scenes from the weekend

a. On Saturday, James and I helped my dad plant flowers, tomatoes, peppers, grapes, and blackberries. We also watched clips of a British music festival, where I learned my dad is turning into a fan of indie British music. I am so his daughter.
b. James and I spent a lot of time by the pool. And by that I mean about an hour a day, because within 45 minutes my arm freckles came out to party like it's 1999.
c. Lots of evening walks.
d. Coffee & blog reading on the balcony. And spying on people between the slats in the posts.
e. Saved By The Bell is on Netflix. This is very important information.
f. We went on a walk downtown on Monday afternoon. It was so hot that when no one was looking, I stuck my arms and legs in the fountain outside the Ohio Supreme Court. It was delightful.
e. I could eat a watermelon a day.


  1. haha, I stick my arms in fountains as well. Looks like you had a summery and fun and relaxing day. I've only heard a bit of British music, and I liked all of it. Except rap. I don't like rap no matter what language or dialect it's in.

  2. Look at that poolside view!!! Is that your parents' house?? BRB, INVITING MYSELF OVER (to sit in the shade)

    I actually LOLed at "I stuck my arms and legs in the fountain outside the Ohio Supreme Court" YOU WOULD.

    We need to start a list of Ohio hot spots to troll when I am there in 66ish DAYS!!!!

  3. I really did need to know about the Saved by the Bell thing, I was thinking about whether it would be on there last night when I wanted to put something on while I was cooking dinner.

    My dad has better taste in music than I do. He is almost always the one introducing me to good music, and I'm totally okay with that.

  4. "What's your favorite food?" - Jim Avett
    "Uhhhh, watermelon." - Baby Seth Avett

    Did you plant concord grapes? Heather has a huge vine of them at her house and they are so so so good!

    You know what I did yesterday (in between doing nothing at all)? Looked for jobs in Columbus.

  5. the fact that saved by the bell is on netflix makes me as excited as jessi on caffeine pills!!!

  6. SBTB is on Netflix??? Adding it onto my queue as we speak. Thank you for making my day.

    You and James are so cute! I can't stand it. :)


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