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This week has been insane. We've had mandatory overtime at work, we've had crazy storms that kept us up all night, and I've basically been exhausted. Going from beach to overtime is not an easy transition, for the record. But here are some good things that happened.

1. Cake day at work coinciding with PMS. It was eat a piece of cake or cry under my desk. Providential timing at its finest.

1b. Also, those emails from the library that my books are ready to be picked up. There is no greater joy, people. But apparently not all agree, as evidenced by this conversation:

Coworker: "Any super fun plans tonight?" (he should know better than to ask me that)
Me: "As a matter of fact, yes! I'm going to the library tonight!" *grins wildly, maybe does a dance*
Coworker: "The library?....why?"
Me: "Because they have books? And I spend half my life reading?"
Coworker: "Oh..."

He later told me "I'm sure you were still cool and all in college, but I think we had...very different lifestyles."


2. Watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. It gets better every time. Mr. Collins gets ickier every time. And I still think Jane was horribly cast.

Mistah Dahcy

3. This snap from Kelsey.

4. Another Avett concert planned, but is anyone surprised at this point?

5.  A new desk at work. LEMME EXPLAIN, IT'S IMPORTANT. Last summer we got to move to any desk we wanted, as long as someone with seniority didn't call dibs first. All the good desks were taken, so I stayed in mine. Which is in a HORRIBLE spot right outside two offices of people who can see everything I do, and it's in a high traffic area, so people are constantly walking behind me, which is super distracting and unnerving as I was always being watched, but I didn't know who was watching. Twas not ideal. There was a certain desk I've had my eye on for the past year, but someone snatched it up. BUT THEN, she quit last week (which was also great because she was mean), the desk opened up, and I got it. But you haven't heard the best part! IT HAS ITS OWN WINDOW.  I have a window! I can finally see the weather! And the trees, and, well, the parking lot, but it's still the outside world. A WINDOW CUBE. I'M MOVING UP IN LIFE. I had zero window views from my last location and it nearly killed me. I've only sat at that desk for about 5 minutes so far, but I can already tell I am a brand new woman, and it's all because of the window.


(Is this what adulthood is? Flipping your lid over a window? Help.)


  1. hahaa, last week my husband said the same thing, that he got a new cubicle with a window. and he acted like he'd been handed a lifetime supply of bacon or something. Only certain engineers get window seats, so apparently it was a big deal.

    Oh, the library. I have a love/hate relationship with ours. For one, its the size of a small closet. It's SO TINY. I guess since I live in like the middle of nowhere. I mean, you can request books to be mailed in on some kind of library system but I'm one of those "impulse" browsers. You know, the kind of girl that just randomly decides to pop in, and then picks up 13 books... I never know what I want. Also, the workers there are so lazy. We have a self check out and they are always just sitting reading a book. Takes forever to get their attention if you have a question. The first thing they say when they look up is "we have a self checkout" like I didn't know that? You have like three signs, lady. I have a question. Please help me. And then while I ask they give me the stink eye for interrupting them, and then I feel bad. Oh well.

  2. MY SNAP MADE THE LIST!! I AM SO HONORED!! Seriously, I was giggling like a maniac waiting for you to open that one. It was some of my best work.

    ANOTHER AVETT CONCERT PLANNED? YOU DON'T SAY!! Excuse me while I scream for the next (math is hard, going to go look it up) 43 DAYS.

    PLEASE PLEASE send me snaps from your new desk!!!! I recently got a new desk too- not a new location- but still! A desk! With drawers!! For the last year and a half I have been at a 'temporary desk' (how can they really call it temporary when I sat there for so long?) that had no drawers. NOT ONE. All of my belongings used to sit on the floor by my feet. NOW, though, I am sitting in the lap of luxury.

    'STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE'RE HERE' -us, about our new desks

  3. I was all ~~RECORD SCRATCH~~ when did Ohio get a Price Chopper? BUT IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

    So, listen, going to two shows with you (and live streaming another one) has me so excited, but I truly am thrilled that we will get to spend some more QT with you. I MEAN IT.

    Congrats on your window!!

  4. Um more avett brothers concerts?! waaahoooo!!!!!

  5. That snap! That's hilarious!!

    Your coworker needs to just stop asking you questions like that, because I don't think he's ever going to be satisfied with the answer. Hasn't he gotten the point yet??? hahaha

    now, because of that snap, i'm going to make pasta for dinner just so i can have a glass of wine.

  6. The BBC version of Pride and Prejudice...Heart. Clutch. It's been far too long since I've dedicated 6 hours of my life to watching that. And YES to picking up books from the library. I'm like number 85 on the waiting list for multiple books and it is pure glee when that long awaited email finally pops up. The email I don't like? The one reminding me I need to return said books. Which reminds me, I have several of those.

  7. Ha Ha- This is so funny to me. I remember the day my mom got moved to a cubicle with a window. She was over the moon excited :)

  8. I think any workplace is definitely improved by more proximity to windows! And books are cool...some people just don't know it yet.

  9. Window cube! When I worked in an office, I didn't quite make it to that..but hey, I remember those that did. It's a big deal!

  10. WINDOW CUBE!!! You're really moving up on life, Michelle.


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