things. I felt like I had essentially been thrown to the wolves when I graduated, and I'm still alive and kicking. Except my hair is much shorter and I stopped trying to pretend to like heels.

I had absolutely nothing lined up when I graduated college. No idea what I would be doing with myself. No direction. No job, no new place to live, nothing. All I had lined up was a husband. I had an engagement ring on my finger and a wedding dress in my closet and tunnel vision for May 14th.  I was so consumed with school and planning my wedding that I did not have time to give a single thought as to what I would do once everything was over.

I got married the weekend after graduation. Take it from me: don't do that. Well, get married if you'd like, but don't schedule two major life events back to back that way unless you can help it. And if you do, don't be surprised if it takes 6 months to feel like a normal human again.

We got married and then went to our reception where we realized our caterer was a BIG FAT LIAR, then we honeymooned in Jamaica where we were later stranded for several days with no money, and then we came home to our ghetto North Carolina apartment to find a leaky faucet that had been spraying water for 10 days while we were gone. And that was my introduction to the real world.

I spent several months trying to be a housewife and hating it. Under different circumstances it would've been a dream, but we barely had enough money for bread, and doing the laundry and hiding inside from the neighbors' cigarette smoke while trolling monster.com was all there was to keep my occupied.

Several months later I finally got a job offer for a job I knew I would hate, but it got us to Ohio which was the end goal. I was told I would be needed in 2 months, but then I got the "lol jk, you start 3 weeks from today" phone call. We had three weeks exactly to find a place to live in Ohio, pack everything up, and move. I found us a little apartment, and we packed and moved everything ourselves and drove 14 hours to our new place. That 14 hour drive still haunts me. There's only so much Backstreet Boys you can listen to and so much diet coke you can drink and miles you can drive while crammed between semis before you turn into a lunatic.

Two days later I started the job from the inner circle of hell, where I explained cell phone bills and was called horrible names by unhappy people. I was miserable, and I cried on the way to work and on the way home everyday. I became physically ill over it. That lasted 6 months until I found another job in a nearby ring of hell. My boss was terrible, I was treated like an indentured servant, and my job served no real purpose, but I had unfiltered internet which means I did what every other freshly graduated/newly married girl in 2011 did: I started a blog with a chevron background. I spent 8 hours a day writing blog posts, reading blogs, emailing my new blog friends, and listening to Pandora, so all was not lost. I cried in the bathroom a few times there, but at least I was able to wipe my tears off and go blog about inappropriate work trainings and PFF, who was so busy picking out her next sequined sweater and putting her hair in a top knot that she forgot how to assemble a Christmas tree.

A year and some change later, I snuck away from my desk and sat in my car during an actual blizzard that shut the city down and had the first phone interview I'd been able to snag in over a year. A month later I took a longer than usual lunch break and had a nerve-wracking panel interview for my current job. Two days later I put in my notice, and two weeks later I told PFF where she could shove her hot pink lipstick, and I walked out of that terrible job forever and danced in the parking lot.

And here I am a year and a half later. In a job I love depending on the day and my level of caffeine intake, covering my coworkers' desks in snarky doodles, and recommitting myself to the magic of Netflix and weekends on the couch. There's no conclusion to this. I'm just saying that it's been three years, and I'm still figuring it out.


  1. Look at that regal purple robe!! Ours were black- so boring. We looked like we were graduating from Hogwarts. Remember the time Scott Avett likely wore that exact same purple robe??? STILL JEALOUS ABOUT IT.

    Graduating from college for me was a bag of mixed emotions. I had a job, but it wasn't ~the~ job, and I was moving, which was exciting.. but also terrifying. I probably should have taken more time in my final semester to think about what was coming in the next months, but I was too busy only having classes 2 days a week and spending the other 5 running around the campus like the troll that I am. LESSON LEARNED.

    But look where we are now!??! We did alright. :)

  2. PFF! Sigh...I know I shouldn't, but I miss her. I'm going to go back through your old posts and read about her, that wench.

    I had a moment this morning of, "zOMG, I graduated from college 5 years ago!" I think that moment was brought on by the fact that I trolled through my old middle school pictures last night and realized everyone I'm photographed with is either married or married with kids. Then there's me.

    BRB, going to eat a Pop Tart.


  3. I graduated ALMOST two years ago. Our college is weird and doesn't finish till the end of May. And I started a blog pretty much the minute I finished college. It's interesting to see how life change and goes up and down and every which way in the post college years. I'm glad you're in a much better job now. I think cosmetology school was my "job from hell", crying in the bathroom way too often experience. Maybe life gets smoother from this point on? I have no idea.

  4. I am to read more about PFF. she sounds like a real winner..... cheers to slowly figuring things out though.

  5. SO happy that you're at a job that you actually enjoy going to. You KNOW that I understand that wholeheartedly.

  6. What a ride you were on. Glad things are pretty okay in your world now!

  7. Reading this and your Final day post make me happy! Go you!

  8. Not going to lie, I'm kind of jealous of the purple robe. My HS colors? Purple and white, did I get to wear a purple robe?! NO. Boys wore purple, girls wore white (which, by the way made it SO fucking hard to find a dress to wear under that thing). College graduation - colors, Purple and gold. I obviously got to wear purple, right? NOPE. Everyone wears black (except PhD students who get fancy purple velvety robes. so basically, I'm jealous and I have no hope, unless I want to get my PhD on top of my Masters from UW and we all know that's not happening lol

  9. On Monday I commemorated 7 years out of college. I still feel like I have nothing figured out. We deserve refunds from the universe for this cruel, cruel joke.

  10. Did you go to Furman?? My sister is there (just finished junior year) and she just freaked out when she found out all her senior friends were graduating in purple!


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