things that have made me happy

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a. I have tickets to see the Black Keys. FINALLY. I have wanted to see them for years.

b. MY HERBS. THEY'RE GROWING. BARELY. BUT STILL. That banshee screech you heard last night was me shrieking in delight. I was honestly expecting nothing to happen.

c. Listening to the Avett Brothers Pandora station while getting ready in the morning. It helps my mood every single time.

d. This isn't necessarily something happy, but it's been on my mind since I've been buried in the same 600 page book for a few months. Sometimes I think about what I would do if I was told I'm going to die soon. Even though there are countless places I'd give my left elbow to see, every single time I'm overcome with panic and anxiety over the books I won't have time to read. My mind instantly goes to my Goodreads list that's longer than the marathon you just blogged about, and I become overwhelmed with the need to read them all before I die. A totally normal thing to worry about, right?

e. Two different people this week have commented on the fact that I have color in my skin. I was so happy I didn't let them in on the secret that it's mostly just my freckles coming out to play.

f. Watermelon. I've been craving it with my whole being. James and I devoured one in two days, and if I don't get another one soon I might snap.

g. James and I like to walk through the neighborhood behind ours in the evenings. It's your typical upper middle class 'hood: pretty houses, pretty yards, and it sits on a golf course. It's like a real life Pinterest board for my eyeballs. I point at all my favorite houses (the one with clock tower in the front yard, the one with dark blue paint, you get it) and mentally pin in it in the "you wish" section of my brain. There are sound effects and everything. HGTV should hire us for our commentary.

"The cozy factor of that front porch is top notch."
"Those red shutters are telling me to move in and host a family dinner."
"This house feels like Christmas."
"I think they would be a lot happier if they did something about that brown trim."
"This house feels like there's a library in there somewhere."
"They're hippies. They are. Just look at those flowerbeds."

Welcome to a night with the two of us.

h. Checking the weather every 5 minutes all day long. I just really need to see if there are any pop-up thunderstorms, ok? I need to be prepared.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go fix this shoddy internet so Pandora will start streaming again.


  1. I would love it if you had your own TV show. That would seriously be amazing. Plus, then you would be famous-ish, so you could totally call up Ree Drummond and be her new BFF.

    We're seeing American Authors tonight. I could die of excitement. I imagine this is something like what you felt when you go to see Justin Timerberlake, but probably nothing at all like that, really.

  2. Matt and I got tickets to see the Black Keys too! We saw them once before and we're so ready for our second time. They put on a really great show, so get excited! I believe they are coming to Cleveland and Columbus so we aren't going to the same one :(

  3. Ahh, the Black Keys! I'm tres jealous! Now we can both be jealous about concerts we don't have tickets to...

    I was thinking about my Goodreads list this morning on my way to work! I keep reading books, but not books on the list. What am I doing? It is a normal thing to worry about, if you ask me.

    Can I live in the house that feels like Christmas, please???

  4. THE HERBSSSSS!! <3 <3 <3 I am so excited to see your little garden in a few months! ...and to steal a ton of cilantro from you. YOLO.

    I'm going to need you and James to call me during one of your walks so I can hear this commentary for myself. OR BETTER YET, I'll start driving now so I can be there for the next walk in person!!!!

  5. oh my gosh, i do the same thing in my neighborhood or any new neighborhood i go to. I make mental notes of things, tell Brad my favorite houses and describe them. Let's start an HGTV show, ok?!

  6. I LOVE walking through super nice neighborhoods. I always pretend like I actually live there.

  7. I have so much jealous over your black keys tix! TAKE ME WITH YOU!

    RDIO for life. Pandora is for losers <-- aka I couldn't think of a better insult to use...

  8. Your writing is fun to read. I love point g (and your taste in music). I would totally love to walk through that neighborhood with you.

  9. It's pretty awesome when herbs actually grow. Right now we have mint, cilantro, and rosemary--just the necessities. Our cilantro is in the yard and appears to have cross-breeded with some weeds over the years so it looks funny but still smells and tastes like cilantro so we use it. :P


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