Carolina tobacco fields
I have so many North Carolina stories to share that I don't even know where to begin. I mean, I vacationed with my MOTHER-IN-LAW. Don't people make movies about these kinds of things? I also have A VERY LONG LIST to add to the things my mother-in-law says. I think she even stepped up her game this time. Not to mention the stories! You just won't believe it. Just so much to tell you, and I would appreciate it if we could all have coffee together right now. But at the moment I am really tired, so as soon as I recover I will bombard you with everything.

-I was so worn out from all the togetherness last week that I locked myself inside Friday-Sunday and did not venture out until Sunday afternoon for a cook-out at my parents' house. And if you're looking for any Netflix documentary suggestions, go watch Email Order Bride right now and be glad you're not a Russian woman. I also have some other suggestions if you're in the mood to grieve for the people of North Korea.

-I made a rule for myself several months ago that I wouldn't get ANYTHING from the library until I finished the two books I've been in the middle of for over a year. I fi-na-lly finished the 600 page Bonhoeffer that's been on my nightstand since September (such an incredible book), and last night I stayed up and finished the other book that's been sitting there over a year.  I feel so proud of myself right now. I went to the library's website this morning to reserve books with wild abandon (this is what I imagine most women would feel like in a shoe store with someone else's credit card), and the website was down. But either way, I'm so excited to make a dent in my Goodreads list that I could puke.

-I wore my fitbit for the first time yesterday, and I was so intent on hitting that 10,000 step goal that even after an hour long walk, I walked around my apartment for 15 minutes before bed to make it happen. I felt a little like a woman from the 80s on a walk with her pedometer and walkman. (Does anyone happen to know what time Jazzercise starts?). The only downside is that it makes me feel like I'm wearing a tracking bracelet on parole.

-It's going to be in the 90s and humid today, and it is only June. How mad would you get if I told you that yesterday I started fantasizing about October? Because I did.


  1. Ugh so rude that you didn't finish your love story. I give this post a D-. OKAY FINE ITS STILL AN A POST.

    I've been dreaming about October since October ended. Even though summer is glorious in Minneapolis, for some reason my brain dreams about a chill in the air and all of the other things that have come to be so cliche about fall. Yesterday I heard an ad for college football tickets and I almost started crying I wanted it to be football season so bad.

  2. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH <3 <3 Good thing blogging isn't the only platform I can stalk you on. Sometimes, after an exhausting week, the best thing to do is just get off the grid for a while. I have that in my sights for this weekend, possibly. Want to get off the grid together? I'll meet you halfway.

  3. Totally fantasying about October. Its 90 degrees here today.

    Oh, Mother in Law stories.

    Can't wait.

  4. I finished a book on my kindle this morning and instantly went to grab the next one in the series from the library.... GASP! It's not immediately available?!?! I may have had a slight mental breakdown when I realized I was going to have to wait and see what happens next!!!

  5. hahaha you get your fitbit on! Gotta get those steps.

  6. Should I REALLY watch Email Order Bride? I love watching documentaries on Netflix...I just watched the one about Chipotle the other day. It made my love for that place grow even more.

    Have you heard of Francine Rivers and her popular Redeeming Love book? I'm sure you have. I'm at the very end of her new book called Bridge to Haven and it's SO good. Not sure if that's your type of genre, but thought I'd suggest it. Maybe I'll send it to you?? :)


    But more in topic, I've been fantasizing about a midwest October since February when we turned on our AC so I'm not one to judge lol


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